Call of Duty Elite Beta: Updated Day 12

4 10 2011

The Call of Duty Elite site is back up and running, I didn’t notice any major changes, so we’ll continue onto what the COMPETE page is all about.


The COMPETE page is all about, you guessed it, competing.  What your competing for is glory and in some cases, for those that signed up for the “Premium” package, real life prizes.  You get the option to compete in two different categories: Events and Lone Wolf Operations.  The days of these operations are in bold in the calender above the events.  Events will give you the opportunity to enlist in sweepstakes and even take on some of the Call of Duty developers.  Real life prizes include COD t-shirts, pins, water bottles, …wall clings…, COD poker sets, etc.Examples of some of these events right now are: Capture your best running dive kill, Get your video featured on Roll Call, and Capture an Epic Explosion.  Most of these events run over a 5 day period, and as you can tell they really want you to utilize the in game video feature provided.

The Lone Wolf Operations are a little different than the other Events.  They last only one day, are challenge based, and winning is based on stats.  Examples of some Lone Wolf Operations: Highest total kills in Hardcore Free for All, Highest total flag returns in Core Capture the Flag, and Highest total kills in Core Team Deathmatch.  All of these events give you badges and have actual real life prizes for winners in the top 10%, 25% and 50%.  You enlist for all of the events before they start, a timer shows the time left in the event, and you can check out leaderboards at any time to see where you stand.  To help explain the COMPETE system a little more, check out the video kindly provided by Infinity Ward.

These events are great for any person who wants to play Call of Duty, they just alienate people like myself who know for a fact they don’t play COD enough to put up such numbers to even put them in the top 50%.  Activision has really hit something special here though, no other game that I know of has embraced their community like Call of Duty.  If this is what the “Premium” package gets you, I can see this option flourishing.

Noobwatch 2011

Prestige 4 level 36

Kill/Death Ratio:


Winning Percentage:


The next post will be detailing the IMPROVE page of Elite. 



Call of Duty Elite Beta Day: 12

4 10 2011

The Call of Duty Elite site seems to be down at the moment.  I hadn’t received anything saying the beta was over, so I can only assume that the site is down for minor maintenance.  My next post was going to cover the COMPETE page, hoping to shine some light on the new “Events” COD will have you playing in.  I’ll have more information about this situation when the site comes back up.  Keep posted.

COD Elite Beta: Day 6

28 09 2011

Onto the 6th day of beta testing the new Call of Duty Elite site, a few days ago I covered the CAREER page, this post will be detailing everything you need to know about the CONNECT page.  Activision is claiming that Elite is a “must have” service that will improve how COD players connect and interact with each other.  The CONNECT page isn’t exactly that, it really has nothing to do with connecting you with anyone.  You can choose up to 20 groups, most are featured college and professional sports teams, or create your own “Group” using up to 16 characters.  Pick the “Groups” that fit or interest you the most.  Following these “Groups” will make it easier to see how you fare on certain leaderboards.  This video should help explain this concept better for all you visual learners out there.

I placed myself into two Groups to see how I fared, the Las Vegas Group, and Washington_Elite (University of Washington).  I was disappointed to see that they were only keeping track of Most Kills, Highest Score, Most Wins, and Wealthiest.  These stats have nothing to do with skill, only show how much you actually play COD: Black Ops.  I hope they change or add a best kill/death ratio or win % showing a persons relative skill level.  A tab for Clans is also there, but a “Coming Soon” sign hovers around it.  We’ll have to see how that works in the future.

Noobwatch 2011

Prestige 4 level 35

Kill/Death Ratio

  • 1.22

Winning Percentage

  • 68%

COD Elite: My 2 Cents

3 09 2011

My twitter account was literally blowing up with new Modern Warfare 3 news, everything from new kill streaks called strike packages to interesting new multiplayer modes, but nothing captured my attention like the announcement of the COD Elite ‘Premium’ package.  On the advent of Call of Duty XP, the expo celebrating Call of Duty’s life, a new ‘Premium’ membership has been announced for the juggernaut franchise.  The package will set you back $50 a year, but comes with perks that other “Elite” members will not receive.  Premium members receive DLC on a monthly basis and without charge, rather then receiving them in packages every 3-4 months.  You will get clan progression stats, ability to compete in daily challenges for virtual and real life goods (et la Jeep shit), get 8 times more video storage space, and the ability to watch something called Elite TV.  Elite TV is planned to have “Friday Night Fights”, game footage directed by Tony and Ridley Scott, and “Noob Toob”, a show where gamers provide videos and comedians Jason Bateman and Will Arnett provide the comedy relief. 

Haters are gonna to hate, that’s the internet.  I will be signing up for the Elite program, but I personally am not a big enough COD fan to purchase this ‘Premium’ package.  As it stands now, paying $50 a year for all the DLC would save you $10 if you purchased all the Black Ops DLC to date, making this package a worth while deal all ready.  If MW3 is going to be your game of choice, and it’s “your” game, I say this deal fits you.  I do think it alienates the “casual” COD player, such as myself, and I feel it may help others who were on the fence about MW3 jump over to the ever growing Battlefield 3 community.  Only the future will tell if this move by Activision will pay off, and I fear some of the repercussions it may cause if it’s overwhelmingly successful.