STEAM Christmas Sale!

19 12 2011

For those who don’t know or don’t have it, Steam is doing their annual Christmas Sale with up to 90% off games and free give aways over at I was perusing the sales when I came upon this little gem: Amnesia The Dark Descent. Now turn off the lights, turn up the volume and sit back and watch this….tell me you didn’t get the feeling this game would cause a powerful need to turn back on the lights.


Hour of Twilight begins!

14 12 2011


Well the hour has finally come. Everything you ever accomplished will be put to the test. The mountains of raid bosses you left bloodied and battered splayed out before you, your grimy hands clutching what loot you pulled from their cold dead bodies. Everything has come down to this: The end of Deathwing.

Or at least it would seem that way. I mean IF you actually got to raid heroic contents while they were viable you deserve the best of the best. But since reality, consumers vote with their wallets, Blizzard has added a new raid tier, set one increment lower than a regular 10 man raid. Welcome to the LFG Raid system. Because apparently, only a small percent of the player base was seeing raid content, they just had to make it easier. Now as a former hardcore raider, I completely disagree with this. I worked hard for all my loot, shifted through multiple toons because we were seeking the perfect raid comp.  And granted, I didn’t play all the heroic content, but I earned mine. From the normals to the heroics to the heroic.5 dungeons and so on, I bought my loot fair and square. The currency I used was known as Skill, Dedication and Knowledge. Apparently these are in short supply these days, I mean just hop into the LFG channel in ANY MMO and you will find scrubs as far as the server can reach! And yet, those scrubs, with all their mid fight quits, the fits about why a shaman needs an agility based dagger over the rogue, even though the shaman was healing or why the rogue needs a bow sidegrade over the hunters bow upgrade, will be given a helping hand from Blizzard.

Now apart from my bitterness about the scrubs, whom I do wish to see fail so badly they rage quit, end their sub and never return, I did do something for you guys. I got the patch note link right here: for those of you who may still play WoW , and want to see how Blizzard is effectively destroying the character you hold dear  :P.

As well as a little peak for those of you who may not know a whole lot about the lore or franchise (shame on you for not knowing about WoW this late in the game!)

By the way, I just want to say, the new priest tier is probably the best out of all of them. I mean come on! Its super creepy and would look totally bad ass with a shadow priest!

I thought they were the good guys...

Runner up for being significantly less awesome the Death Knight and Hunter.

A Sticky Note from a Galaxy Far Far Away…

10 12 2011

Drops Dec. 20th!!!!!!!!

Don’t forget, if you pre-order Star Wars: The Old Republic, or have already pre-ordered, you will get early access to the game! And to make things easier (hence why I am updating you) since you were smart and pre-ordered your copy, you are being allowed to download the game already so that when it goes live, you can immediately jump in and clog up all the servers! But worry not young padawan, having been a part of the beta launch test I can tell you with certainty that we should all have little to no trouble getting into a server!

Just remember to choose the right side *cough cough* EMPIRE *cough cough*

Sorry I have a cold…just saying!

Early access to a galaxy near you begins December 13th.


More Gotham City Impostors

2 12 2011

I take it by now you know I’m more than a little excited for WB’s new parody first person shooter Gotham City Impostors. The video doesn’t show any of the actual game play, but you do get a chance to see a little into the games premise.  And I use parody in the lightest sense, GCI is very much a “real” FPS, it just adds fun gadgets similar to Team Fortress 2 and weird and wacky character customization.  I had plenty of fun times playing it at PAX earlier this year and hopefully get my grubby hands on GCI’s console beta later this month.  So who you going to be?  A joker or a bat?  Decide January 10th on XBLA, PSN and PC.


The Dark Side of Obesity

26 11 2011

This weekend was exciting for a lot of people. All over the country, millions of families sat down for Thanksgiving dinner and enjoyed the fellowship only horrible sweaters and 40lbs of turkey can bring to their lives. However, I was patiently awaiting 10:25 am for my first chance to log into the SWTOR beta weekend.

Super Serious Business

When I could convince my self to finally wake up at the crack of noon, I was able to log in to the game after about 10 minutes of updates, and relatively no wait for a virtual que. What follows are the trials and tribulations of Srsbizniz, Sith Warrior and future conqueror of the galaxy. I chose the Sith Warrior, or Main Tank arch-type. This character focuses on HP and STR and is equipped with heavier armor than the other characters. My attacks are almost all melee with a few exceptions and my action currency is “rage”. Rage basically means: the more damage I do, the better attacks I can use in combat. Rage depletes very slowly when out of combat so you can “preload” your sith warrior for an incoming battle by fighting something weaker, thereby allowing you to waylay your new foe with a heavier attack from the start of the fight.

I really enjoyed the map overlay in this game. Your cursor moves in real time and the map turns transparent (ala RIFT) and green arrows indicate what area you need to enter for your quests, be it upstairs, downstairs or a whole other building. I found the map to be highly detailed and well constructed. It was easy to learn even for the general chat dwellers that abound in these types of games. Barrens chatters, you know who you are!


Give me muh loots!

I really like how loot is done in this game. As you can see there are two corpses with beams projecting from them. The color of the beam indicates what kind of loot is on them. Light blue being complete junk, green is superior quality, darker blue is rare quality, and then I assume you will later discover purple and orange beams, as this is consistent with most current mmos.


Bring you what and how many?

Every quest icon is this nice little triangle shaped hologram. Reminds me of the Predator’s laser sight but yellow. Upon completion, the icon will display a green symbol inside the yellow to tell you who you need to see to receive credit for your quests. Loot for the starting area seemed appropriate in that it was all green quality gear to get you started on your adventure.

Dis box mayk me smurt!

You will randomly find throughout the game Datacrons which offer a permanent upgrade (at least to my knowledge) to your personal stats, in the form of Strength, Stamina, Willpower etc. Each one can be used once, so happy hunting!

She bakes, the dark side really does have cookies!

Ok. So now that I have given you an overlay of the game, I wanna talk about character design. Overall the voice acting is great, even if EVERYONE speaks with an English accent in the ENTIRE GALAXY. Nothing sounds forced. But I did notice something weird….WHO LETS THEIR GRANDMOTHER GO OVER TO THE DARK SIDE?! I mean really….but maybe that’s her deal. She looks weak and unassuming, causing you to lower your defenses, then BAM! She’s force choking you with her knitting or something. I don’t know. Which brings me to the next target of “WTF”.

Should install a treadmill on Korriban.

I thought the Empire had some sort of strict recruiting process. Apparently being strong with the Force allows one to keep his belt buckled under the strain of his gut. This character is the so called Overseer of the little training area’s “dark side school” of the dark side. Granted he has a cool one eyed mask, fat people are not intimidating to me whatsoever. And he’s not the only one!


Vader circa Comicon 2011

I mean come on! Does the Empire just recruit out of the locally owned Krispycream?! “Hey fatty, here’s a Vader suit, get to work!” Even when you start the game the first character model that greets you in selection is a skinny attractive female and a morbidly obese male. Either that, or SWTOR is catering directly to their demographic!

Anywho, stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to launch and check out a couple demo videos I threw up on the Youtubes! One is the Sith Warrior combat and the other is the flight path taxi service they use.




19 11 2011

This weekend on Steam, get Magicka for 75% off on the total collection. Thats a $24.00 value for less than cost of two Starbucks coffee. $6.25 for the whole collection. And as an added bonus, if you weren’t convinced from my review on it, Steam will let you play it free all weekend long!

Life Will Find a Way

19 11 2011

The game is finally upon us! I have downloaded the first of four episodes for free thanks to the Jurassic Park Blu-ray combo pack. It grants a key code that gives access to the first episode titled “Intruder”. My first impression is that this game will prove to be very interesting. It’s less a game and more of an interactive puzzle solving movie, which takes place during the setting of the first Jurassic Park film. You the player, will take part in actions of nearly every character on screen at some point during the episode. By way of your arrows or WASD in concert with your mouse, will decide the fate of your characters and how smart they are in figuring out the puzzles presented. **SPOILER ALERTS**

This is a shot of how your character will interact with other characters. Your character’s photo is displayed in the center of the options, and you may discuss one of four topics in this conversation. You may choose “Let’s Go” from the start or exhaust all the options to flesh out your characters reasons for being here and kind of get a full view of that characters personality.

As you move through the story you will be allowed to progress by way of “Scene Selection” in that when you click on the directional pad in the lower left portion of the screen you will have up to four scenes visible. Visiting each of these will provide clues as to what will progress you further in the current area of progress.

Puzzles like this scene I find enjoyable. You can clearly see the 3 visible question marks, each denoting a different option. Upon clicking and dragging the question mark by the ID badges I’m currently trying to steal, I am almost seen by the guard. But an inspection of the phone gives me a phone number that I can have my cohort use to cause a distraction allowing me to return to this scene and steal the badges without being caught.

All in all, with this first hands on, I have to say its going to be quite interesting to get to the end of the first episode. If the puzzles keep to being fun, challenging and slightly intuitive, then this title will definitely be one of the greatest stocking stuffers you can get for either the dinosaur lover in your life, or anyone born before 1993 who enjoyed the first film. I am completely looking forward to the 3 episodes to follow and will cover them as soon as I get my hands on them!