Call of Duty Elite Subscribers Finally See Benefits

10 01 2012

Call of Duty Elite Members are finally getting to see some of the benefits from their $50 contribution to Activision pay off.  With the launch of the COD Elite iOS app today, and now with the announcement of Modern Warfare 3’s first DLC scheduled to hit Xbox 360 January 24th.  This is the first installment of proposed 20 DLC “pieces” over the next 3 months.  The hefty claim will include multiplayer maps, spec ops missions, game modes and “more”.  All of which Call of Duty Elite members on Xbox will get first dibs on.  Activision has set no date for Playstation 3 and PC releases.

Activision plans on releasing these DLC’s in or around March as “Modern Warfare 3 Content Collections” for us lowly non-Elite souls.  No prices for any of this content has been announced yet.  Let’s just assume it’ll be around the $15 range it always is. 

I’ll be curious to see what worthwhile content will be coming out next.



The Call of Duty: Elite iOS App Lands Tomorrow

9 01 2012

So months after Elite members were promised dozens of awesome things for their extra mullah, the Call of Duty: Elite iOS app finally launches tomorrow.  Android users such as myself will have to wait until the slated date of January 17th to see our version.  The reason for the wait?  Chacko Sonny of Beachhead Studios had this to say to Joystiq,

“Part of the reason they’re not up yet is because we learned a tremendous amount at launch about testing and scaling and making sure that things are at the level that the community really, really wants it to be at before releasing them into the wild.”

I’m not going to sugar coat this, I don’t care what Beachhead had to learn, but don’t promise something to consumers, charge them and not have it ready.  Period.

But for those that still care, the mobile app will allow you to customize and deploy weapon loadouts, view recent matches, track challenge progress, and view career statistics such as your kill/death ratios.


COD Elite Beta: Day 4

26 09 2011

I decided to take part in the Call of Duty Elite beta hoping to catch a glimpse of what Acitivision has planned for it’s upcoming title you may have heard of, Modern Warfare 3.  Although this Elite beta has nothing to do with MW3 right now, it is a working progress of how you will track your stats while playing MW3.  I plan to share with you all the details of the site as it shapes and grows into the final product you should see well before MW3’s release.  Unfortunately you will hear about my terrible stats, but I’m in this for the ride, not the glory.

Day 4

The site right now is  , you should be able to apply for the beta there also. The header for the site right now allows easy access to leave feedback strongly encouraging testers to tell everyone about how the beta is doing and has featured news with tips and tricks of the trade.  When you log in you have four pages to choose from: CAREER, CONNECT, COMPETE, and IMPROVE.  Today I plan on going in depth into the CAREER page.

Your CAREER card allows you to see las maps played and current loadouts.


You open the career page with a lumped summary of your past performances.  All of this data being collected is from Black Ops only, for now, and has your recent matches stats, custom classes, personal bests, leaderboards, weapon performance, and your theater all recorded down to the minute.  I have to admit I was pretty excited when I saw my gamertag and emblem pasted right on top of the Summery.  Scrolling down the page you can see your winning percentage, kill/death ratio, xp and credits earned in extreme detail.  Every number as I could see was current even to my last game played only a few hours ago.  Friends you’ve played with are displayed and of course gives you an option to post them on Facebook.  You have the option to manually track players and follow GroupsGroups so far consist of universities and professional sports teams, nothing I’m too interested in at the moment.  And now onto the Showcase tab of CAREER.  In Elite you can enlist in “Operations” and “Events” where you earn badges that will be displayed proudly in your Showcase.  In the upcoming days I’ll go into more detail about these “Operations” and “Events” when I cover the COMPETE page.  The CAREER page is finished with your Enlistment Schedule covering “Operations and Events” you have upcoming, in progress and completed.  So far I really like how the site is designed, it’s clean and easy to navigate.

You can look at your Black Ops Playercard stats, so for giggles I thought I would post my numbers up for each post and entitle it “Noobwatch 2011

Prestige 4 level 34

Winning Pct.

  • 68%

Kill/Death Ratio

  • 1.22

Season of the Betas

23 09 2011

Two Beta invitations received over the last two days, and two beta invitations accepted.  I’ll be taking part in the Call of Duty Elite beta and also, wait for it, the Gotham City Impostors beta!


The Call of Duty Elite beta invites went live and the site is now active and accepting feedback.  I’ve perused around the site and all of it looks pretty impressive.  After I spend some time on Black Ops and see some more detailed records being  kept I’ll let you know some of my first impressions.  Expect a more in depth post on elite in the next coming months before Modern Warfare 3’s release in November.




And the beta I’m super stoked to be a part of, Gotham City Impostors contacted me today stating, “We wanted to let you know ahead of time that you’re invited to take part in this round of testing.  We Will be announcing the official start of beta soon. As we get closer to the actual start of the TBP, we will be sending out another email with all of the information you will need to download the game and get started.”  I nearly peed my pants when I received this email and literally got up out of my seat and double fist pumped.  I really can’t contain my excitement for this upcoming title, you may remember my fun time at PAX regarding GCI, but if you somehow missed it, you can see my post here .  The post also shines some light on Gotham City Impostors and will hopefully get you as psyched for this beta as I am.  See you on the other side nerds!

COD Elite: My 2 Cents

3 09 2011

My twitter account was literally blowing up with new Modern Warfare 3 news, everything from new kill streaks called strike packages to interesting new multiplayer modes, but nothing captured my attention like the announcement of the COD Elite ‘Premium’ package.  On the advent of Call of Duty XP, the expo celebrating Call of Duty’s life, a new ‘Premium’ membership has been announced for the juggernaut franchise.  The package will set you back $50 a year, but comes with perks that other “Elite” members will not receive.  Premium members receive DLC on a monthly basis and without charge, rather then receiving them in packages every 3-4 months.  You will get clan progression stats, ability to compete in daily challenges for virtual and real life goods (et la Jeep shit), get 8 times more video storage space, and the ability to watch something called Elite TV.  Elite TV is planned to have “Friday Night Fights”, game footage directed by Tony and Ridley Scott, and “Noob Toob”, a show where gamers provide videos and comedians Jason Bateman and Will Arnett provide the comedy relief. 

Haters are gonna to hate, that’s the internet.  I will be signing up for the Elite program, but I personally am not a big enough COD fan to purchase this ‘Premium’ package.  As it stands now, paying $50 a year for all the DLC would save you $10 if you purchased all the Black Ops DLC to date, making this package a worth while deal all ready.  If MW3 is going to be your game of choice, and it’s “your” game, I say this deal fits you.  I do think it alienates the “casual” COD player, such as myself, and I feel it may help others who were on the fence about MW3 jump over to the ever growing Battlefield 3 community.  Only the future will tell if this move by Activision will pay off, and I fear some of the repercussions it may cause if it’s overwhelmingly successful.