It’s Time To Honor Franklin D. Roosevelt. FDR: American Badass!

22 01 2012

For too long the history books have been squed to hide the truth about the Nazis.  Well not anymore, those filthy werewolf loving polio infecting Nazis get what’s coming to them in “FDR: American Badass”.  With the Delano 2000 beneath him, FDR plans to shoot all of their fuzzy little faces off.  I can’t wait to see this movie…no really, this is a real movie.



Goin’ Campin? Tucker & Dale vs Evil

19 01 2012

It is my pleasure to introduce to you, the latest camp/cult classic, Tucker & Dale vs Evil.  These two well mannered rednecks just want to fish and hunt at their newly purchased vacation house.  The only problem is there’s evil in dem woods…and college kids keep dying around them.  Blood, gore and laughter abounds.  I know, it really sounds sick and twisted combining gore with laughter, it actually sounds borderline psychotic, but the feeling of the movie, while being suspense ridden at times, is really quite light hearted. 

Tucker & Dale vs Evil hit store shelves December 9th of 2011 and has been picking up substantial speed as a cult classic.  With recognizable characters, above average acting (for a camp slasher), creative deaths and a hilarious plot it’s no mystery why Tucker & Dale is popular.  In fact, watch it now instantly on Netflix or run down to wherever it is you kids buy DVD’s and pick it up.  You won’t be disappointed.

And I wouldn’t leave you guys to watch it without a drinking game to go with it.  Grab a group of friends or get socially-unhealthy-drunk alone.

Tucker & Dale vs Evil drinking game:

  • Anytime someone dies. *DRINK*
  • Anytime Allison gets knocked unconscious. *DRINK*
  • Anytime Dale is socially awkward. *DRINK*
  • Anytime a beer is cracked open. *DRINK*
  • Anytime the names “Tucker” or “Dale” are said.  *DRINK*

Well have fun with that one kidos, it’s one of my favorites of 2011.  Ring in the new year with a new classic.


Don’t Miss “Attack the Block”

13 01 2012

Horror and Sci-Fi fans rejoice, Attack the Block is here and apparently I’m just now finding out about it.  Attack the Block was released here in the states on October 25th of last year and if you missed it then, I suggest you watch it now. 

Attack the Block is about a gang of teenagers who manage to kill an alien that crash lands right in front of them.  After gloating about their kill, they’re soon met by more wolf like alien reinforcements.  Action and mayhem ensues.

Attack the Block is a refreshing take on the alien genre.  The aliens look amazing and don’t scream CGI, classic stunts and superb special effects make Attack the Block a unique experience you don’t get in this “Green Screen” era. 

Attack the Block has a wonderful cast of characters who’s personalities mesh extremely well together.  The british slang is humerous and is pretty easy to understand, adding a great deal to the “Block” feel.  This is their block and they’re going to do whatever it takes to defend it…or defend themselves.

I won’t even suggest this movie to just horror or sci-fi fans, Attack the Block is an all around great movie, I suggest that everyone see it.  Do not miss it.





Shark Night 3D, Just When You Thought It Was Safe…

2 01 2012

I saw this movie opening night back in September and have been anxiously awaiting its release on Blu-ray. Well the time has come. Today, January 3rd, Shark Night 3D takes you back into the water. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, in spite of the fact that it came from the people who brought us Final Destination and Saw. (SPOILER ALERT) Granted, I knew that because of the producers and directors it was going to be an over the top cheese ball violent movie with sharks, which are one of my favorite living creatures. What I should have expected though was the lynch pin in the plot, in that the entire point of the sharks being in the lake was a weird revenge plot that boiled down to Boy meets girl, girl gets accepted to college, boy tries to murder girl, girl scars boy’s face, boy imports man eating sharks and lures girl into water with friends and films snuff movies to sell to Shark Week.

Now all that plot crap aside, Shark Night was an aggressive ride into shark infested waters, which I found entertaining on the same level one enjoys a good old fashioned 80’s slasher flick. The sharks are pretty much true to life, in both animation and nature, barring the electronic cameras attached to each to help gain the whole “snuff film” portion of the movie. The animated sharks as well as their physical models are incredibly realistic, and the way the live action sharks were edited into the film was superb.

So I guess if you are interested in more so in the whole cheesy aspect of this movie over the plot (which is basically garbage, because the Saw writers and FD people have no idea about anything other than shock and awe) you will really have a lot of fun with this movie. Think of it more like Jaws for “our” generation. And hopefully, a few children will find it that much more difficult to get into the water these days….


Prometheus Trailer is a GO!!!

22 12 2011

Have you seen this Prometheus trailer yet?  I hadn’t until today and now I have to find something to do until June 8th 2012.  Damn it Ridley Scott, why did you have to bring it?  So it’s not supposed to be a direct Alien prequel, but I’m going to pretend that it is and continue to get super excited.  Pop some popcorn and watch this beauty over and over.


Fright Night ReVamped

16 12 2011

Fright Night (2011) is the Blu-ray/DVD you should have bought this week. I was really excited to see this movie when it released last summer but, I was never able to make it actually into a movie theater.  So I patiently waited for my chance to catch it on my not-so-big-but-big-enough 50″ TV in the comforts of my living room.  I was a fan of the 1985 original and tend to dislike remakes, or “re-imagining”, but I’m here to say this Fright Night delivers.  I’m going to let the goofy jump on the 3D bandwagon cinematics go and focus more on the great story and excellent acting by each cast member.  Colin Farrell really outdoes himself and plays the creepy vampire vibe perfectly.  Christopher Mintz-Plasse, in my opinion, played a much better Ed/Evil Ed than his predecessor, and Anton Yelchin (Charley) with David Tennant (Peter Vincent) were a great vampire slaying duo. 

It may have felt more personal to me having it take place here in Las Vegas.  I actually tried locating that neighborhood on googlemaps and ended up finding one very close to what appears in the movie.  But I think the neighborhood in the film doesn’t exist or had some CG touch ups since the neighborhood I found in the West end of Las Vegas off of Fort Apache had an elementary school right next to it that didn’t appear in the film.  But either way it was very easy to relate to the film seeing familiar sights that you come across every day.   

The new Fright Night offers steady thrills and good laughs throughout the whole film.  Nothing feels melodramatic or forced.  You’ll be impressed with how well the movie flows and ask for seconds when it ends.  Don’t miss Fright Night, out now on Blu-ray/DVD.


The Muppets are Back!!!

23 11 2011

We haven’t heard much from our friends since The Muppets’ Wizard of Oz in 2005, but thanks to the brilliant writing/producing of one Jason Segel, The Muppets return from their 6 year hiatus and bring us an instant classic.  THE MUPPETS ARE BACK!!!  It may be my love of funny musicals, Jason Segel and Amy Adams, or maybe just my love of the Muppets in general.  But I loved The Muppets (2011)!  And I’m not the only one, scoring a certified fresh score of 97% on Rotten Tomatoes has to be proof that this Muppet film is the real deal.  I don’t care if you have kids or don’t, if you like musicals or not, hell, even if you don’t know who the Muppets are, you should really see this movie.

The Muppets (2011) is full of nostalgic memories of the Muppets glory days, classic musical numbers, bright human actors, and plenty of star studded cameos.  The cameos were so well placed and always left you asking yourself, “is that who I thought it was?”.  Even NPH had a perfect line while answering phones for the Muppet Telethon, “Yeah, I don’t know why I’m not in it.”  NPH can do no wrong.  Other cameos included Feist, Dave Grohl, Whoopi Goldberg, Donald Glover, Sarah Silverman, and even Mickey Rooney.  Jack Black and Zach Galifianakis play great support roles late in the film also.  The Muppets won’t make your abs hurt from laughing, or leave you thinking it was an Oscar award winning masterpiece, it just genuinely made me happy throughout the whole film.  I don’t know what else you could ask for?  Why wouldn’t you want to smile through an entire movie?  Do not wait to experience The Muppets, grab your loved ones or grab yourself (preferably before you’re in the theater), and go see this movie.  You can thank me later when your life is a little brighter because of it.