Let’s Talk Briefly About Resident Evil 6

22 01 2012

I didn’t want to jump right onto the “New Resident Evil 6 Trailer and Release Date” bandwagon right out of the gates.  So I waited patiently for two days in deep contemplation about my possible excitement for this title.  Because I’ve been a huge fan of the Resident Evil series since the teams first venture into the Umbrella Corporation’s mansion and secret lab (SPOILER!), that is, until Resident Evil 4.  Thought of as one of the strongest titles in the series, I disliked it the most until RE5 hit the scene.  The story of Resident Evil 4 was incredible, keeping the Resident Evil mystery and lore as the strength of the series.  I unfortunately didn’t like the direction the mechanics and zombies had taken.  Games evolved, Gears of War, Silent Hill, Metal Gear Solid 4  and others adopted the evolution of  shooting while moving.  Resident Evil 5 lacked this evolutionary formula, combine that with a clunky co-op AI, RE5 was also thrown to the wayside.  I agree, professional marksmen can’t sprint and shoot accurately, but I know they can walk and shoot accurately.  Standing still to shoot while people are sprinting at me like they have the “Rage” virus from 28 Days Later is just not an option.  I understand it does add to the “Survival Horror” aspect, but limiting me during combat to add difficulty is a lazy way to make a game and leads to frustration and poor reception.  These observations and opinions will be debated for years to come among the Resident Evil faithful, I don’t expect them to stop at me.  

All is not lost though, I am pleased to see during Capcom’s Resident Evil 6 trailer not only shooting while moving but the return of  both Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy. 

I do forget that some of us haven’t heard about the Resident Evil 6 news, so let me enlighten you on what we know so far.  Resident Evil 6 will make it’s way to Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC on November 20th, 2012.  Can I be a hater a little more?  Don’t expect RE6 to come out at this date, Capcom is notorious for delaying this series, I don’t believe that RE6 was kept a secret until now and will be ready in 11 months.  I just don’t see it happening.  Back on topic, RE6 will be taking place all over the world.  Expect to see Chris Redfield as part of the BSAA (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Allience) dealing with a possible outbreak in China, Leon Kennedy ,unable to protect the President, heads to a T-Virus infected Raccoon City or Tall Oaks, I’m unsure which one and the new addition of a  fast paced unamed mercenary. 

Note, every playable character will have a partner with them, you will never be alone, and sources from xbox.com hints to up to 6 person online co-op. 

Mutated humans, tech heavy monsters, fast paced action sequences, multiple locales, a deep plot and the return of the T-Virus, Resident Evil 6 is taking back to it’s roots and looks to be heading in the right direction.  The series has gone in many different directions and I expect even more details and changes to occur before this installment hits store shelves.  It’s been 7 years since I’ve been excited for a Resident Evil title, let’s hope RE6 doesn’t let me down.



Happy Action Theater Release Date Announced

19 01 2012

The legendary Tim Schafer of Double Fine stopped by Giantbomb.com to show off the wonderful experiences of Double Fine Happy Action Theater.  With 18 creative and engaging activities, DFHAT actually is one of the most impressive Kinect titles I’ve seen to date.  I beg to wonder if  Tim Schafer had kids in mind or drunk adult party goers when DGHAT was in development stages.  Either way Double Fine Happy Action Theater is available February 1st on XBLA for 800 Microsoft points.  Watch the video on Giantbomb.com if you don’t believe me.


I Wander the Desert With Someone I Don’t Know in Journey

13 01 2012

During my exploration of the massive Sony booth at this years CES I managed to stumble upon That Game Company’s third title, Journey.  With no more than 12 people, That Game Company has managed to make some of the most interesting and creative games of the past few years.  Flow was peaceful and bright, Flower was elegant and had a masterful soundtrack, and now with their third installment Journey looks to be as beautiful as it is mysterious and allows them to delve into the multiplayer scene.

The demo Sony had available sent you through the first 3 episodes of Journey, mostly to get the feel for the game.  You can choose to use sixaxis controls or the conventional analog, the choice is yours.  The soundtrack continues to be ultra calming and matches the mood of Journey.  Rolling sands and broken temples mark your path as you collect “glyphs” to enlarge your scarf and collide with larger pieces of cloth to make bridges and solve puzzles.  The difficulty came with explaining how Journey works, rather than actually playing it.  Imagine the scarf you wear as mana, when you use your magic to jump or solve puzzles, your mana depletes.  Cloth are strewn all over the desert to replenish your mana.  With the addition of a completely anonymous drop in/out multiplayer, Journey allows you to experience the desert and puzzles in a different way.  When running with another player your mana refills simultaneously allowing you to jump higher and run faster.

The whole Journey experience is something new and refreshing.  Concerns of mine were more focused on people watching me play who continually asked where the “action” was and who do I shoot.  That Game Company knows who their audience is, and although the idea of Journey is lost to the general public, I believe fans of That Game Company will be very pleased with this brand new IP.  Expect to see Journey as a PSN exclusive sometime this spring.


Hands on With I Am Alive and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare at CES

12 01 2012

At this years CES I got a chance to preview the much anticipated Ubisoft title I Am Alive and the follow up to Remedy’s underrated Alan Wake,  the XBLA exclusive Alan Wake’s American Nightmare.  Both are slated to release this spring under XBLA’s House Party promotion.  Since I Am Alive is I believe, much less known, I went hands on and spoke with one of the lead testers to bring you all of the gritty details on this post apocalyptic survival game.

The first thing I noticed about I Am Alive is the drab color scheme of black and grays.  Don’t let “drab” turn you away though, the game graphically looks phenomenal for an arcade title.  You play as a gentleman traversing the shoddy city of Haventon in search of your wife and daughter after an earthquake decimated the city.  In the playable demo your goal is to reach your apartment in search of clues.  Exploring this dangerous terrain takes skills in managing your stamina and knowing when to run and when to fight.  You can tell right from the beginning, I Am Alive is about survival.  Your “Stamina” decreases as you climb, run and fight.  So management of this stamina is crucial for your survival.  If you take too long climbing you will fall for example.  Items are scarce, which leaves me to believe the earthquake happened a while ago, people are either scared or aggressive, each fighting to survive.  While exploring I backed away from a man just trying to protect his area of the sewer, bluffed a man with my empty pistol, and fought for my life killing one man who attacked me with the one bullet I found and “surprise attacking” another man with my machete as he came to mug me.  Ubisoft is trying to make I Am Alive THE survival title, they want you to FEEL like your struggling, yet give you just the right amount of items to be successful.  The decisions you make and management of your stamina and inventory will decide how enjoyable your gaming experience will be.  Expect to see I Am Alive available for XBLA and PSN this spring.

After a really in depth 30 minute demo of I Am Alive, I snagged the controller for a look at Alan Wake’s American NightmareAlan Wake‘s story mode was not available to demo, but instead gave you a look at it’s new horde mode.  Although you only got to test out horde mode, I was let in on some insight to Alan Wake’s American Nightmare main narrative story line.  The game is going to take place as a “Night Springs” type episode, you know that Twilight Zone type show you would see throughout the first game.  And most of you probably are aware you will be dealing with Alan’s doppelganger.  The game is dark as ever and the controls were very similar to the first game and felt accurate and smooth.  Being a fan of Twin Peaks and Alan Wake I’m really looking forward to this titles release for XBLA on February 15th.


The Old Republic is Here, so We’re Here to Help!

19 12 2011

The last few days, I’ve gotten a little bit away from reality. See, I pre-ordered SWTOR back in August and for the last few days I have been enjoying the rewards of the pre-order bonus: Early Access. Now I’m rocking a level 24 Sith Juggernaut, I’ve learned the crafting system and done a little bit of pve, pvp and the space missions. Well now you get to reap all the benefits of my experience because in this article, YOU will get pre-game knowledge to help you power through the endless lines of scrubs trying to slow you down on your path to level 50!

Ok. Let’s start with the crafting system. At the top of your HUD you will find a tiny diamond. This represents all your crew (slaves). Your crew members or companions handle all the menial tasks that go along with conquering the galaxy. Upon reaching level 10, your character is sent to the main hub of your given faction. Since I chose Sith, I was sent to the Imperial Fleet or for you WoW players, Iron Forge of Star Wars. You may pick up to 3 trade skill abilities. Generally speaking, each person picks a crafting skill with 2 gathering skills. I will explain my skills since I have no idea what you are going to choose. My juggernaut is an Articifice which means I have the ability to craft light sabers and shields, and the various upgrades and augments needed to craft the saber itself. The gathering skills that coincide with this are Treasure Hunting and Archaeology. If you look at the screen above, what I have done is gone to my crew management screen, and selected Vette to do crafting. When you open the crew window, you’re gonna see all available crew members, and your trade skill options will be next to their pictures.

Simply click one of the trade skill boxes, and you will have either your recipe list (above) or you will be given various missions for each crew member to complete for your gathering skills. Completion of missions is based upon the companions gear, and varying skill in that profession. Vette has a +5 modifier to both Treasure Hunting and Underworld trading, so she usually doesn’t fail me. Now if you are crafting something, You can queue up to 5 items to be crafted (top left) which display a count down bar to completion as well as the option to give up on that item. Reasons for giving up could be either saving resources or a friend decides they don’t need that item or THE MOST IMPORTANT OPTION: You don’t have access to your companion while they are crafting, so if you get in a jam that could be solved by having a healer or dps present…well you are just SOL brother.

This next screen is just sort of a preview on how my artifact crafting works with items in the game. On the left you can see my current light saber, and all the augments inside of it: The hilt, Mod, Enhancement and Crystal. For the most part i can make nearly all of these, enabling myself to construct truly deadly weapons for the Empire!

The new and improved Star Wars galaxy cough cough bad joke!

This is the world map. Upon reaching level 16 or completion of your class quests on your second planet, you will be granted a space ship. You may access all partitions of the galaxy at this point however it is not quite recommendable at this point, as you won’t be strong enough to fight many of the players or beats you will encounter in other systems. How ever from your ship (see below) you will be able to also access the space battle missions which vary from escorts (not that kind you perv!), and search and destroy types. The space missions could be considered to be a watered down experience, but I enjoyed how easily you can jump into it and play with ease. You control your ship with just the mouse and M1 and M2 buttons. And it’s a quite enjoyable experience destroying Republic Fighters and Frigates.

Here I am cutting a swath of death and destruction across the galaxy in the name of the Empire and the Sith.

And finally I’ll leave you with two screens of the two low level planets Balmorra and Nar Shadda respectively. I just want to give you an idea of the scope of what you’re going to be dealing with here. This isn’t Azeroth friends. This is much, much bigger. So cancel any trips you might have had planned for Azeroth, or Telarra cuz this SITH just got REAL.


Nar Shadda

In case you weren’t sold on it yet!


GTA V Retirement Edition

2 11 2011

Well there you have it, if you haven’t already seen or heard, the first “official” video for Grand Theft Auto V is here.  Most of the previous rumors seem to be true, GTA V will be taking place in Los Angeles a.k.a Los Santos in San Andreas, with the protagonist being a retired gentleman trying to escape his previous “life”.  If more of the rumors are true, this is only one of the possible 4 protagonist you will be able to play in this upcoming installment.  I personally wouldn’t mind playing a “retired” AARP bad ass.  Eyeballs enjoy.


Welcome (Back) to Jurassic Park

1 11 2011

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m really excited to see how this turns out. Stay tuned for Nov. 15, this could be big….VERY BIG!

With the touted return to Site One, teases of new dinosaurs and awesome death animations, I have high hopes this won’t be another over-hyped Hollywood sack of garbage tied to a title most people know and love, which is garnering much new attention due mostly I assume to the release of JP 1,2 and 3 on Bluray.

Granted, this won’t put a dent in the MW3 / BF3 war going on right now, but everyone needs that one game they can sit back, tune in and tune out of everything else and just enjoy without a 12 year old screaming N-bombs in their ears.