The Walking Dead: We Find Ourselves

14 02 2012

The Walking Dead Volume 15 Review

The Walking Dead has never really been about zombies.  Yes, zombies do roam the earth and yes, they do “feed”, but zombies cannot sustain a comic of this magnitude.  Zombies are easy.  Zombies are safe.  Their basic life consist of infecting and feeding.  It’s grotesque and macabre.  The real strength of The Walking Dead lies within Rick’s group, his cast of characters.  The last time you saw them they were fighting for survival to continue their lives in the “community”.  After the dust settles we’re left with “We Find Ourselves”, a slower book of the series that manages to finish with a bang.

The community has survived two back to back assaults from both the living and the dead.  Their numbers are thinned and their morale is in the gutter.  With Carl in a coma, Rick’s outlook on survival changes from his narrow minded family focus, to a much larger scale, benefiting both his family and the community.  Rick being left in charge doesn’t sit well with some of the community members, but some take notice that without Rick and his gang of misfits, they would never have survived the invasions.  Talks of revolution are circulating around the community making it a proverbial powderkeg ready to explode.

I’m going to spoil something for you because it’s one of the very few times I was actually disappointed in The Walking Dead series.  Carl does wake up, and for a split second he has amnesia.  I was heartbroken, really amnesia?  That’s just so cliche!  Are you going to jump the shark and tell me this was all a dream now too?  Thankfully it’s only a little brain damage…did I really just say that?

Towards the end of Volume 15 tension is so thick you could cut it with a knife. The ending I promise you will not disappoint.  Something happens that made my jaw drop and actually pump my fist in approval like some teenage 80’s flick.  I was so overjoyed I wanted to scream it from the top of a mountain.  It’s something I think everyone wanted but were afraid it would never happen.  I was excited to see it but I’m nervous of where it might lead.  What is it?  You’ll just have to read this one and find out.


Head on down to Cosmic Comics in Las Vegas to pick this doozie up.  You won’t want to miss it!  Trust me.


Wolverine is 300 Issues Deep

9 02 2012

  Wolverine #300

The Wolverine comic has adjusted it’s number back up to 300.  If you noticed last months was 30 then good for you, because this issue ties directly into that one with the exception of following it in numerical order.  The WCC (Wolverine Comic Committee, yes I did just make that up) decided to make the numbers “official” and match up with every Wolverine comic to date.  If you look inside the back cover of this issue you can see every Wolverine cover over the last two decades.  It’s quite impressive actually and the numbers to follow after this will be 301 and so on.  But let’s take some time to cover #300, the one I like to call, “War is Coming.”

After destroying “The Red Right Hand” from the ground up Wolverine is heading back to Japan to deal with a war between the Yakuza and “The Hand”.  This trip is a personal vendetta against these two factions who are holding Wolvie’s adopted daughter, Amiko Kobayashi, hostage.  Silver Samurai is dead with his heir in an unknown location, “Clan Yashida” is leaderless leaving the Yakuza trying to pounce on it’s chance at power.  The book is broken up into 7 small chapters, all with different art styles, some good others poor, which actually took a little away from the book for me.  The story itself runs on all cylinders and is a claw tearing, ninja bashing roller coaster.  Wolverine is placed on the “No Fly” list, an old friend makes an unexpected appearance, and there’s enough plot twists to make even M. Night Shyamalan jealous.

Head on down to Cosmic Comics in Las Vegas to pick this bad boy up, you won’t want to be left behind as the plot begins to thicken.




Magic the Gathering #1. A Planeswalker’s Review

8 02 2012

  Magic the Gathering #1

Magic the Gathering nerds unite!  Don’t take offense nerds, I say that in the nicest way possible.  I have nothing against card gaming, I actually tried Magic and it almost made my brain explode.  As soon as my friend started turning cards sideways I was like “whoa, officially too much” and ran out of the room screaming.  True story.  Anyways, Magic the Gathering #1 has arrived and it comes with a “Treasure Hunter” card that allows you to look through your library until a nonland card…blah, blah, blah I have no idea what any of that means but trust me you want this card, and the comic.

I’m going to call this first installment of Magic the Gathering “Treasure Hunter” because that’s the name of the card that came with it.  IDW has big plans for this series and they start off with a bang in issue number one.  Dack Fayden has stolen an artifact from The Cult of Rakdos and they’re rightful pissed.  Fayden, a Planeswalker and spells thief, isn’t interested in the artifacts physical value, instead he wants to know what the strange treasure has done in the hands of the cult.  He finds out that the piece he stole actually has history closer to home than he ever fathomed.

Fayden isn’t a super sorcerer by any means, he’s quick and intuitive, like Indiana Jones or Nathan Drake.  His plans don’t always go accordingly, but he accomplishes his goals.  Much like a detective he’s in search of something, something darker than he hoped, but was exactly what he was looking for.

Magic the Gathering #1 is surprisingly tense.  I didn’t know what to expect going into it, but found myself very curious about what Fayden had stolen.  Do not miss this one because it’s building up one helluva story filled with deceit, revenge, and a lost city.  Plus it comes with a collectable card, just sayin.


This comic was graciously given to me from the guys at Cosmic Comics in Las Vegas.  There’s this one and whole lot more there to choose from.  Expect to see their full blown site soon from the guys at Fat Beard Studios.



Action Comics #6. Poisoned by Kryptonite! Review

1 02 2012

Action Comics #6

Poisoned by Kryptonite! is exactly as it says.  Superman does in fact get poisoned by kryptonite.  But how?  That’s where this little story gets you sucked in.  Not only does it have the “man of steel’s ” one weakness reek havoc inside of him, it also dives into memories of his first meeting with a different “Legion of Super-Heroes” and his first flight with them, apparently he needed a ring back then…

Writen by Grant Morrison and drawn by Andy Kubert the book definitely has a classic feel.  The “Legion of Super-Heroes” all have tacky names (Cosmic Man, Saturn Woman and Lightning Man all make their appearances) that I would expect from super-heroes of yore.  The story is “out there” with time travel and telepathy, but never strays too far from the storyline or become difficult to follow.  I’ve been out of the comic book super-hero scene for a long time, but Action Comics #6 was a nice transition back into it.  Knowledge from the previous 5 volumes isn’t necessary, but if you’re curious about what lead to Superman meeting the “Legion of Super-Heroes” feel free to head over to Cosmic Comics in the Las Vegas area to pick those copies up.

Action Comics #6 is a look into Superman’s past, his fight with an evolutionary monster, his mental and physical battle with death, and even comes with a small mini comic at the end titled “Last Day”.  Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.


Pick up more new releases at Cosmic Comics Las Vegas and get even more great reviews coming soon from our friends at Nerd Junkies and the Leet Ladies.


G.I. Joe Through Max Brooks’ Eyes

10 09 2011

With most of the Borders closing shop, I took the opportunity to raid some of their trade paperbacks and graphic novels hoping to find an inexpensive piece of treasure.  While my search proved mostly futile I did manage to snag “Hearts & Minds” by Max Brooks.  You may be familiar with some of Brooks’ work, the New York bestseller World War Z and the instruction manual everyone reading this blog should own, The Zombie Survival Guide.  If you haven’t taken the time to read either of those, stop, and do what I say because it is extremely important: 1.) Open a new tab in your browser, 2.) type in , 3.) search for: The Zombie Survival Guide , 4.) select purchase, and lastly 5.) finish reading this post before planting yourself criss-cross-applesauce in front of your front door patiently awaiting your newly purchased books arrival.  Now knowing that Max Brooks is a narrative genius it is safe to say that “Hearts & Minds” is nothing less than an instant classic, and a must own for G.I. Joe enthusiasts.  Released as a five-issue, ten-story miniseries and later combined to make a hardcover graphic novel in November of 2010, “Hearts & Minds” is a gritty look at both G.I. Joe and Cobra operatives.

All of the stories are fantastic, giving you a deeper insight on many of your favorite characters psyche.  It’s a world that most would never think of when conversations about G.I. Joe pop up.  “Doc’s” story was closest to my heart, feeling very similar to my actual profession, the Hippocratic Oath is recited in the narrative but is followed by Doc’s unknowingly empty promise to save a young boys mother.  Firefly shows himself as a true terrorist even when he’s not doing Cobras dirty work.  Blowtorch shows a very dark side of war and manages to come out squeaky clean on the other side.  But no story was more intriguing than Deep Six.  Made fun of constantly by “Robot Chicken” for “being useless”, Deep Six comes out as a stud.  His whole story has him in the dark, silent, depths of the ocean, alone only with his thoughts.  All he can think about is how many different ways he could die before he reaches his objective.  And even after his confrontation with Cobra, he narrowly escapes death.  Max Brooks proves G.I. Joe can be far more than missed rifle shots and corpseless explosions.


6 07 2011

The Walking Dead Vol. 14 “No Way Out”

I’m going to use this issue as the one to say “You need to read up to this volume NOW!”  No Way Out is one of the best issues since Vol. 8 (the assault on the prison), with some gritty “pick your jaw up from the floor” moments.  All I need are two bullet points that will make you want to read this heart racing volume.

  • The community is visited again by some unwanted company.
  • Someones face gets effed up.  Really effed up.

Was that enough to perk up your curiosity?  When I say someones face gets effed up, it’s not some stranger they just met, it’s someone you have known since the very first issues of The Walking Dead, and have probably grown a strange bond with.  This is a must read volume, so drop some coin and pick it up NOW!

Drama, drama, zombies, drama…

27 06 2011

The Walking Dead Vol. 13 “Too Far Gone”

I managed to finally pick up volume 13 of The Walking Dead, and after I finished reading it, I was really excited to talk about it.  But I’ve been scanning my brain on how I can bring up events in this volume without spoiling it for people who haven’t read this far into the series.  And if you haven’t read this series at all…where have you been?  So after minutes of contemplation I decided putting certain events into bullets would be the best choice of action.  If you really want no idea of even the basics I suggest you stop reading.

  • The group is still in good standing with the community.
  • Rick has an altercation with one of the fathers in the community.
  • The community with the group finds itself in a similar predicament as the prison.
  • And Rick soon finds himself back in a position he thought he never wanted again.

I hope that wasn’t too painful.  During the incident later in the issue where the group is back in the prison predicament, I actually felt genuine anxiety about what was going to happen.  Trust me, the outcome is very fulfilling and feels genuinely rewarding.  This issue hits on the regular stress of living among the dead as many of The Walking Dead issues have in the past, but nothing really new arises.

Get out to your local comic book store and pick up volume 13 since 14 is already on shelves.  I’ll be finishing up 14 soon, see you then.