More MW3 Tournament Pics From Insert Coins Las Vegas

10 11 2011

Insert Coins was nice enough to post a few pics on their Facebook fan page for your enjoyment.  Here are a few of us and some of our favorites. There’s even a photo included of our night vision goggled friend.

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Photos thanks to Peter Suh.  Be sure to hit up Insert Coins during any of their many events.


Ghost Adventures Night!!!

2 10 2011

You can’t see Amber and myself arguing on a Friday night at around 9 P.M. but it’s happening.  Amber’s hatred for the one Zak Bagans and disbelief in the super natural is to be admired and objected upon since she stands steadfast in her belief of the extra terrestrial.  Texts fly back and forth feverishly over the air waves like invisible kamikaze bombers determined to damage to the others morale.  I defend Zak Bagans’ hair, jeans, fake designer corrective lenses and his enthusiasm for the undead like he was my own brother.  Amber is bright and witty so defending against her attacks need to be precise and tactically sound.  With this weeks episode at the Mizpah Hotel I thought I had a for sure win, so I invited her and a few of my friends over for the first ever Ghost Adventures Night, my plan was to be there in person to snuff out the nay sayers, what I got was a blitzkrieg of attacks on my face.  I was alone, cornered, and fighting for the pride of myself and the Ghost Adventures crew.  If it weren’t for good beverages and children running around uncontrollably, I probably wouldn’t have been able to escape with my dignity.

Greg is all smiles and Amber is all smug reading a catelog as they both attack my Ghost Adventures.

Greg who promised to be the official referee was no help, and in fact ended up taking Amber’s side and was nothing but an instigator.  Even though we spent most of the night chasing children around and eating pizza, the first ever Ghost Adventures Night ended up in my mind, a success.  Maybe we’ll get more people next time to hear Zak scream “Come at me bro!!!”, in EVP form of course.

AmberLynn’s new SG set

25 09 2011

My good friend AmberLynn’s newest Suicide Girls set entitled “Strange” has just gone up for review.  The photos were taken at the beautiful Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas and photographed by the talented Amina Munster.   If you like bewbs please check it out and give it a positive review.  It’s all I’ve heard her talk about, and good comments make her happy… and my life easier.  Your eyeballs will thank me.  (It’s adult content if you were wondering)

YAY Felicia Day!!!

30 08 2011

Felicia Day made a surprise stop on Saturday of PAX, seeing all the sites and taking time to sign at the Wil Wheaton table.  My star crush was looking gorgeous as expected and was super enthusiastic and nice to everyone she conversed with.  We talked about our feelings of marriage and I’m sure she was taking in my vibe since we had so much in common, I almost scooped her up and started running away, but in an intelligent split second decision I chose the photo op instead.  Until we meet again…

9 08 2011

My Clone Trooper armor is coming together slowly but surely.  I really only have to trim the chest, Velcro the ab/core piece, finish the spoons, and put straps on the elbows and knees.  After bondo-ing the seams out, it’ll be time to paint and weather.  I’m hoping I can get this all done by the end of the month.

Where Do I Put My Beer?

29 06 2011

Hit up Insert Coins in glamorous Las Vegas last night.  Insert Coins is a newly opened bar here in downtown Las Vegas that features arcade games, console game booths, a bar, and a dance floor complete with a competent DJ. 

First thing we do when we get in there is hit up the Dragon’s Lair machine, this game has been our nemesis here since day one.  We have absolutely no idea how to play this game, and the furthest we’ve made it is to like the third screen.  We are so terrible, but we’re persistent, so we put our fifty cent’s in… and they immediately get eaten.  Well played Dragon’s Lair, you win again.  We don’t let it bother us as we head over to my bread and butter, the Joust machine.  I’ve set the high score here before and aim to hit it again.  But, instead I played a very terrible round and produce a score that I would rather not post on the interwebs.  The X-Men arcade machine is right next to Joust, and at a quarter a credit, X-Men is by far the best deal in Insert Coins.  We played about $2.50 worth as Dazzler (yeah that’s me, why?  Because it’s effing hilarious) and Colossus and snatch up the #1 and #2 slot on the record boards. 

We wander around for another 10 minutes looking for what machine to hit up next.  There’s about 40 arcade machine’s to choose from in Insert Coins, and whether they work or not is a gamble.  Every time you go, you’re never quite sure if you’re going to get to play the machine you want to.  But you can’t blame Insert Coins, keeping these machine’s running is a full time job, and the large majority of the games are over 30 years old, seeing them in this condition and actually running is a feet in it’s own. So we finish our night up with a beloved classic, Burgertime.  I actually pull out a great game, and manage to pick up #3 on the leaderboards.  And on that note, we called it a night…around 2 A.M.

While all this was going on, the place is busy, Monday night’s are Madden Football night with tournament play.  The DJ was blasting his music for everyone dancing on the floor, and almost every console booth was full of people playing Madden or Mortal Kombat.  Insert Coins is a great addition to downtown, and for people planning a trip to glitzy Las Vegas, it’s a worthy place to spend their hard earned quarters.

Sorry for the poor quality of the pics, those are from my first generation Droid…

Very early Trooper armor pics

21 06 2011

The construction of my clone trooper armor is coming together nicely.  I’ve had the Phase I helmet done for some time, weathered and everything.  Now I’m constructing this kit from O.S.C.S., that’s coming together nicely.  In the picture are:Upper arms, elbows, forearms, and thigh pieces.  Hoping to have the whole kit done and weathered by San Diego Comic-Con.