Top 5 on the Fly! Capes and Cowls!

28 12 2011

If you were late on this one, or just haven’t experienced all the brutal, visceral goodness of Arkham City, you NEED to get this one. Throughout the game, I severely wanted to go back and pick up Arkham Asylum as well. This game gives you everything you want in a Batman game but leaves you begging for more. From insane gadgets to insane clowns, there is NOTHING in this game that isn’t needed. No filler, no plot holes, from top to bottom, this is the quintessential game: perfection! Not to mention you get all the original cast of Batman: The Animated Series doing voices which portrayed through their new images leaves a cold chill in your spine with the new and improved Joker as voiced by the one and only Mark Hamill. When it’s all said and done, you still have challenge modes, multitudes of costumes to play with Batman, DLC that includes Robin, Nightwing and Catwoman.  Even a secondary mode called New Game+. Word to the wise: DO NOT MISS OUT ON THIS GAME. Spoiler Alert: There may be a Threequel 😀

This just might sweeten the deal:



The Dark Knight Returns!

9 12 2011

Just a reminder to all you Bat-Fans this month, just a couple days ago new content came out for Arkham City. The Batman Skins pack dropped, and it includes what I believe to be much better choices to play with instead of the pseudo biker costume that you start with in single player for Batman: AC.

70’s Stylin’!


Blast from the past!

Possibly not portrayed by Terry.

Possibly constipated...

So from left to right, top to bottom you have : Retro Batman in blue and grey, Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns, Batman Year One, Batman Beyond (who is grossly over muscular in comparison to the show) and the Sinestro Corps Batman. Also for those of you who haven’t downloaded it yet, there are still Nightwing and Robin DLC packs to pick up for about $4.99 each I believe.

Tim Drake

Not Tim Drake

Now while the Nightwing and Robin DLC offer new gadgets and moves, you should know that the Batman skins are just that: Skins. No new gadgets or upgrades, just aesthetics. But the Batman Beyond skin does feature a slight difference, he does sport wings instead of a cape when flying.

Now you guys got the goods, so get back out into Arkham City and stick it right down that Joker’s cake hole!

The Legend of Batman: Arkham City

29 10 2011

Why Batman: Arkham City is destined to be a classic.  The reason for this statement dates back all the way to the 8-bit Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda.  The similarities of what made these two titles great are almost uncanny.  It has nothing to do with cutting edge graphics or ground breaking mechanics.  Legend of Zelda was a top down RPG and Batman, powered by the Unreal engine, has a very familiar style of play that most “gamers” are accustomed to.  What Zelda did, and Batman is doing now, is giving gamers something to talk about again. 

 I remember playing Legend of Zelda as a kid, finding out a secret, then losing sleep on the anticipation of telling my classmates about my adventures.  I’d run to class and everyone who had Zelda would talk about where they were in the story, what they had found, and give away secrets that they discovered.  “Did you know you could light that bush on fire with the candle?”, “Blow up this boulder with the bomb.” and “Make sure you only move that grave!”.  All of those and many more stand steadfast in my mind, and without the internet everyone was dependant on this word of mouth or the few publications that were then on the market.  So that’s where Batman: Arkham City comes in, since Zelda I have never had a game that invoked so much conversation with other people.  Batman is so engrossing, searching the internet for many of the puzzles can be time consuming and tedious.  But I also don’t want to search the interwebs, I want to talk to other people, tell them what I’ve accomplished, and listen to things that they’ve also done themselves.  Statements like,”Where did you find Deadshot’s second victim?”, “How did you solve that Riddler puzzle?”, and “You can find Batmans gadget in the steel mill.” bring me back to my school age days, talking about games I love.  And the funny thing is, people actually want to interact and listen because they’re having these same fun experiences.  Batman: Arkham City has pulled from a successful formula that’s survived for 24 years.  A large world to explore, people to save, gadgets to use, bosses to battle, and numerous problems to solve is a proven recipe for success.  It’s for those reason’s that Batman: Arkham City, like the Legend of Zelda, will go down as a gaming staple, and has proven itself an instant classic.



19 10 2011

I’m going to attempt to give you guys a decent review of the new Batman game, WITHOUT giving away any real story spoilers so here goes!

Alright folks, Batman’s back! This time bigger than ever! If you liked the first game you will (I promise you) LOVE this installment! The Asylum Team really outdid themselves this go around. The story is much darker, and the game area takes place in a much larger part of Gotham which is the titular Arkham City. I’m not going to tell you who the bad guys are, because I think you will have as much fun as I did discovering them on your own.

Most of the game will take place going from hub to hub on a certain mission at any given point with multiple side quests and crimes to prevent. The gadgets are all there, with new ones to include a freeze grenade that can incapacitate 1 or up to 5 enemies, the zipline launcher now allows you to turn it into a mobile tight rope which grants access to harder to reach areas of the game, and there is now a disruption device, but I will let you find out how that one works!

The smooth combat system of the first game has returned and retuned to be even tighter. While I will admit that yours truly mashes the X button with an occasional Y for good measure, on normal difficulty there were very few points when I felt completely overwhelmed and frustrated. Most of the time the combat works perfectly with an occasional hiccup, such as my Batman bouncing through the floor and back up into a thug. Burke would also like it mentioned that certain sound glitches have been noticed with voices cutting in and out and not even being able to be heard on the PS3 version. Personally I play XBOX, so I cant verify these on my version.

Now unfortunately there is no multiplayer, but I don’t think that takes away from what the devs built in the first place. The game transitions from hub to hub and A to B in the storyline really smoothly. I have only one real complaint with the game in that while the boss fights are amazingly different than the first game where it was pretty much thugs and some variant of Bane running around, I found the 2 most important fights of the game relatively easy, but this also might be designed to be intuitive. I did thoroughly enjoy the variety of boss fights and I don’t think they re-did much of the game mechanics during the entire adventure.

Now if you’re thinking the game ends at 100% story completion, you’d be dead wrong. Beating the game unlocks Game+ which is a harder version of the game but you start with all your gadgets, you just lack visual ques and tips during any particular fight encounters. If you buy one game this year, (that isn’t MW3) make sure its BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY!

And stay tuned for the DLC when all the new Batman skins drop!


Batman Beyond Skin from Nos

18 10 2011

Don't worry, you have time.

You too can have this bad ass Batman Beyond skin in Batman: Arkham City for the small price of an energy drink.  I was a huge fan of the Batman Beyond series as a kid, so when I heard the news of this skin, I sent my Fiance on a journey down the street to the local mini-mart to pick me up a Nos.  This skin was previously only available with Australian pre-orders, and Nos only had 100,000 codes to give away (50,000 Xbox, 50,000 PS3), thinking these were in high demand I signed up and got mine early.  Don’t worry, there’s still around 48,000 PS3 codes left, take your time.  You can get the skin from Nos Rewards by logging in at , or you can also pick up the skin with a few others for $4.99 at your local Gamestop.  And the Nos is good to, get yer nervous tic on.