Justice is on fire!!!

7 09 2011

New shit from Justice is popping up and spreading like wildfire over the last few days.  Enjoy ‘Audio, Video, Disco’ in video artistic form.


From Portland with Love

18 06 2011

Reptilians by Starfucker

Rummaging through Zia’s Records Exchange last month, I managed to find Starfucker’s second full length album Reptilians, that had managed to sneak past me earlier this year.  This Portland based band still brings all the poppy, 8-bit dance sounds you’ve come to expect.  Reptilians is easy to listen to, and with the addition of a little acoustic guitar, an “out of this world” sound is created.  There are no “fillers” in this album, and it’s easy to listen to from beginning to end.

I suggest if you’re unsure about how Starfucker sounds, download “Millions” off of Reptilians. “Millions” in my opinion is Starfucker’s strongest song on this album, and really reaches the bands high energy.

The Valley

10 06 2011

Valleyheart by She Wants Revenge

Released May 24th 2011, let’s get one thing straight, this is She Wants Revenge, but it isn’t the SWR you may remember.  They added a few instruments to their arsenal and a little change in the vocals.  Vocals are still headed up by frontman Justin Warfield, yet to me, he sounds a little different.  This album is full of everything you’d expect from SWR, high school prom, break ups, first loves…the list goes on.  I feel that’s what draws me to SWR so much are the lyrics and deep beats.  This album still brings those strong lyrics but trades the deep darker beats for a happier, poppier 80’s sound.  I hear a heavily influence from Depeche Mode (naturally) but now I even hear a hint of an 80’s U2.  

This album isn’t their most artistic album, nor is it my favorite, but I like what they brought in Valleyheart.  If you don’t pick up this album (I still suggest you do), please at least download “Little Stars”.  “Little Stars” sends goosebumps all over my body, it has easy powerful lyrics with great riffs and the deep dark beats you expect from past SWR albums.  Buy the album, check out the album art, which has great photo’s of a hollywood landscape at dusk as a bonus.  Beautiful.

Death Cab Does it Again

9 06 2011

Codes and Keys by Death Cab for Cutie

Death Cab for Cutie have managed to belt out stunning album after album for the little part of a decade.  Codes and Keys is yet another stellar album.  I don’t even want to call it an effort since the album as a whole flows extremely well, in my opinion it isn’t as strong as Narrow Stairs or Plans, but I think it’s a great example of Death Cab’s journey into “happier” melodies.  This album, as expected from every Death Cab, is still lyrically strong, and all the songs are well balanced.  None feeling forced in as filler, or out of place epics.

All in all Codes and Keys will be one of my top Death Cab albums, and I like the direction the band is heading.  Codes for me, is a bright look at what’s to come from Death Cab for Cutie.