“Parents” Was Almost Too Weird, Even For Me…

28 01 2012

Last night we had a last minute Movie Night so I decided to snag “Parents” off of the Netflix instant que.  The synopsis of a young kid living in the 1950’s who thinks his parents are cannibals sounded really strange and intriguing.  So naturally we were all for it…after 14 hours and a good nights sleep I still don’t know what to think about it.

Released in 1989, directed by Bob Balaban, who I think is known more for his acting than for his directing, went for an all out art film direction.  “Parents” is filmed very well and continues to make you feel uneasy and creeped out with what’s taking place throughout the film.  Randy Quaid, who plays the father, surpasses the art direction taken by the film as a key piece in this creepy puzzle.  I’m not going to spoil anything else for you because I would like you to take a moment and watch it.  It’s not a terrible movie, it’s not the best thing you’ll see in your life, it’s just a movie that you need to experience. 




It’s Time To Honor Franklin D. Roosevelt. FDR: American Badass!

22 01 2012

For too long the history books have been squed to hide the truth about the Nazis.  Well not anymore, those filthy werewolf loving polio infecting Nazis get what’s coming to them in “FDR: American Badass”.  With the Delano 2000 beneath him, FDR plans to shoot all of their fuzzy little faces off.  I can’t wait to see this movie…no really, this is a real movie.


Kevin Smith directs the Hell out of Red State

22 10 2011

Promise me this, if you see one movie this month, hell, if you see one movie this year, you MUST see Red State.  Kevin Smith writes and directs a spectacular film that I know is flying well below the radar.  I’m a huge fan of Kevin Smith and had heard Red State is nothing like anything he’s done previously.  He ventures out of the comfortable witty comedic dialogue and ventures deep into a religious fanatical horror flick.  He enlists a power house cast including John Goodman, Stephen Root, and Kevin Pollak.  Honestly, you mention Kevin Smith and John Goodman working together in one sentence, and I’ll intently watch whatever it is.

Red State is the refreshing film I’ve been looking for all year.  A horror movie that keeps you at the edge of your seat without feeling the need to “startle” you with loud crashes and bangs.  The suspense is intense and the gore is adequate.  We jumped on the opportunity to stream it upon it’s arrival to Netflix, and all of us getting up and screaming at the screen when our internet connection slowed, was a true testament to how the movie was effecting our stress tolerance.  Following all of Kevin Smith’s movies since Clerks, I’ve come to expect the in depth dialogue and character development he brings to the screen, Red State, follows up with this surreal intensity.  I was extremely impressed with this film, making it one of the most impressive films I’ve seen this year, and further cementing Kevin Smith as one of my favorite writer/directors of the past two decades.  If this is a sign of his future projects, I look forward to seeing what he plans to experiment with next.


Nothing like naked rage dancing through graves.

16 10 2011

Released August 16, 1985

Last night I attended Maximum Comics Midnight Movie at Rave theater here in glamorous Las Vegas, Nevada.  They were gracious enough to feature one of my favorite zombie flicks, The Return of the Living Dead.  This was my first time attending the Midnight Movies and came in with zero expectations.  I just knew I wanted to see The Return of the Living Dead on the big screen.  Maximum Comics encouraged costumes, but since I didn’t know if they meant regular costumes or zombie costumes, I opted to roll out with jeans and my Han Solo shot first shirt.  I arrived early, around 11:10, observed a few people mingling out front, wandered past the ticket counter, and gave my Free ticket to the usher standing guard.  He nonchalantly pointed me the direction of theater 4 and I meandered over to the concessions to support the theater that just gave me a free movie.  $14.50 later and a gigantic popcorn I couldn’t possibly finish, I headed into the theater.  I was greeted by Jay in a Popeye costume and immediately wished I would have donned my Zissou Cadet uniform.  But sadly it was too late, so I picked my normal middle/middle seat and started munching on my popcorn preparing for the 40 minute wait until the movie started.  I liked the sense of community Maximum Comics promoted, everyone was nice, enthusiastic, promoting upcoming magic shows, giving away free comics, informing all the nerd females about Very Awesome Girls LV, and just showing a genuine love for Las Vegas.  It was very similar to the values we here at Nerd Farm strive for, all nerds welcome, no nerds left behind type attitude.  I truly believed that motto until the whole row behind me filled up with this annoying “sychotics” (?) group that reminded me a lot of white trash ICP juggilos.  One in particular caught my eyes and ear holes attention,  an early twenties shorter skinny white male with a black t shirt that read “I ❤ White Chicks” was holding a booster seat and coming to sit right behind me.  I could only be so lucky.  And lucky for you I managed to note many of his self proclaimed funny quotes.

  • “I have my booster seat!” this general statement was repeated many times to each person who came to sit in their row, I stopped counting at six.
  • “I just wanted to see if I could get stuck.” was his rebuttal to questions regarding the booster.
  • “My butt didn’t get stuck, but my wallet did.”  I don’t even know what that means.

Hey, it's the Thing!

The next few nuggets need an explanation before I show you the quotes.  As you walked into the theater you were given a plastic hollow ball that contained a cute little tiny body.  You closed the head over the body and voila, super hero…or villain. Well these little trouble makers set the tone of balls (the ugliest part of the male genitalia) jokes for the rest of the night.  That in combination with the earlier V.A.G. (Very Awesome Girls LV) fueled a dangerous bad joke concoction that grew stale very early into the movie.  But I digress, let us continue with the balls joke this gentleman couldn’t get enough of.

  • “Did you drop your balls?”
  • “Did my blue balls drop?”
  • “You got Buzz?  I want Buzz for my Woody.”  Essential insert any ball joke here and you nailed the complete conversation before, after and during the movie.  I’m pretty sure I even heard balls in anus somewhere in the mix.  Classy bunch I know.

Prior to the movie they gave away prizes for their favorite costumes.  There were no categories, or judges, just costumes they enjoyed for some reason or another.  My favorite part about it was the titles they gave for each winner: Late coming Dracula (because he arrived a little late), Fat Green Lantern, and Contacts  Zombie.

The Return of the Living Dead is my favorite zombie film of the 80’s, even more than Day of the Dead.  Blasphemy you say?  I think not.  TRotLD is the complete package.  It has punk teenagers, boobies, bad ass music, talking zombies, government waste, nuclear bombs, numerous one liners, plenty of gore, and it was made in the 80’s.  Hell, that makes it almost one of the greatest movies of all time with all that good shit crammed into one movie.  With the movie rolling and taking in the atmosphere I lightly pretended I was back in 1985 watching the film at the local cineplex.  Imagining it was still midnight, but I was watching it for the third time that week because I enjoyed it so much and couldn’t wait the year and a half for it to come out on VHS.  Needless to say I really enjoyed my time at the movie.  Maximum Comics and Rave have combined forces to make something unique and special.  Where else can you go, converse with complete strangers and yell profanities at the movie screen without getting tossed out of the theater?  I’m hoping the next movie scheduled for Nov. 5th will be as legendary as this was.


The Return of the Living Dead Drinking Game

  • Anytime the word “Brains” is said. *drink*
  • Anytime a zombie talks. *drink*
  • Anytime you see boobies. *drink*
  • Anytime delicious brains are dined upon. *drink*
  • Anytime a zombie is battered by any weapon. *drink*

I couldn’t let you out of here without a drinking game for this zombie masterpiece.   As if you needed an excuse to enjoy this classic even more, now you have a game to go with it.

Check them out at maximumcomics.com

Thanks wimp, get yourself one!

10 10 2011


Nerd Farm is now on page 1 of Google when you search Nerd Farm!!!  It’s only been a few short weeks and you, our supportive readers, have put us on the map!  Thank you guys so much!  Keep reading, and we’ll keep posting all the shit we think is cool.  NNNNEEEERRRRRDDDDSSSS!!!

McFly’s Nikes are back from the future!

20 09 2011

Have you seen these?  I nearly crapped my pants when I saw that these beauties from the future were auctioned off a few days ago.  You may recognize these Nikes from Back to the Future II where they lace themselves and help you ride effortlessly on a hover board…that is, “if you have POWAA!”.  1500 Nike MAG 2011 were auctioned off on September 18 with all proceeds going to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.  The reception from the public was  extremely positive with the highest bid ending at $5,744.  Whether the bids came from rare shoe collectors or Back to the Future fanboys, the nerd community rallied together and raised a total of $5,695,190 towards Parkinson’s research.  THAT’S HUGE!!!  All for an iconic pair of shoes and for an iconic heroes fight for a cure.