Battlefield 3 Back to Business as Usual.

14 12 2011

Gulf of Oman

Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand DLC

Yesterday was the complete launch across all platforms for Battlefield 3’s first DLC, Back to Karkand.  This DLC is free to all pre-ordered and Limited Edition copies of BF3.  If you weren’t lucky enough to get either of those, this DLC is only $15 and well worth the dough.  DICE has been working hard to make BF3 a fun and competitive experience and Back to Karkand brings 4 classic maps, 10 new weapons and 3 vehicles from Battlefield 2.  For those of you that may remember, Strike at Karkand, Sharqi Peninsula, Gulf of Oman and Wake Island get a facelift and make their triumphant return thanks to the new Frostbite 2 engine. 

All experience gained in this DLC rolls over into your BF3 character.  The addition of class assignments to unlock new weapons has been added and the Conquest mode has been changed to the classic Conquest Assault where the defending team starts with control of all bases.  This does force advancement of the attacking team, but it felt uneven with only 15 extra tickets at the start of the match.  Gulf of Oman proved very frustrating with defending teams just camping floors above each base. 

The DLC is just a little over 2 GB and also has some BF3 patch fixes, matchmaking improvements and weapon balancing.  The flashlight still burns your retinas like the fires of hell, but I’m sure DICE is still working on that too…well I hope so because I’m really tired of my own teammates blinding me. 

Pick up this DLC soon and get to sprinting, driving, flying or whatever it is you crazy kids do these days.




Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfare 3? The Debate.

25 11 2011





Battlefield 3 or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3? 

For at least a year this will be the debate fanboys of every console will be yelling obscenities over defending their sacred title.  But I question, why does one have to be better than the other?  When friends ask me which one I play, I reply with “both”.  I own and play both on a regular basis.  I actually prefer Battlefield 3 because I enjoy large maps and vehicles.  I’ll drive the shit out of a tank and destroy everything, that’s what I like.  But I also like to hop onto MW3 and just mindlessly run and gun sometimes.  But what if you don’t have the luxury of owning both?  What about the gamer on a budget?  Well my friends, you’re in luck because I’m going to break down each games defining qualities to help with your decision before you hop on Santa’s lap and ask for one or the other this holiday season.  This guide is going to be incredibly simple and easy to follow, it’s based on what your likes and dislikes are.  Enjoy.

Battlefield 3

  • The single player runs approximately 8 hours and is based on a marine and his squad, different vehicles, and the majority of combat taking place in the dusty streets of Iran.


  • Very large maps.
  • Popular game modes include: Team Deathmatch, Rush, and Conquest.  Hardcore modes are also available.
  • The rank cap is 45 with numerous guns to unlock.
  • 4 basic classes to choose from: Assault, Recon, Engineer and Support.
  • Each weapon has 10 attachments, and other weapons can only be unlocked successfully by beating the co-op missions.
  • Multiplayer is very squad based, requiring teamwork to be successful. 
  • Vehicles are in most modes (not in Team Deathmatch).  Tanks, choppers, Hum-V’s, jets, etc.
  • Co-op missions are available, experience transfers over to multiplayer, and it gives you an opportunity to practice flying…since it’s not easy.

I enjoyed BF3’s single player more than MW3, but I rarely play BF3 multiplayer alone since it’s so squad intensive.  The ranking system is very in depth and takes lots of play time to promote.  Each class levels up on it’s own, requiring you to spend individual time with each.  BF3 is a huge title that definitely gets you your moneys worth.   

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

  • The single player lasts a meager 5 1/2 hours and is filled with Michael Baysplosions and cinematic thrill rides.  The mediocre story holds back this titles full potential, but it’s still a positive and fun experience. 


  • Small tight maps with plenty of bottle necks.
  • Popular modes include: Team Deathmatch, Domination, Capture the Flag, Search and Destroy, Sabotage, and the fresh and new Kill Confirmed mode.
  • Level cap is 80 with 10 further prestige levels.
  • You can customize 5 loadouts with any weapon you would like.  Each weapon used unlocks special attachments and specializations.  Strike packages with each loadout are completely customizable and can be used to assist your teammates or make you look like a god.  You choose.
  • Multiplayer is very fast paced and requires quick twitch reflexes.  “Spray and pray” is also optional and proves to be successful quite often.
  • MW3 has other multiplayer options including Spec-ops and Survival modes.
  • The $50 Call of Duty: Elite service allows you to check stats and get multiplayer maps on a monthly basis.  (saving you about $15 a year)

MW3 is meant for those looking for instant gratification reinforced with nonstop action.  I play MW3 a majority of the time alone.  Games don’t require a lot of teamwork, and you can be very successful alone in many of the game’s modes.  MW3 keeps you reaching for that next level, or that one attachment you need for your favorite weapon.  Sledgehammer Games didn’t wander too far from the MW2 model, proving if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.  MW3 does still have hacker problems, USB memory hacks and exploited connection issues are still a factor so tread lightly.

When you tell Santa which one you want, be sure to tell him Nerd Farm helped you choose.  We’re actually tying to not get coal this year…



Is Battlefield 3 the “Real” Deal?

1 11 2011

Battlefield 3 Review

The hype machine has been grinding away for the past year, and has been running on overdrive months before Battlefield 3’s release.  With “Above and Beyond the Call” and the “Is it Real” campaign, BF3 has been boasting stronger graphics, a better solo campaign, and superior multiplayer to it’s self proclaimed rival Modern Warfare 3.  Can BF3 live up to all this hype?  The answer: very uncertain.  I know WTF?  I understand that’s not a straight answer, but without having MW3 in my hands, it’s very difficult to say where BF3 will stand.  I will say in certainty that MW3 will far exceed BF3 sales, the COD name is just more known.  It’s a fact.  While BF3 first week sales of approximately 5 mil is impressive, I think MW3 will trample these numbers in comparison.  But I digress, this is a review of Battlefield 3, not a grudge match between two titles.  So how is BF3?  Impressive.

Battlefield 3 comes with 2 discs, a solo campaign and multiplayer/co-op with an added option to download the HD shading on your HDD.  Does the “Is it Real” campaign live up to the hype.  It does.  I had never played any previous solo campaigns in the Battlefield franchise, usually opting to dive straight into multiplayer, but with XBox servers down (a whole nother can of worms), I jumped feet first into BF3’s solo campaign.  And I mean you jump feet first into the action.  The graphics engine is just beautiful, well as beautiful as Iran can be.  The experience spans beyond the graphics though, as you’re battling the PLR you can hear echos of gunshots in the background, bouncing between buildings, sirens can be heard in the distance, and the ever ominous loudspeaker with prayers from an unknown speaker bellow from within the city.  You’re a normal marine, not a special operative or secret agent, just a marine with your squad following orders.  I really liked the concept that BF was going with, it made the game feel so much more real, and really actually made me feel scared and proud of our soldiers oversees.  That shit is for real, and BF3 nailed it in my opinion.  You get to use a bevy of modern weaponry, both firearms and vehicles.  Both are equally impressive, but the F-18 mission was just amazing.  I had continuous goosebumps as I was gunning down enemy Migs and firing off flares to avoid incoming missiles.   And that really explains the whole solo campaign in general, simply amazing, leaving me grinning from ear to ear the majority of the time.

Does Battlefield 3’s multiplayer live up to the hype?  Can it succeed as the COD killer?  Ready for the shifty answer, both yes and no.  They may both be first person shooters, but they are two completely different games.  I thoroughly enjoy the Battlefield 3 experience.  The maps are huge and highly detailed, vehicle combat works, plenty of weapons to work with, and game modes promote squad cooperation.  Unfortunately the 2.2 million people playing the first day crashed the majority of the servers, so I was forced upon the single player campaign, and there continues to be lag and server issues.  I must admit that DICE are on top of most of these issues, resolving a majority of these server issues really quickly.  The lack of game modes may be discouraging to some, but I don’t mind not being overwhelmed with choices.  Game modes include: Team Deathmatch, Squad Teamdeathmatch, Conquest, and my personal favorite Rush.  BF3 should stress the importance of squad cooperation, games can be changed by one well trained squad, and watching a squad of 4 dudes teabagging your lifeless corpse via kill cam is always rewarding.  That’s something that can’t be found in the previous Modern Warfare games.  There are plenty of weapons to choose from, but be sure to have fun progressing in the game to earn a majority of them.  I do find the weapon progression often confusing, and customizing weapons on the fly isn’t the easiest thing to do.  I would have liked to see a cleaner weapon customization/loadout screen.  And there are plenty of other ways to customize your perfect soldier, camouflage and dog tags being some of them.

All in all, Battlefield is a very strong title.  The single player, lasting a little under 8 hours, may feel short in comparison to other titles on the market, but the campaign’s story felt complete and was a stress inducing thrill ride.  Multiplayer, while still needing a few fixes, is a fun superior alternative to any other FPS out there.  We’ll know on Nov. 8 how BF3 will fare against the juggernaut MW3, with the fallout of players leaving BF3 to play MW3, or quite possibly vice-versa.  I can see BF3 stealing a lot of MW3’s thunder, and I feel DICE has made believers out of a lot of skeptics.

Battlefield 3 scores an A.


Really MW3, Most Anticipated Game in History?

23 10 2011

The “Most Anticipated Game in History” is really the only problem I have with Modern Warfare 3’s launch trailer.  That’s a very bold statement that I’m going to say is very, very incorrect.  I understand Activision is somehow threatened by Battlefield 3, even though everyone knows MW3 is going to sell twice as many copies because of the Call of Duty name alone.  The market for these games has nothing to do with gameplay, it has to do with number of people playing in the community, and MW3 is much more accessible than BF3 in that area.  It’s that simple.  I can tell you that I’ll be buying both because I have the luxury to do so, but I’m actually anticipating the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection that comes out on the same day more.  I’ve been anticipating MGS release since I heard rumors about it’s actual production.  MW3 has upset me a little with it’s statement, a statement that shouldn’t be thrown around lightly.  I can rarely think of something that’s ever more anticipated than another, the only one I can think of is Star Wars: The Empire Strikes back.  After Star Wars release, Empire was the most anticipated film in history, now that’s a statement even George Lucas can stand firmly behind.  MW3 shame on you, and shame on me for still purchasing your product.

Battlefield 3 Open Beta First Impressions

30 09 2011

Let’s continue our season of the betas with Battlefield 3’s open beta that began yesterday.  The beta for the Xbox 360, the version I’m currently testing, is a 1.3 GB download found in the XBLA Marketplace.  Understanding this is a beta, you know and expect there to be glitches and match making issues, that’s a give in, so I concentrated more on how the weapons felt and how the leveling system worked.  My first impressions with this title have been pleasant, The Rush game mode is the only available mode, and the one map you’re allotted to play is Operation Metro.  Operation Metro starts out in an open park that moves down into a subway as the match progresses depending on the Attackers success on taking objectives.  The first park area of Operation Metro is completely broken.  You randomly fall under the map, and navigating it isn’t stable making it feel like you’re swimming, or a split second from falling into the map.  You play four available classes simultaneously raising your main level and each individual skill.  Support starts out with light machine guns and give out ammo.  Medics use assault rifles and can give out med packs or revive downed players.  The Engineer uses sub-machine guns, has an RPG, and can repair vehicles.  The Sniper class uses, you guessed it, sniper rifles and can throw down “receivers” that allow teammates to spawn from them, acting as a huge tactical advantage.  The weapons feel very similar to Bad Company 2, so jumping right into combat was both smooth and familiar.  Since this is a downloadable beta and not the final copy, it’s very hard to gauge how the new Frostbite 2 engine will run.  Graphically the beta is on par but I would have liked to really see the new engine work it’s magic.  Matchmaking for now is broken, forget about playing with your party, the four friends I was playing with were rarely in my squad and often times on the other team.  I’m certain all of these minor problems will be tuned in 25 days…or let’s hope so.  I would hate to have this most anticipated FPS fall short because of broken levels and matchmaking issues.  Battlefield 3 looks very promising, but I expect more for the proclaimed COD killer.

New Battlefield 3 trailer “99 Problems”

26 09 2011

The newest Battlefield 3 trailer featuring “99 Problems” by Jay-Z was premiered tonight during Monday Night Football.  The end of the trailer even adds just a little nudge to the MW3 rivalry with it’s slogan “Above and Beyond the Call”.  This trailer got me even more pumped for the open free beta, yes OPEN and FREE beta, for Battlefield 3 starting tomorrow.  As yet another beta for me to start in this “Season of Betas”, be sure to download it and start seeing what this game is capable of.  Check out even more info at     Enjoy


COD Elite: My 2 Cents

3 09 2011

My twitter account was literally blowing up with new Modern Warfare 3 news, everything from new kill streaks called strike packages to interesting new multiplayer modes, but nothing captured my attention like the announcement of the COD Elite ‘Premium’ package.  On the advent of Call of Duty XP, the expo celebrating Call of Duty’s life, a new ‘Premium’ membership has been announced for the juggernaut franchise.  The package will set you back $50 a year, but comes with perks that other “Elite” members will not receive.  Premium members receive DLC on a monthly basis and without charge, rather then receiving them in packages every 3-4 months.  You will get clan progression stats, ability to compete in daily challenges for virtual and real life goods (et la Jeep shit), get 8 times more video storage space, and the ability to watch something called Elite TV.  Elite TV is planned to have “Friday Night Fights”, game footage directed by Tony and Ridley Scott, and “Noob Toob”, a show where gamers provide videos and comedians Jason Bateman and Will Arnett provide the comedy relief. 

Haters are gonna to hate, that’s the internet.  I will be signing up for the Elite program, but I personally am not a big enough COD fan to purchase this ‘Premium’ package.  As it stands now, paying $50 a year for all the DLC would save you $10 if you purchased all the Black Ops DLC to date, making this package a worth while deal all ready.  If MW3 is going to be your game of choice, and it’s “your” game, I say this deal fits you.  I do think it alienates the “casual” COD player, such as myself, and I feel it may help others who were on the fence about MW3 jump over to the ever growing Battlefield 3 community.  Only the future will tell if this move by Activision will pay off, and I fear some of the repercussions it may cause if it’s overwhelmingly successful.