Happy Belated Birthday President Lincoln! Now Let’s Slay Some Vampires!

15 02 2012

Holy shit!  Happy belated birthday former President Abraham Lincoln!

With the newest Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter trailer up, you’ve become one of the most badass presidents to walk the face of God’s green earth.  I can’t wait to see this true documentary of your life.  Love also to FDR American BadAss.



It’s Time To Honor Franklin D. Roosevelt. FDR: American Badass!

22 01 2012

For too long the history books have been squed to hide the truth about the Nazis.  Well not anymore, those filthy werewolf loving polio infecting Nazis get what’s coming to them in “FDR: American Badass”.  With the Delano 2000 beneath him, FDR plans to shoot all of their fuzzy little faces off.  I can’t wait to see this movie…no really, this is a real movie.