Star Wars Kinect with Bundle Release Date Announced…and It’s Surprisingly Soon

7 02 2012

You ever wonder why the Star Wars Gods never just come beat us up for our money?  Because they always know exactly what we want.  What?  An R2-D2 Xbox 360 with a C-3PO gold controller?  Take my money now please!  Oh, it also comes with the Kinect and a 320 GB hard drive?  That’s exactly why I just threw a wad of cash at my computer monitor.  Well my monitor doesn’t take US currency so I’m safe…for the moment.  The whole kit and kaboodle will be available April 3rd for the moderate price of $349.99.  If you just want Kinect Star Wars, that will only put you back $49.99.  Kinect Star Wars will have five modes to choose from: Podracing, Rancor Rampage, Duels of Fate, Jedi Destiny: Dark Side Rising, and the ever curious Galactic Dance Off.  I have Disco Star Wars on vinyl already so I’ve been actually “living” Galactic Dance Off for quite some time.  I guess I can at least get achievements for it now.



Metro: Last Light Delayed

4 02 2012

Sad days are upon us, the sequel to Metro 2033, one of my surprise hits of 2011, has been pushed back to 2013.  According to THQ’s release schedule, Metro: Last Light has been pushed back to Q1 of 2013.  It’s sad not just because of the delay, but because the world ends in December 2012 so I’ll now never get to see what happens to Artyom, those sneaky f**king Russians, or those neo-fascist Nazis.


Juliet and Ash Sittin’ in a Tree, K-I-S…

2 02 2012

Juliet from Lollipop Chainsaw is getting a few extra costumes as pre-order bonuses.

  • Bestbuy is giving you a chance to see Juliet in a “Goth Gir”l and” Foxy Funk” costumes.
  • Gamestop is giving you access to my personal favorite, the Ash outfit from Evil Dead.
  • Gamestop PowerUp Rewards members will be awarded a Jimmy Urine, from Mindless Self Indulgence outfit.
  •  And Amazon will get you a hot little Pin-up and Rockabilly outfit.

Just like previous pre-order bonus outfits, most of these will probably be available weeks after release.  But for now, the choice could be really difficult for some.  It’s easy for me, you never bet against the Ash man himself.


Gotham City Impostors Release Date Out of the Box.

2 02 2012

Contrary to my previous beliefs, Gotham City Impostors will in fact be released this first week of February.  Per the Gotham City Impostors website you can download it for PSN on Feb. 7 and XBLA on Feb. 8th.  I’m unsure as to why the different dates, but those of you who are part of the beta should be pretty excited about this announcement.  With 1,000 levels and plenty of customization you may never have to leave your house again.


Online Pass for a Single Player Kingdoms of Amalur…What EA?

27 01 2012

This morning Destructoid brought to our attention that Electronic Art’s upcoming RPG Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is boxed with an online pass.  This online pass apparently hides 7 quests and the Mass Effect 3 crossover universe armor.

“You know what that says to me? That a publisher is not confident that its game is worth keeping.” Jim Sterling went on to say.  I agree with his statement, but there is definitely more to it.  EA has it out for used games, no doubt, but why take it out on the customer.  There are still gamers who don’t care about achievements and play single player titles offline.  So the person who buys this game new no has no possible way to see 7 quests they paid for?  Shame on you EA.


The Muppets Invade LittleBigPlanet 2!!!

25 01 2012

I love seeing DLC like this!  Today, Media Molecule and Muppets have joined forces to bring you a DLC of epic proportions.  For $5.99 on PSN they’re bringing you the “Muppets Premium Level Kit” DLC that includes five new levels, two minigames, two creation tools, and plenty of decorations, stickers and hopefully costumes.  The two new tools you see in the trailer are the Attract-O-Gel material that sticks Sackboy to any surface such as walls and ceilings, and the Attract-O-Tweak gadget that allows you to put said sticky stuff on materials. 

As if I need more of a reason to pick up those Statler and Waldorf costumes now!  I love to be a hater, especially an old one in a balcony.  Download it today!


XBLA House Party Games Get Release Dates

23 01 2012

Microsoft so kindly released the final details on their Xbox Live Arcade House Party starting February 15th.  One game will be released each week from the 15th to March 7th.  If you do happen to purchase all 4 of the content, Xbox will reward you with 800 Microsoft Points.  Think of it as, buy 3 get 1 free.

  • February 15th- Warp for 800 MP
  • February 22nd- Alan Wake’s American Nightmare for 1200 MP
  • February 29th- Nexuiz for 800 MP
  • March 7th- I Am Alive for 1200 MP

I had a chance to play both I Am Alive and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare at CES and they were both really impressive, even for arcade titles.  I will definitely be picking both of them up.  Unfortunately I’m not too familiar with Warp or Nexuiz, but with a buy 3 get 1 free, Microsoft may have me locked in to buy all 4.  We’ll have to see.