Metro: Last Light Delayed

4 02 2012

Sad days are upon us, the sequel to Metro 2033, one of my surprise hits of 2011, has been pushed back to 2013.  According to THQ’s release schedule, Metro: Last Light has been pushed back to Q1 of 2013.  It’s sad not just because of the delay, but because the world ends in December 2012 so I’ll now never get to see what happens to Artyom, those sneaky f**king Russians, or those neo-fascist Nazis.



Metro: Last Light shows it’s action packed!

14 08 2011

Metro: Last Light’s third E3 gameplay trailer.  This game just keeps looking more and more incredible.  I’m really digging the way the weapons fire, it looks like a giant improvement from the first Metro.  See all the video’s on my blog or check out .  2012 cannot come soon enough…

Stunning Metro: Last Light Gameplay

28 07 2011

Metro: Last Light gameplay demo part 2 = stunning.  Are you kidding me?  Goosebumps, and then some.  I really need to stop watching these videos because the wait for Metro: Last Light will drive me mad.

Metro: Last Light E3 teaser trailor. 

15 06 2011


Metro: Last Light E3 teaser trailor.  Can you say “Now please?”