Genki Bowl VII DLC Review Is Here!

30 01 2012

Saints Row: The Third‘s first mission based DLC has arrived and conveniently so has this review.

Genki Bowl VII is here to deliver more pain for Saints Row: The Third.  For 560 Microsoft points ($7.99 in real moneys) you can have 4 added “mini-games” and 3 new homies.  Every  “mini-game” has two missions and is as explosive and exploitive as you’d expect it to be.

  • Apocalypse Genki is essentially Super Ethical Reality Climax, it’s just enough to get you excited for the what’s in store next.
  • Super Ethical PR Opportunity is an escort mission where you take Professor Genki himself from the airport to a “meet and greet” of sorts at the local Let’s Pretend.  Professor Genki is hilarious, he was always punching random citizens when I would pick him up.  His car, which you receive for completing the missions, charges up 4 flame throwers on the vehicle that charges up by hitting people on the sidewalk.  The more damage you do, the more pleased Genki is with you.
  • Sexy Kitten Yarngasm is the Mayhem mission where you destroy as much sh*t in your way as possible.  The more things you destroy in a row, the bigger combo you get, and the more subsequent points you earn.  Maybe one of the more frustrating games because apparently yarn is a difficult material to roll around.  It’s no American Gladiators cage ball…thing.
  • Sad Panda Skyblazing is a completely new game.  Sky dive through burning rings, blow up ethical tiger hot air balloons, land on rooftops to chainsaw unsuspecting mascots, then blast yourself off the roof via a cannon.  You know, normal day to day stuff.

If you just can’t get enough Saints Row, these added missions are well worth your time and money.

Saints Row: The Third’s Genki Bowl VII scores a B+.



The Muppets Invade LittleBigPlanet 2!!!

25 01 2012

I love seeing DLC like this!  Today, Media Molecule and Muppets have joined forces to bring you a DLC of epic proportions.  For $5.99 on PSN they’re bringing you the “Muppets Premium Level Kit” DLC that includes five new levels, two minigames, two creation tools, and plenty of decorations, stickers and hopefully costumes.  The two new tools you see in the trailer are the Attract-O-Gel material that sticks Sackboy to any surface such as walls and ceilings, and the Attract-O-Tweak gadget that allows you to put said sticky stuff on materials. 

As if I need more of a reason to pick up those Statler and Waldorf costumes now!  I love to be a hater, especially an old one in a balcony.  Download it today!


Starhawk Gets A Release Date!

17 01 2012

Playstation 3’s much anticipated exclusive, Starhawk, has just got itself a release date today.  Lucky PS3 owners can get this baby in their grubby little hands May 8th.  Playstation Plus members should already be face deep in the beta right now.  Further details on the beta can be found here



Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Multiplayer Trailer

15 01 2012

Curious about what Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is all about?  See what it’s like doing Umbrella’s job in this pretty impressive trailer detailing each multiplayer mode.

  • Team Attack: Seems to be the general Deathmatch rules, whoever kills the most wins.
  • Biohazard: Escort samples of the G-Virus to the base.  I don’t know exactly what that entails but I would say it’s safe to assume that it’s a capture the flag type mode.
  • Survivors: Stay alive until a chopper arrives to rescue you.
  • Heroes: Escort your iconic character to win.  From the trailer it looks like you’ll have the ability to be Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield, Leon Kennedy and even Ada Wong. 

With random zombies everywhere, breakable grapples, brutal executions and plenty of game modes to choose from, RE: ORC is shaping up to be an action packed experience.  Expect to see it hit store shelves for PS3 and Xbox 360 March 20th of this year.



Hands on Building and Blowing Stuff Up on Starhawk at CES

14 01 2012

Another great title Sony had playable at CES was Starhawk, you know, that little Playstation exclusive that’s a follow up to the slightly successful Warhawk?  I’m being sarcastic of course, Warhawk has a huge fan following and I’m here to say that Starhawk is shaping up to a fantastic sequel.  Starhawk is a third person shooter at it’s roots but also has a RTS/Tower defense element to it.  Unlike Warhawk that was exclusively multiplayer, Starhawk will have a single player campaign although I was told that it’s main purpose is to prepare you for the multiplayer.  The map I played was quite large and looked really good graphically for every element that was about to take place in it.  Destructive environments, enemies spawning, defenses being built, and transitions from mech to flight are all taking place in each map.  It was pretty impressive to see all of this mayhem going on with no diminishing frame rate.

There’s plenty of weapons to choose from, assault rifle, shotgun and rocket launcher were all available for use.  The controls are very basic, following most FPS out there, and weapons were accurate and responsive.  Progression in the map allowed me to build barracks to replenish ammo, turrets to defend against waves of enemies, and walls to slow down the incoming enemies.  The menu wheel doesn’t give a description of what you’re building other than a small icon, but it’s easy to navigate and place buildable objects where you want them.  After completing a few objectives my new mission was to build a launch pad for my star ship.  After taking flight I noticed aviation was smooth, not too fast, and enjoyable.  With one push of a button on the controller I could transform my star ship into a mobile mech.  My concern about an overpowered mech was quickly squashed by the Playstation rep who assured me two well placed rocket blasts could take down a mech.  Because nothing upsets me more than an overpowered perk that I know would be exploited (I’m talking to you Juggernauts in MW3, nothing should be able to take more than two RPG’s to the chest, I mean c’mon, the pavelow goes down in two RPG blasts…but I digress).

After everything was said and done it was a really pleasurable experience.  I look forward to the open beta for Playstation Plus members on the 17th and codes in Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception starting January 31st.  Everyone else will have to wait for beta keys from IGN, Playstation, and Gamestop in February.  Don’t expect to see Starhawk during this first quarter of 2012, but it doesn’t hurt to dream.


I Did CES 2012 Today

11 01 2012

I debated whether to write about my quest to CES 2012 today because of my lying and deceit I had to do to get there.  Being a Las Vegas local it wasn’t difficult getting my hands on a badge and would rather not divulge the details on how I got my grubby hands on them.  But, I thought it would be a worthy cause for the blog so I grabbed my buddy Greg and today we would be Yvonne and Jeffery.  Since I have longer hair I chose to wear around the Yvonne badge.  Next, the Hilton was charging $30 for CES attendees to use their parking garage, good thing I was there to bet on football *wink wink*.  With our badges around our neck and free parking behind us we entered into the multiple humungous warehouse size rooms of CES.  Without making eye contact with anyone checking badges we joked and laughed at made up stories as to not raise any suspicion.  CES is a tech geeks wet dream, I mean there is literally everything tech.  TV’s, robots, cell phones, vacuums, vibrating chairs, games, and accessories to go with everything.  I was there for one reason and one reason only, games.  Microsoft was easy to find and found myself playing the new Alan Wake and I Am Alive unopposed by anyone.  No one in lines and no one waiting to play after me.  It was rather strange since all I know is PAX and the lines that come with it.  Greg and myself are men, and as such were very opposed to reading anything that even resembled a map, so stubbornly we walked around the wrong two floors of the wrong building for two hours looking at cell phone accessories instead of finding the Sony booth.  We finally started to read maps and quickly learned Sony was not where we thought it was and began our long trek back through countless booths and security check points to arrive in a small corridor we had past several times before.  There it was, one of the largest booths in CES, Sony.  TV’s, PSP’s, Playstation 3’s, and even PS Vita’s were abound.  Sony had really outdone themselves, with Starhawk, Journey and Twisted Metal all available to play, I had yet again an unopposed time limit to demo these upcoming titles.  Six hours quickly passed and with the booths closing up shop, Jeffery and Yvonne decided to call it a night and head home.  CES is gigantic, I don’t know how you could possibly see everything even with all the time allowed.  I’m glad I got to experience CES, but I’m glad I only spent one day there.  And I don’t know if I could handle the anxiety of walking around with those badges for much longer.


The Worlds of Mass Effect 3 and Kingdoms of Amalur Collide

11 01 2012

EA is doing something really creative this first quarter of 2012.  Starting out rather strong to be more precise.  EA is releasing demos for Mass Effect 3 and Kingdoms of Amalur that will unlock in game items across each games universe.  “What does that even mean?”  Glad you asked, EA is releasing the Kingdoms of Amalur demo on January 17.  When you complete the demo, that also means watching the trailer at the end, you will receive in game items for not only Kingdoms of Amalur, but also in game items for Mass Effect 3.

These in game promotions for Kingdoms include an ice resistance booster Twist of Fate Card, a health and mana boosting Twinned Souls Chakram weapon, and a protective helmet called The Infernal Helm.  And for your troubles, or enjoyment depending on how you like Kingdoms, your Mass Effect 3 awards include The Reckoner Knight Armor and the Chakram Launcher.

It doesn’t stop there, when the Mass Effect 3 demo does drop, EA has disclosed no information when that may be, completing that demo will also reward you with N7 Armor and Omniblade Daggers for Kingdoms of Amalur.  The Commander Shepard inspired N7 Armor looks bad ass with the accompanying  Omniblade Daggers.  Every piece of armor and weaponry look awesome and have useful perks that would be well worth a play through to get them.  The Mass Effect 3 Reckoner Knight Armor maximizes close-quarter damage and increases projectile velocity while the Chakram Launcher fires “lightweight explosive ammunition discs.

With rewards like these I will definitely be downloading each of these demos.  It really feels like free DLC or pre-order bonuses, they’re that good.  The Kingdoms of Amalur demo drops this January 17th and you can pick up the full game for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC on February 7th.   Happy hunting.