1st Podcast recorded, next step your ear holes!

14 02 2012

You will get to hear me on the podcast sooner than you think, but I wanted to drop this on your eye holes!


Demo Reel 2012…the year it all ended!!! Not really

25 01 2012

Up this month are the first demos of the year I’ve been playing, (or my girlfriend because of game content). So let’s dive right in!

Kicking it old school!

I liked Outland. It was a pretty smooth little ride. I don’t pay attention to the story line too much ’til I own a game so don’t look to me to fill you in on this part, but the game play was great. It’s a side scrolling, action platformer.  You basically have your sword, a few baddies and a giant level to traverse which makes the game fun and totally reminds me of all those old school games circa NES aka Ninja Gaiden. If you like low key, good clean action, Outland is for you.

I dropped Amy like a bad habit

Amy is everything you don’t want in an arcade game. Firstly it’s an XBLA game….so tell me, WHY?! WHY does this game cause chop on the 360?  Toss in horrible controls and the fact you can’t traverse anywhere in the game without babysitting Amy, a frightened psychic child during a zombie apocalypse. No one wants to play a buddy zombie game with a dumbass human suitcase. DO NOT BUY.

Before nazi vampires!

Looks like there’s more  side scrolling goodness lined up for you guys.  Tight controls, what appears to be hand drawn characters, and smooth animation makes this a funny little distraction from your main stream shootem ups. I especially liked the gore, and the pseudo fatalities.

Hero coming through!

Ok, the game is alright. It’s well made and controls are great, but I don’t know anyone who said “Hey I wanna play a helicopter flight sim that flies in one direction, and pick up passengers also I would like the ability to squash them” What you see is what you get with this one. If you are an air medic or really really REALLY into helicopters…I guess this is the one for you.

Too little Too late

I’m sorry, but hyper-violence was great 10 years ago to make up for a lack of content, but D2 falls short even as a FPS. Within the first 30 seconds of the demo you get to watch a model catch a bullet with the back of her head and shoot a bunch of  mooks that look nearly identical. The catch they try to throw at you is your Darkness ability is basically what amounts to some demon tentacles that rip people in half in fantastic ways, but really does nothing more than serve up the macabre in HD. If you like the lackluster then Darkness II is perfect for you.

Indie IP check!

I take back everything I said about wanting more original IPs. If you think being Indie gives you the license to just throw stuff together hodge podge …just stop. You play a weird little girl who was raised by an octopus, has an eye patch and tentacle (apparently a theme here). You start in a tree house hub which offers the demo level and a training dojo. Within 3 minutes I was then forced back into the dojo which I had already endured. While some of the ideas are fresh, it really offers nothing worth 1200 Microsoft Points.

Surprisingly Fun!

Let’s move into some Kinect games now. Haunt for starters, is an XBLA Kinect game which I found to be rather entertaining. It’s animated and modeled after ,what to me, appears to be sort of an old school haunted mansion vibe circa Disney. The controls function rather well in that you feel like you are empty handedly doing everything you transfer to the screen. Such as holding a flashlight, or opening chests and cupboards. The game also requires you to walk in place or run and sometimes punch a ghost. While I am not a huge Kinect fan, I would say this game is probably one of the few I would purchase for it.


Kung-Fu is probably the most amusing Kinect title I’ve seen. You start off with a series of poses you need to strike before being super imposed into a comic strip. I had my girlfriend start this one and it was quit surprising to see her wielding a chainsaw over head after a couple snaps. Then you are thrown into a basement brawl and I could not help but think “I’m finally a Mortal Kombat character”. The fighting seems responsive and it was actually fun to be able to do whatever pseudo karate moves I have in my bag and still be able to do damage. Plus you get super moves that draw heavily on Johnny Cage’s Shadow Kick style. If you are looking for a decent Kinect fighter look no further!

They're backkkk!!

Those wacky Raving Rabbids are back. This time they bring the party with hilarious guitar hero spoofs, which gives you an air guitar that works and my personal fav. which placed me behind a shower curtain folding into impossible shapes to make shadows in an attempt to scare the Rabbids out of my bathroom. There are 3 games in the demo, the 3rd which amounts to a physical version of Whack A Mole. Kind of hilarious stomping the life out of these little guys, although they do leave marks on the floor from digging into my living room (not really).

Put 'er there pardner!

This has got to be the most entertaining Kinect title. It places you in the roll of a marionette puppeteer, your goal: to guide the Gunstringer on his quest for revenge. Having been left for dead, you set out to destroy those who left you face down in a shallow grave. Also it makes you watch a lumberjack puppet and an alligator puppet get it on to Marvin Gaye to explain another characters background story. So go ahead and get your finger gun out, cuz you’re gonna need it!

Sadly this concludes my January demo reel. But before I go, I’ll toss one more bone your way.

It's no Travolta

Like some of the other games I highlighted this time around, I forced the girlfriend to play, and she obliged. Although I couldn’t talk her into filming it, or singing the karaoke part of it, she did enjoy the dancing. Now while I don’t know a whole lot about the movie or songs, I’m 90% sure they use the original music, uncensored which was a bit surprising to me hearing the cartoonish avatars sing about having a pussy wagon but hey…it was a simpler time.  The Kinect sensor seems to be tuned fine for this one, so if you like Grease, singing and dancing….this might be your shining star! Also the dance moves are totally inspired by Travolta.


For Those Anxious to Crawl Dungeons…Trine 2 Salutes You

11 01 2012

The second installment of the franchise came out just recently. This iteration features 3 playable characters (ala D&D) a wizard, warrior and thief. Each character is easily swapped to and from during play of the game after initial story building involving the basic mechanics of gameplay. For instance, the wizard offers a platform style game in that he can summon a giant box and move it or other heavier objects with magic, the thief changes game style to a pseudo Pitfall with her grappling hook and swing physic challenges, and the warrior is your basic hack and slash character.

The game is intended to be played by all three characters in succession determined by the puzzle being solved. You could say use the wizard to summon a box or move a swinging object, then swap to the thief to grapple the object and climb to safety. The puzzles are pretty well designed and offer a good deal of challenge but not enough to cause you to throw the controller through the tv.  

Graphically, the game is amazing. Supporting HD, the coloring and light effects really leave your eyeballs screaming for more. I can only wish more games took the graphic department of development more serious, but that seems to either be relegated to XBLA style games or the billion dollar blockbusters like CoD and BF 3, which don’t get me wrong, it’s great they have awesome graphics, I just wish I had more time to look at them between the bullets whizzing past my ears! Available on XBLA for just $14.99 with all the bells and whistles of a traditional game, Trine 2 is a steal!


Remaking Our Oddjob Memories

13 12 2011

From the ground up!

Out this month, comes Goldeneye Reloaded. Now for those of you to have been old enough to enjoy the N64, you remember the fun of when first person shooters joined the console world. You remember fondly shooting your friends into the wee hours of the morning, chasing bots for hours, living all the action of the movie.

Well now you can relive all this moments through the new face of Bond: Daniel Craig.

Anyone seen Pierce?

With an all new engine, real time lighting, and completely redone maps, Reloaded explodes on to the console scene. I really enjoyed the demo, the AI seems smarter, and the physics work perfectly from what I got to experience.

"I'll get the one on the left"

You start off with a partner, infiltrating the iconic bridge area. I found the stealth to be just slightly over-powered in areas as I was able to easily take down enemies who were nearly shoulder to shoulder as long as I remained undetected. However, stealth aside, I enjoyed an action pack ride on a Russian Army vehicle, shooting into other vehicles, and even blowing up a fuel tanker which exploded quite nicely.

Clearly very hidden

Right now you can find this title on sale at your local Target for $39, so get out there and get your Bond on! I don’t see a reason you wouldn’t want to relive the best times of gaming history. Besides, I think duty may have called enough this year. HAR HAR. Although one last thought: I wonder what Pierce Brosnen thinks about being erased from the Bond timeline?


Demo Reel for December Week 1

4 12 2011

This week we got a few titles up for grabs:

 I genuinely enjoyed this title. Reminiscent of old Nintendo platformers, Rayman lets you control 1 of 4 characters and sets you loose in a beautifully crafted 2D world. Your mission is to rescue what appears to be tiny circular fairy people who burst into song at any given moment. The art is incredibly detailed, the controls are spot on and over all it just seems fun. This game would make a great stocking stuffer for the gamer in your life, young or old.

With the Lego series, it’s generally hit and miss. Star Wars was awesome, but it seems each entry afterwords kind of falls short of the mark. In Lego Harry Potter I found myself dealing with puzzles involving  different spells  which were labeled by color, when what you really need is a nice light opacity name plate for each spell when you switch, but I assume bigger HP fans than  I will be able to see what spell they are selecting just by the image displayed. Over all I was not satisfied by this entry but, the sycophants will probably enjoy it.  I recommend this only for the hardcore fans.

 Now what’s neat about Sonic is that every iteration has gotten increasingly worse. This game attempts to take back everything bad that happened since the release of Sonic Adventure. Now while the levels are crafted very well, the action is almost too fast. I run 1080p and I can see everything presented but it all kind of blurs into a rush that wasn’t present for Sonic 1-Sonic and Knuckles.  Now discounting the fact I can’t properly see anything that is going on,  the models are well done, and the rehashed levels are nearly direct clones of the original style. I do have a major complaint in the controls though. When playing as future Sonic, I found myself having to constantly rotate the thumb stick or Sonic would start slowing down or heading the wrong way up the ramp I had just traversed. Again this is going to be one of those titles I could only tell you to purchase if you are a life long fan of the franchise.

Poor, poor Voltron. This XBLA and PSN title simply does not do the property justice. Everything about this game screams lackluster. It is simply a top down thumb stick controlled shooter. If you played any games in the 80’s you played this one with different pictures. I can not honestly recommend this game to anyone. Its 1200 microsoft points you would be better spending on the upcoming Skyrim DLC. Trust me just wait on something better.

 Which brings me to the winner of this week’s demo reel: Red Faction Armageddon. I completely fell in love with this game from the get go. No hokey controls and great visuals. PLUS this entry puts a completely new spin on the RF property: Third person! I was given unique puzzles involving my weapons such as the magnet gun which requires me to launch a magnet onto an object then fire an opposing magnet onto a different surface pulling the two magnets together like a romantic comedy. Also new is the ability to rebuild any of the completely destructible level parts ie: reconstructing a damaged bridge allowing me to cross or sealing the hole in the wall my grenade just made preventing the alien horde chasing me from keeping up! Download the demo today and you will fall in love with this one too!

Srs out!