Happy Belated Birthday President Lincoln! Now Let’s Slay Some Vampires!

15 02 2012

Holy shit!  Happy belated birthday former President Abraham Lincoln!

With the newest Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter trailer up, you’ve become one of the most badass presidents to walk the face of God’s green earth.  I can’t wait to see this true documentary of your life.  Love also to FDR American BadAss.



Greetings Portal Masters!

7 02 2012

I get woke up with a phone call today. That phone call states the Skylanders sequel just got announced! Granted, I kinda had an early heads up on it, given that I had seen the news about the “giants” domains being bought up, but still.

I am really excited for this because I personally like the collecting process of building my character teams and leveling up the characters, which keeps me playing even after the story is done. Well now we got 8 more standard sized characters coming our way which I will detail as soon as I can see what they are, as well as 8 to 12 “giants” which will be more than twice the size of the original characters in both physical and in game size. These new giants will also feature internal lights that blink or light up when placed on the portal.

So to whet your appetites heres the trailer:


Star Wars Kinect with Bundle Release Date Announced…and It’s Surprisingly Soon

7 02 2012

You ever wonder why the Star Wars Gods never just come beat us up for our money?  Because they always know exactly what we want.  What?  An R2-D2 Xbox 360 with a C-3PO gold controller?  Take my money now please!  Oh, it also comes with the Kinect and a 320 GB hard drive?  That’s exactly why I just threw a wad of cash at my computer monitor.  Well my monitor doesn’t take US currency so I’m safe…for the moment.  The whole kit and kaboodle will be available April 3rd for the moderate price of $349.99.  If you just want Kinect Star Wars, that will only put you back $49.99.  Kinect Star Wars will have five modes to choose from: Podracing, Rancor Rampage, Duels of Fate, Jedi Destiny: Dark Side Rising, and the ever curious Galactic Dance Off.  I have Disco Star Wars on vinyl already so I’ve been actually “living” Galactic Dance Off for quite some time.  I guess I can at least get achievements for it now.


Metro: Last Light Delayed

4 02 2012

Sad days are upon us, the sequel to Metro 2033, one of my surprise hits of 2011, has been pushed back to 2013.  According to THQ’s release schedule, Metro: Last Light has been pushed back to Q1 of 2013.  It’s sad not just because of the delay, but because the world ends in December 2012 so I’ll now never get to see what happens to Artyom, those sneaky f**king Russians, or those neo-fascist Nazis.


The Simpsons Arcade Drops Today!!!

3 02 2012

Dropped today without much warning, the much anticipated Simpsons Arcade Game has finally hit XBLA and PSN.  The Simpsons Arcade Game from Konami brings you 4 person co-op, a “never released” Japanese version, the classic “quarters mode”, survival mode, and a free play option with unlimited continues.

I can remember dropping many a quarters into the giant 4 person arcade machine, it felt just like yesterday…well it was more like a couple weeks ago at Insert Coin(s) Las Vegas.  I did in fact play it at a youngster at Chuck-e-Cheese too.  But man, I want to humble brag about my first place standing.

Pick The Simpsons Arcade Game for 800 Microsoft Points on XBLA and $9.99 on PSN.  Oh, and for all of us Playstation Plus members, we get it for free.  Too bad I have no friends on the Playstation Network.  /sadface


First SWTOR Guild Summit Announced!

3 02 2012

Bioware has announced they will be hosting the first (possibly annual) Guild Summit March 4th – 6th in Austin, Tx. The event is invite only and 21+ which leads me to believe the Q&A session and round tables will actually lead to some decent ideas being developed by the community. But the realist in me knows this is what the community looks like:


So what will happen? If I had my way, hopefully a large scale melee between the factions, no peace talks! The attendees will be responsible for all costs during this little venture so that alone should deter most of the trolls, couple that with the 21+ it should be a fairly decent event. Although I don’t think this sort of thing will ever turn into a large scale event such as Blizzcon, it’s nice to think SOMETHING IN THE UNIVERSE might be able to slaughter the beast known as WoW, however impossible it may be.


Juliet and Ash Sittin’ in a Tree, K-I-S…

2 02 2012

Juliet from Lollipop Chainsaw is getting a few extra costumes as pre-order bonuses.

  • Bestbuy is giving you a chance to see Juliet in a “Goth Gir”l and” Foxy Funk” costumes.
  • Gamestop is giving you access to my personal favorite, the Ash outfit from Evil Dead.
  • Gamestop PowerUp Rewards members will be awarded a Jimmy Urine, from Mindless Self Indulgence outfit.
  •  And Amazon will get you a hot little Pin-up and Rockabilly outfit.

Just like previous pre-order bonus outfits, most of these will probably be available weeks after release.  But for now, the choice could be really difficult for some.  It’s easy for me, you never bet against the Ash man himself.