I Lose My Head In NeverDead

3 02 2012

NeverDead Review

I’m a sucker for creative and innovative games.  Catherine with it’s puzzles and “truth/lie” meter, Brink‘s “easy” parkour button, LittleBigPlanet‘s creat-a-world, the Portal gun, Heavy Rain and it’s interactive storytelling, and now NeverDead with immortal limb dismemberment and head throwing antics.  Some ride into the sunset as successful ingenious masterpieces while others fizzle and become well intentioned duds.  NeverDead is the latter.  The chance to be an immortal demon hunter who can lose a leg and still hobble around murdering monsters and blowing up destructible environments sounded like a recipe for success.  The ingredients were all there, just the mix, temp and time of prep were off.  Something in NeverDead doesn’t jive.

Visually there is nothing wrong with NeverDead.  Like looking outside and seeing a beautiful first snow covering the ground and trees from the warmth of your home, when really outside is friggin snot freezing to your face cold and there are deadly wrecks with people trapped in rollovers just down the street.  NeverDead in action looks fantastic, monsters designed by Todd McFarlane and cutscenes that are just amazing.  Some top of the line titles don’t even have great looking cutscenes like these.  And the dismemberment technology isn’t really anything new, but it’s a new thing as the protagonist.  What a great theory, and that’s where it faults, theory.  Unfortunately the dismemberment, even on the easiest difficult is vastly exploited.  From the very first enemy you get attacked by, your limbs begin to look less and less important. Every monster dismembers you, and you spend a majority of your time picking up limbs or rolling around with only your head.  It’s very frustrating and difficult to manage the average 10 hours of gameplay doing this.  Like your bigger brother hitting you with your own fist and asking, “Why you hitting yourself” you quickly ask yourself…”why am I hitting myself?”

NeverDead‘s story isn’t bad by any means, it’s just lack luster and forgettable.  I just finished the game and I can only remember Bryce’s name out of my two annoying allies and the one main boss with a pre-victorian southern accent.  It’s the same story heard a thousand times, avenge your fallen love, trapped in your inner sorrow, you know, that song and dance. The only thing that made these scenes even worth watching was the insane graphics.  Each level you’re thrown into becomes monotonous, the same enemies you fight over and over using the same four weapons your allowed becomes tedious and unimaginative.

Everything about NeverDead isn’t all hum glum (is that even a saying?  Whatever).  The point is there are shining qualities to NeverDead, that if used later and proved upon could make a top notch title.  The experience and leveling system is a nice touch.  Given 10 slots to put “abilities” into makes you somewhat more of a bad ass.  With extra bullet damage, better accuracy, fire bullets and the ability to slow down time to dodge attacks all come in very useful when trying to be successful in combat.  The small cache of weapons given to you is both a blessing and a curse.  Ammo is abundant and switching weapons is easy, but the puny damage producing weapons and a close range sword (even though it looks way cool) leaves you vulnerable to decapitation often.  The strategy of using the destructible environments is essential, thankfully the monsters you fight regularly knock over pillars and beams, ending their clumsy lives.

Unfortunately NeverDead was more of a burden on my life then an enjoyable experience.  You win some, you lose some in the video game industry.  I liked what Rebellion was trying to do, hell I respect it.  It shows that developers are defying the norm, exiting the comfort realm of Call of Duty or Madden.  I don’t think time could have healed NeverDead‘s wounds, but at least no one can say it didn’t try.

NeverDead scores a C+.



The Simpsons Arcade Drops Today!!!

3 02 2012

Dropped today without much warning, the much anticipated Simpsons Arcade Game has finally hit XBLA and PSN.  The Simpsons Arcade Game from Konami brings you 4 person co-op, a “never released” Japanese version, the classic “quarters mode”, survival mode, and a free play option with unlimited continues.

I can remember dropping many a quarters into the giant 4 person arcade machine, it felt just like yesterday…well it was more like a couple weeks ago at Insert Coin(s) Las Vegas.  I did in fact play it at a youngster at Chuck-e-Cheese too.  But man, I want to humble brag about my first place standing.

Pick The Simpsons Arcade Game for 800 Microsoft Points on XBLA and $9.99 on PSN.  Oh, and for all of us Playstation Plus members, we get it for free.  Too bad I have no friends on the Playstation Network.  /sadface


Silent Hill Collection Delayed. Again.

9 01 2012

Konami did it to us again.  They took my heart and threw it in the proverbial gutter for the third time.  The Silent Hill Collection containing 2 and 3 has been pushed back to an undisclosed date in March.  The collection will be available on both PS3 and Xbox 360, boast visual resolution improvements and new voice acting.  Don’t get too up in arms about the new voice acting, a choice will be given if you want the new or original cast.  I guess I’ll find some other way to creep myself out until March.


Never Fear, NeverDead Finally Has a Release Date

1 12 2011

For the hordes of you I know that have been waiting patiently for NeverDead to “go gold”, the highly underated and under anticipated third-person demon hunter action game has a confirmed release date.  Konami announced today that you’ll be able to beat down demons literally with your dismembered body parts as soon as January 31, 2012.  The protagonist Bryce Boltzmann will be throwing his body parts around on both the PS3 and Xbox 360.  And yes, you can also blow up everything around you, and even invite your friends to join in on the mayhem.

E3 video courtesy of IGN.


Never Dead TGS trailer

19 09 2011

Konami released another video for the upcoming hopefully delightfully gore filled action game Never Dead at TGS this week.  This new video highlights some of the cast introducing both demon and demon hunters alike.  Has any game ever given you the option to throw your own body parts at enemies?  Never Dead can’t come out soon enough.  Video comes to you courtesy of  Machinima.  Enjoy


Never Dead fires from the teeth.

3 09 2011

This is coming to you guys a little late, but it’s mostly for my buddy Greg who hasn’t heard or seen much of this game.  Unfortunately  and surprising there wasn’t much from Konami on Never Dead at PAX, so I couldn’t get any hands on time.  But watch the video and enjoy the dismemberments.  Video courtesy of IGN.