Metro: Last Light shows it’s action packed!

14 08 2011

Metro: Last Light’s third E3 gameplay trailer.  This game just keeps looking more and more incredible.  I’m really digging the way the weapons fire, it looks like a giant improvement from the first Metro.  See all the video’s on my blog or check out .  2012 cannot come soon enough…


Stunning Metro: Last Light Gameplay

28 07 2011

Metro: Last Light gameplay demo part 2 = stunning.  Are you kidding me?  Goosebumps, and then some.  I really need to stop watching these videos because the wait for Metro: Last Light will drive me mad.

Welcome Uncharted 3

15 06 2011

Uncharted 3’s INSANE E3 TRAILER!!!  Thanks IGN for providing the video.

Metro: Last Light E3 teaser trailor. 

15 06 2011


Metro: Last Light E3 teaser trailor.  Can you say “Now please?”