Gotham City Impostors Beta Now Open To Consoles.

27 01 2012

Yesterday marked day one of the Gotham City Impostors open beta for consoles.  Go ahead and download the beta  from the PSN store right now, but Xbox 360 owners hold up, you have to do a little more work.  Head over to the Gotham City Impostors website and Join the Cause , after signing up a beta key will soon arrive via email.  It’s not as simple as PSN but it sure isn’t that much of a hassle.  The beta runs until Feb 6 leading me to believe if everything during this beta session goes according to plan we could see Gotham City Impostors as early as February 14th.  Cross our fingers and hope to blow up some bats…

Do “Simple Math”, you want to be in this beta…trust me.



Starhawk Gets A Release Date!

17 01 2012

Playstation 3’s much anticipated exclusive, Starhawk, has just got itself a release date today.  Lucky PS3 owners can get this baby in their grubby little hands May 8th.  Playstation Plus members should already be face deep in the beta right now.  Further details on the beta can be found here



New Battlefield 3 trailer “99 Problems”

26 09 2011

The newest Battlefield 3 trailer featuring “99 Problems” by Jay-Z was premiered tonight during Monday Night Football.  The end of the trailer even adds just a little nudge to the MW3 rivalry with it’s slogan “Above and Beyond the Call”.  This trailer got me even more pumped for the open free beta, yes OPEN and FREE beta, for Battlefield 3 starting tomorrow.  As yet another beta for me to start in this “Season of Betas”, be sure to download it and start seeing what this game is capable of.  Check out even more info at     Enjoy


COD Elite Beta: Day 4

26 09 2011

I decided to take part in the Call of Duty Elite beta hoping to catch a glimpse of what Acitivision has planned for it’s upcoming title you may have heard of, Modern Warfare 3.  Although this Elite beta has nothing to do with MW3 right now, it is a working progress of how you will track your stats while playing MW3.  I plan to share with you all the details of the site as it shapes and grows into the final product you should see well before MW3’s release.  Unfortunately you will hear about my terrible stats, but I’m in this for the ride, not the glory.

Day 4

The site right now is  , you should be able to apply for the beta there also. The header for the site right now allows easy access to leave feedback strongly encouraging testers to tell everyone about how the beta is doing and has featured news with tips and tricks of the trade.  When you log in you have four pages to choose from: CAREER, CONNECT, COMPETE, and IMPROVE.  Today I plan on going in depth into the CAREER page.

Your CAREER card allows you to see las maps played and current loadouts.


You open the career page with a lumped summary of your past performances.  All of this data being collected is from Black Ops only, for now, and has your recent matches stats, custom classes, personal bests, leaderboards, weapon performance, and your theater all recorded down to the minute.  I have to admit I was pretty excited when I saw my gamertag and emblem pasted right on top of the Summery.  Scrolling down the page you can see your winning percentage, kill/death ratio, xp and credits earned in extreme detail.  Every number as I could see was current even to my last game played only a few hours ago.  Friends you’ve played with are displayed and of course gives you an option to post them on Facebook.  You have the option to manually track players and follow GroupsGroups so far consist of universities and professional sports teams, nothing I’m too interested in at the moment.  And now onto the Showcase tab of CAREER.  In Elite you can enlist in “Operations” and “Events” where you earn badges that will be displayed proudly in your Showcase.  In the upcoming days I’ll go into more detail about these “Operations” and “Events” when I cover the COMPETE page.  The CAREER page is finished with your Enlistment Schedule covering “Operations and Events” you have upcoming, in progress and completed.  So far I really like how the site is designed, it’s clean and easy to navigate.

You can look at your Black Ops Playercard stats, so for giggles I thought I would post my numbers up for each post and entitle it “Noobwatch 2011

Prestige 4 level 34

Winning Pct.

  • 68%

Kill/Death Ratio

  • 1.22

Season of the Betas

23 09 2011

Two Beta invitations received over the last two days, and two beta invitations accepted.  I’ll be taking part in the Call of Duty Elite beta and also, wait for it, the Gotham City Impostors beta!


The Call of Duty Elite beta invites went live and the site is now active and accepting feedback.  I’ve perused around the site and all of it looks pretty impressive.  After I spend some time on Black Ops and see some more detailed records being  kept I’ll let you know some of my first impressions.  Expect a more in depth post on elite in the next coming months before Modern Warfare 3’s release in November.




And the beta I’m super stoked to be a part of, Gotham City Impostors contacted me today stating, “We wanted to let you know ahead of time that you’re invited to take part in this round of testing.  We Will be announcing the official start of beta soon. As we get closer to the actual start of the TBP, we will be sending out another email with all of the information you will need to download the game and get started.”  I nearly peed my pants when I received this email and literally got up out of my seat and double fist pumped.  I really can’t contain my excitement for this upcoming title, you may remember my fun time at PAX regarding GCI, but if you somehow missed it, you can see my post here .  The post also shines some light on Gotham City Impostors and will hopefully get you as psyched for this beta as I am.  See you on the other side nerds!