Button Mashing at the Soulcalibur V Tournament.

11 02 2012

Someones not paying attention...

Nerd Farm is all about getting out and mingling with the nerd community.  Last week Insert Coin(s) in Las Vegas held a Soulcalibur V tournament that I decided to try my hand at.  I haven’t played Soulcalibur since the first installment on the Dreamcast and I’ll let you in on a secret, I wasn’t good then and I’m probably even worse now.  I was quickly reminded that Soulcalibur V isn’t really a button mashing fighter as my losses stacked up like Tetris set at the hardest difficulty.  I actually called fellow Nerd Farm author Nic for button mapping and tactics since I didn’t know any of them.  Vertical & horizontal attacks, blocking, and grabs don’t do anything if you can’t actually reach the person you’re trying to attack.  Even Xiba with his staff and Ezio with his hidden guns I couldn’t win more than 2 rounds.  Tournaments at Insert Coin(s) are beginning to get competitive, even more so when it comes to fighters.  Either way I’ll try my hand at any tournament just for the story.  Always an enjoyable experience even if I did lose both matches with a combined record of 2-14.

The next tournament will be for UFC Undisputed 3 on February 14th.  I don’t think I’m brave enough to even attempt that one, maybe I’ll hit the next on for Twisted Metal.



Soul Calibur V Review

31 01 2012

SoulCalibur V is probably the most polished in the series as far as graphics are concerned, which should be a given, being that it’s the newest addition to the franchise and also on a next gen console. But where it really seems to shine for me is not so much the actual fighting but in the character creation.

You are given tables upon tables of loots and options to change various characters or create your own. Then you may edit a custom thumbnail view of that character with backgrounds, foregrounds and other just silly options.  A sharks open maw surrounding your character as he sits down to a tea party, for example.  SCV also features a unique almost Modern Warfare-esque Title system that allows you to add custom titles to your online profile, like mine which boldly states in all it’s troll glory: Serious Business.

However, where SCV falls short is both the character actual design and sheer number of characters.  So far I’m pretty sure I have only encountered two actual new characters: Viola and Z.W.E.I.  Viola has a unique combo attack system where she leaves a floating ball of energy that can be summoned back to her claw hand or thrown at the opposing fighter.  Z.W.E.I. has a single sword which is almost tonfa like in its usage as well as a ghostly wolf that can be used in tandem with his melee skills. The other so called new characters are really just re-skinned versions of old classics, Xiba for Kilik, Aeon for Lizard Man, having replaced his shield for dual axes but given him no greater ability to wield the two.

Another downfall to the series that has been added in this iteration is the hokey super move system which functions much like the no brain moves of Marvel vs Capcom and the Street Fighter series. A few button presses can be entered, and grant the player or computer a nearly undodgeable attack which will be spammed by skilless nOObs and AI players alike granting victory to the undeserving.

But other than a couple flaws here and there, it seems to hold up pretty nicely.  You can even name XBL players as your nemesis, and watch their stats increase or decrease as they and you play.  And returning to the titles I mentioned earlier, you can capture opposing players titles by defeating them in matches across XBL.

I’m sure that none of what I deem negative will detract too much from the entirety of the game’s fun factor and I will probably continue to be a hardcore fan in spite of what I hate most about new games.  So if you are a franchise fan like myself, or looking for that entry level fighter that doesn’t require the sychophantism or fan-boyism of Street Fighter, King of Fighters, or MvC, but rather can be picked up and played by both casuals and the hardcore, give SoulCalibur V a try.

Also, it’s got that pole swinging, hay diving, high flying yahoo from Assassin’s Creed.

That is all.


January 31st is coming, are YOU prepared?!

6 01 2012

This month, a game I’ve been waiting for about 2 years to come out, is finally going to debut on both PS2 and 360. As far as features go, Soul Calibur V is boasting the most robust character creation system yet in the franchise. And as you can expect, you will be getting a whole host of characters new and old, but more intriguing is the addition of Ezio Auditore of the Assassin’s Creed series. And because I love you all, I included the Ezio trailer to give you an idea of what we will be dealing with and on the 31st I will have a fresh, clean, new copy of SCV to review for all of you 😀



I didn’t want to steal any of Nic’s thunder, but I thought I better just post about the only reason this game has ever caught my eye, over zealous physics.  Physics surrounding big bountiful bosoms.  Sex sells, plain and simple, and why not exploit that?  But is it really necessary?  Nic is planning on picking up Soul Calibur V because it’s one of the rare fighting games that matches his play style and everyone knows about the boobs, we didn’t need to be reminded..  Anyway you look at it, they’re boobs, and they look pretty damn moist.  Just sayin…