Top 5 on the Fly of 2011

26 12 2011

What does “Top 5 on the Fly of 2011” even mean you ask?  It’s Nerd Farm’s ode to our top 5 games of 2011.  There isn’t an award for game of the year nor is there an award for being the best game in a genre.  It’s just us, choosing 1 game each day until the beginning of the new year that we hope you will play, or buy, if you happened to miss them this year.

The first of our Top 5 in no particular order is: Portal 2

Have you ever wanted a sequel so badly just to be rewarded with a pile of shit?  Well the Portal Team didn’t do that.  They actually did quite the opposite and gave us a game that not only is superior graphically and intellectually, but also gave us a “game”.  Portal 2 has a plot, a story, and it’s a funny one at that.  It has memorable characters like the lovable yet idiotic Wheatley, always cynical GLaDOS, the man himself Cave Johnson, and added the dynamic duo Atlas and P-Body.  The hype put on the back of Portal 2 could of crushed lesser developers but Valve came out with portal guns ablazing and gave us a gaming masterpiece.  Beautifully composed music, tight controls, mind bending puzzles, slap stick humor, and a well crafted co-op multiplayer makes Portal 2 a game you must own.  Look forward to seeing our next “Top 5 on the Fly” tomorrow.



The 2011 VGA Character of the Year Speeches that Could Have Been

18 12 2011

In this world of fictional characters, when award shows arise every character that is nominated has to have their acceptance speech prepared in advance.  GameTrailers thankfully released the losers “Speeches that could have been.” I agree with the Joker winning, but honestly the losers acceptance speeches were not only better but way funnier.  Enjoy the losers:

Nathan Drake and the question everyone was asking while he *SPOILER* trouncing through the desert.


Marcus Fenix and blunt objects.


Portal Bookends Show Up

8 12 2011

I don't physically own enough Valve titles.

Today a precious box arrived from an unknown carrier in camouflage.  Strange as it may sound, it is pretty cold here right now, so in his defense maybe that’s just his heavier jacket.  Or maybe UPS or FedEx have some special ops delivery drivers who keep gift arrival a secret.  Anyway a ninja delivery guy would have been much cooler.  Speaking of cool, look what came in that precious box, my Portal bookends from Thinkgeek!  You can pick this bad boy up and many other really cool Aperture products at .  They own face.


Drunk Robots and Portal 2

8 10 2011

The Ghost Adventures drinking game was a huge success.  Ghosts have never been so entertaining.  But when Ghost Adventures came to an end, it was way to early to just stop drinking, so we picked up the PS3 controllers and started playing the new Portal 2 DLC “Peer Review”.  At our state of inebriation a continued drinking game for Portal 2 sounded like a good idea. 

Portal 2 Drinking Game

 –Anytime you shoot a portal, *drink*.  It’s that simple.

“Peer Review” was a free gift that just kept on giving.  Atlas and P-Body hugged and hi-fived their way through the 8 new stages, getting drunker and drunker with every wall plastered portal.  I honestly can’t remember the last two stages, they float vaguely in my memory like a ship in fog.  You’ve been warned, this game is addictive and may cause loss of consciousness.  Oh, and “Peer Review” is good too. 

Portal 2 “Peer Review” DLC scores an A+.

Pick “Peer Review” up for FREE on Steam, XBLA, and PSN.