Finally a Party Game for Kinect! Double Fine Happy Action Theater Reviewed

1 02 2012

Double Fine Happy Action Theater Review

I’ll be the first to say that I’m a fanboy of both Double Fine and the legend himself Tim Schafer.  In my eyes they can do no wrong.  I know as a reviewer this can sometimes make being unbiased towards a title difficult, but lucky for us Double Fine did a great job with Happy Action Theater.

Released today for only 800 Microsoft Points ($10 in real moneys) this 322 MB party jewel can be yours.  Double Fine Happy Action Theater is filled with 18 mini-games, all of which are playable right out of the gate.  My wife and I sampled all of them, even after spending as little as 2 or 3 minutes on some we still managed to become winded and spent nearly an hour playing the whole library.  I felt that not all were winners, so I employed my 5 year old daughter to try out all of them as well.  She of course loved them all.  Who would have known popping balloons, dancing in a kaleidoscope, and planting flowers could be so fun.  We personally enjoyed the music, monster crushing buildings and freeze frame camera.

My one legged family.

There are very few faults with the game, most of the problems come from the Kinect itself.  My daughter would have difficulty exiting games.  Such a small flaw in the combination of the game and Kinect is barely even worth noting.  The recognition of 3 people was superb and I would really like to try up to the 6 maximum it allows.

Pick up Double Fine Happy Action Theater  today and have some family oriented fun or drunk adult parties.  Either way you win with Kinect’s first ultimate party title.

Double Fine Happy Action Theater scores an A.



Happy Action Theater Release Date Announced

19 01 2012

The legendary Tim Schafer of Double Fine stopped by to show off the wonderful experiences of Double Fine Happy Action Theater.  With 18 creative and engaging activities, DFHAT actually is one of the most impressive Kinect titles I’ve seen to date.  I beg to wonder if  Tim Schafer had kids in mind or drunk adult party goers when DGHAT was in development stages.  Either way Double Fine Happy Action Theater is available February 1st on XBLA for 800 Microsoft points.  Watch the video on if you don’t believe me.


New Iron Brigade: Rise of the Martian Bear Trailer

16 01 2012

IGN has the first look at Double Fine’s first DLC for Iron Brigade, Rise of the Martian Bear.  Looks like you and your Trench will be transported to Mars to take on Vlad and his menacing Tubes.  80 new pieces of loot in 4 defense missions, 2 survival missions, and an all new Boss battle await you on Mars.  This XBLA exclusive has yet to get a release date.


Trenched Review

26 06 2011

Trenched is another great arcade game brought to you from your friendly neighborhood publisher Double Fine. 

Trenched is an age old story we’ve all but heard before, Frank and Vladamir, two WWI buddies were listening to army radio communications, when a strange broadcast goes over the airwaves frying everyone’s brains but theirs, and giving both of them super intelligence.  Frank uses his brain for good, Vladamir for evil.  Frank creates mechs for the Marines called “trenches” to battle Vladamir’s television-esk monovisions called “tubes”.  Ok, so you haven’t heard this song and dance before?  Neither have I, and I love it.

As for the gameplay, I like to describe Trenched as a tower defense/RPG.  If you’re looking for games to compare it to, I can only think of MNC (Monday Night Combat) and Borderlands.  The customization in this game is so in depth, from what legs you want on what size chassis, to what specific weapons you want to accomplish certain tasks.  Yet Double Fine somehow makes these choices so easy to perform.  Each chassis class: assault, standard, or engineering, has up to 6 weapon slots, and has specific “emplacements” to choose from for each class.  There’s a large range of weapons and “emplacements” to choose from also.  These choices become extremely important in co-op.

Let’s talk about co-op.  This is where Trenched really shines.  Seeing what map your playing and planning your “trench” customization according to your other teammates “trench” feels very rewarding.  They could go a large class that does a great deal of damage, while you’re a small class that builds “emplacements” and picks up extra “scraps”.  Who would have thought teamwork could be so rewarding and fun? 

The leveling system is simple, but I’m not sure if there’s a level cap.  Killing tubes with different weapons gives you rewards to customize your Marine, and loot boxes drops randomly from enemies giving you weapons with added attributes.   

Trenched is a VERY solid arcade game, it can be found on the XBLA and is well worth the 1200 Microsoft points.  Sorry PSN users, this looks to be an Xbox exclusive. /sadface

Trenched scores an A.

I am always looking forward to seeing what the minds of Double Fine and Tim Schafer can come up with.  For extra love, check out the turn based RPG candyfest Costume Quest, and the refreshingly creative Stacking.  I’ll gladly review those beauties upon request.