The Walking Dead “Nebraska” Viewing Party a Success.

15 02 2012

As you can see things didn’t bode well for me at last weeks The Walking Dead mid-season premier viewing at Daddy Macs with Fat Beard Studios and Cosmic Comics.  Many of the LEET Ladies saw me as a tasty treat, and that’s not a compliment.  I was neither a survivor nor a zombie, I was just a victim.  A piece of flesh to be feasted upon.  But at least I got to see the episode with my friends and a brewski in my hand before I met my infinite demise.  Check out more awesome pics at Cosmic Comics Facebook page and don’t stare too long at the LEET Ladies, it’s said if you find dead bodies sexy you have something psychologically wrong with you.  Pervert.



The Walking Dead Viewing Party with Cosmic Comics

11 02 2012

Don’t forget, The Walking Dead‘s mid season premier is tomorrow.  Enjoy it with some brewskis and fellow Cosmic Comics nerds at Daddy Macs in Henderson.  We’ll be making an appearance and expect to see our friends from Fat Beard Studios, LEET Ladies and of course Cosmic Comics there.  More information can be found at Cosmic Comics Facebook page.  You can’t beat the combination of zombie slaying and beer drinking, so this is a Nerd Event you wont want to miss out on.


Action Comics #6. Poisoned by Kryptonite! Review

1 02 2012

Action Comics #6

Poisoned by Kryptonite! is exactly as it says.  Superman does in fact get poisoned by kryptonite.  But how?  That’s where this little story gets you sucked in.  Not only does it have the “man of steel’s ” one weakness reek havoc inside of him, it also dives into memories of his first meeting with a different “Legion of Super-Heroes” and his first flight with them, apparently he needed a ring back then…

Writen by Grant Morrison and drawn by Andy Kubert the book definitely has a classic feel.  The “Legion of Super-Heroes” all have tacky names (Cosmic Man, Saturn Woman and Lightning Man all make their appearances) that I would expect from super-heroes of yore.  The story is “out there” with time travel and telepathy, but never strays too far from the storyline or become difficult to follow.  I’ve been out of the comic book super-hero scene for a long time, but Action Comics #6 was a nice transition back into it.  Knowledge from the previous 5 volumes isn’t necessary, but if you’re curious about what lead to Superman meeting the “Legion of Super-Heroes” feel free to head over to Cosmic Comics in the Las Vegas area to pick those copies up.

Action Comics #6 is a look into Superman’s past, his fight with an evolutionary monster, his mental and physical battle with death, and even comes with a small mini comic at the end titled “Last Day”.  Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.


Pick up more new releases at Cosmic Comics Las Vegas and get even more great reviews coming soon from our friends at Nerd Junkies and the Leet Ladies.