Remaking Our Oddjob Memories

13 12 2011

From the ground up!

Out this month, comes Goldeneye Reloaded. Now for those of you to have been old enough to enjoy the N64, you remember the fun of when first person shooters joined the console world. You remember fondly shooting your friends into the wee hours of the morning, chasing bots for hours, living all the action of the movie.

Well now you can relive all this moments through the new face of Bond: Daniel Craig.

Anyone seen Pierce?

With an all new engine, real time lighting, and completely redone maps, Reloaded explodes on to the console scene. I really enjoyed the demo, the AI seems smarter, and the physics work perfectly from what I got to experience.

"I'll get the one on the left"

You start off with a partner, infiltrating the iconic bridge area. I found the stealth to be just slightly over-powered in areas as I was able to easily take down enemies who were nearly shoulder to shoulder as long as I remained undetected. However, stealth aside, I enjoyed an action pack ride on a Russian Army vehicle, shooting into other vehicles, and even blowing up a fuel tanker which exploded quite nicely.

Clearly very hidden

Right now you can find this title on sale at your local Target for $39, so get out there and get your Bond on! I don’t see a reason you wouldn’t want to relive the best times of gaming history. Besides, I think duty may have called enough this year. HAR HAR. Although one last thought: I wonder what Pierce Brosnen thinks about being erased from the Bond timeline?





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