First SWTOR Guild Summit Announced!

3 02 2012

Bioware has announced they will be hosting the first (possibly annual) Guild Summit March 4th – 6th in Austin, Tx. The event is invite only and 21+ which leads me to believe the Q&A session and round tables will actually lead to some decent ideas being developed by the community. But the realist in me knows this is what the community looks like:


So what will happen? If I had my way, hopefully a large scale melee between the factions, no peace talks! The attendees will be responsible for all costs during this little venture so that alone should deter most of the trolls, couple that with the 21+ it should be a fairly decent event. Although I don’t think this sort of thing will ever turn into a large scale event such as Blizzcon, it’s nice to think SOMETHING IN THE UNIVERSE might be able to slaughter the beast known as WoW, however impossible it may be.



The Nicest Sith in the Galaxy Lends a Hand, Again!

25 12 2011

Behold! It is I, Srsbizniz, here yet again to give unto you the bounty of knowledge I have obtained through playing my Sith Juggernaut from level 1 to 36. Basically I want to give you the tools needed to tank and a good idea for what you are doing, on your road to tankdom. Beware, as the game is still new, we the Juggernaut, are a little under-powered until the end levels. But this is just a basic overview so have no fear!

First let’s start with a spec. Now mind yourself, because I’m not 50, this spec is a little short, but the gist is gonna be 31/10/0 or at level 30-36 ish will be thusly:

Click for full image!

Now my reasoning behind having 3 in the damage tree is to boost the overall damage of “Smash” which is the Sithlords first AOE skill. When you combine the 3/3 from the damage tree, with a 3/3 in the tank tree, you wind up with around 45% extra damage to Smash. Which is a great snap AOE aggro getter. Later levels will allow for 10 in the damage tree which fleshes out to added Smash damage, increased stacks of Sunder Armor per use of the skill, 10% more overall strength and I believe a little extra overall damage. In my tank tree, I kept to a minimal damage increase only where needed and focused more on survival talents. Your main goal as a Juggernaut tank is going to be (I predict) being the best single target tank in the game. You want to focus on Stamina as your main stat followed by Strength then anything else. The numbers are not out yet as far as theory crafting goes for Defense and Shield ratings but as soon as I get those you will know!

Now let’s talk about rotation! First you wanna start with Charge, followed by Force Scream (which you spec into a free scream per charge) to grab initial aggro, then combo in your main Rage builders Sundering Assault for up to 5 stacks of Sunder Armor at -4% per application, then follow that with Assault. You should now have, give or take roughly, 4 Rage which should be used for Smash. Because of the Spec I chose, I have Retaliate only costing 1 Rage, and it also works as sort of a Holy Shield for the WoW vets to understand. After this you merely rinse and repeat, adding in taunts when needed to make up for over powered/unbalanced DPS. Then throw in a couple Sweeping Slashes and more Smashes for AOE sake and you should be set! Happy Hunting!

Onward to Victory!

Less armor = more aggro!

Hack and Slash!

180 degrees in front of me=SMACK YOUR FACE!

Dark Souls Hurt My Soul.

24 12 2011

Dark Souls Review

Let me begin this review with the honest statement that I did not care to finish Dark Souls.  I didn’t play Demon’s Souls, it’s predecessor, so I had no idea what I was getting myself into and had heard that Dark Souls was one of the hardest games of the year.  I’m good at most games, have a pretty decent amount of patience (I beat Catherine on Easy and Normal, so that has to mean something) and really wanted to see what Dark Souls was all about.  Well I found out it’s all about frustration.  I don’t understand how this game is rated so highly.  I’m going to try to make this an unbiased review and not just some troll session, so please bear with me.

Dark Souls starts slow, with one cut scene trying to describe the story to you, because after that, there’s nothing.  Just you wandering around reading bloody scripts on the ground as a half ass tutorial.  The menus are confusing, with descriptions of objects that just tell about their lore and not how they benefit you.  Oh, square means I drink this stuff for HP, thanks for not telling me that bloody scripts.  You begin with character customization where you choose your combatant, anything from a knight to a mage, the choice is yours.  I chose the knight, powerful with a good deal of HP.  The customization has a few faces to choose from and some body types, nothing too detailed.  After that you’re thrown into the unforgiving world of Dark Souls.  The first thing you notice is that the graphics are unimpressive.  Very circa 2000 Dreamcast style, I don’t normally let poor graphics bother me, I enjoyed the hell out of Deadly Premonition, so wandering around this jagged edged world wasn’t it’s downfall.  The relentless combat style was what killed Dark Souls for me.  Timing is everything and apparently I didn’t have it.  Every monster strikes differently, faster or slower, once or with combination strikes.  Needless to say I died, a lot.  I was determined to not let this bring me down and continued to trudge through the trenches.  But in the end, Dark Souls had defeated me, defeated my will to continue to play.

I had read many other reviews and people’s opinions on Dark Souls and have come to this conclusion.  People who claim that Dark Souls is their “Game of the Year” are A.) Liars, B.) Attempting a humble brag saying their really good at games, or C.) Being a gaming Hipster by liking what the gaming norm says isn’t worthy of being a GOTY.  “I was playing Dark Souls before anyone liked it.”  STFU hipster.  Dark Souls is challenging and unforgiving, the combat is responsive but lacks fluidity, menus are clunky and unhelpful, and character customization is lacking depth.  I had a hard time wanting to play Dark Souls, a game that frustrated me to no end, when I could be playing titles that were fun and made me happy such as Saints Row: The Third and Star Wars: The Old Republic.  A punch to the gut would be less painful.

I was going to finish Dark Souls…but I took an arrow to the knee.

Enjoy hours of unrewarding drab gameplay, Dark Souls scores a B-.


The Old Republic is Here, so We’re Here to Help!

19 12 2011

The last few days, I’ve gotten a little bit away from reality. See, I pre-ordered SWTOR back in August and for the last few days I have been enjoying the rewards of the pre-order bonus: Early Access. Now I’m rocking a level 24 Sith Juggernaut, I’ve learned the crafting system and done a little bit of pve, pvp and the space missions. Well now you get to reap all the benefits of my experience because in this article, YOU will get pre-game knowledge to help you power through the endless lines of scrubs trying to slow you down on your path to level 50!

Ok. Let’s start with the crafting system. At the top of your HUD you will find a tiny diamond. This represents all your crew (slaves). Your crew members or companions handle all the menial tasks that go along with conquering the galaxy. Upon reaching level 10, your character is sent to the main hub of your given faction. Since I chose Sith, I was sent to the Imperial Fleet or for you WoW players, Iron Forge of Star Wars. You may pick up to 3 trade skill abilities. Generally speaking, each person picks a crafting skill with 2 gathering skills. I will explain my skills since I have no idea what you are going to choose. My juggernaut is an Articifice which means I have the ability to craft light sabers and shields, and the various upgrades and augments needed to craft the saber itself. The gathering skills that coincide with this are Treasure Hunting and Archaeology. If you look at the screen above, what I have done is gone to my crew management screen, and selected Vette to do crafting. When you open the crew window, you’re gonna see all available crew members, and your trade skill options will be next to their pictures.

Simply click one of the trade skill boxes, and you will have either your recipe list (above) or you will be given various missions for each crew member to complete for your gathering skills. Completion of missions is based upon the companions gear, and varying skill in that profession. Vette has a +5 modifier to both Treasure Hunting and Underworld trading, so she usually doesn’t fail me. Now if you are crafting something, You can queue up to 5 items to be crafted (top left) which display a count down bar to completion as well as the option to give up on that item. Reasons for giving up could be either saving resources or a friend decides they don’t need that item or THE MOST IMPORTANT OPTION: You don’t have access to your companion while they are crafting, so if you get in a jam that could be solved by having a healer or dps present…well you are just SOL brother.

This next screen is just sort of a preview on how my artifact crafting works with items in the game. On the left you can see my current light saber, and all the augments inside of it: The hilt, Mod, Enhancement and Crystal. For the most part i can make nearly all of these, enabling myself to construct truly deadly weapons for the Empire!

The new and improved Star Wars galaxy cough cough bad joke!

This is the world map. Upon reaching level 16 or completion of your class quests on your second planet, you will be granted a space ship. You may access all partitions of the galaxy at this point however it is not quite recommendable at this point, as you won’t be strong enough to fight many of the players or beats you will encounter in other systems. How ever from your ship (see below) you will be able to also access the space battle missions which vary from escorts (not that kind you perv!), and search and destroy types. The space missions could be considered to be a watered down experience, but I enjoyed how easily you can jump into it and play with ease. You control your ship with just the mouse and M1 and M2 buttons. And it’s a quite enjoyable experience destroying Republic Fighters and Frigates.

Here I am cutting a swath of death and destruction across the galaxy in the name of the Empire and the Sith.

And finally I’ll leave you with two screens of the two low level planets Balmorra and Nar Shadda respectively. I just want to give you an idea of the scope of what you’re going to be dealing with here. This isn’t Azeroth friends. This is much, much bigger. So cancel any trips you might have had planned for Azeroth, or Telarra cuz this SITH just got REAL.


Nar Shadda

In case you weren’t sold on it yet!


It’s Beginning to Feel a lot Like Christmas….

14 12 2011

You know that giddy feeling you get when you know something awesome is about to happen? I had that feeling this morning. I woke up and like usual I immediately check my phone. As soon as I slide my thumb down the lock screen, I saw a tiny icon of an envelope. This is when that feeling took over. I KNEW what it was. It had to be. And lo and behold, it was my invite to Star Wars Early Access!

Insert little girl screaming noises!

Now I know some of you may have had some issues getting into the game. Well I am here to solve those problems for you with a couple easy steps you may have glossed over in the excitement of getting your early access!

You MUST do this!

This is the easiest one to miss. Make sure you uninstall the Test Client or you will get the “Client Corrupted” Error or some other such nonsense! Then click the “Pre-Load Game Client” button found multiple times all over the page. And you’re nearing the home stretch!

Update your sub, Nerf Herder!

Also make sure you check your code redemption history too to make sure you didn’t miss anything!

Now you should be all set to join the galaxy far, far away!

Stay Sith My friends!


A Sticky Note from a Galaxy Far Far Away…

10 12 2011

Drops Dec. 20th!!!!!!!!

Don’t forget, if you pre-order Star Wars: The Old Republic, or have already pre-ordered, you will get early access to the game! And to make things easier (hence why I am updating you) since you were smart and pre-ordered your copy, you are being allowed to download the game already so that when it goes live, you can immediately jump in and clog up all the servers! But worry not young padawan, having been a part of the beta launch test I can tell you with certainty that we should all have little to no trouble getting into a server!

Just remember to choose the right side *cough cough* EMPIRE *cough cough*

Sorry I have a cold…just saying!

Early access to a galaxy near you begins December 13th.


The Dark Side of Obesity

26 11 2011

This weekend was exciting for a lot of people. All over the country, millions of families sat down for Thanksgiving dinner and enjoyed the fellowship only horrible sweaters and 40lbs of turkey can bring to their lives. However, I was patiently awaiting 10:25 am for my first chance to log into the SWTOR beta weekend.

Super Serious Business

When I could convince my self to finally wake up at the crack of noon, I was able to log in to the game after about 10 minutes of updates, and relatively no wait for a virtual que. What follows are the trials and tribulations of Srsbizniz, Sith Warrior and future conqueror of the galaxy. I chose the Sith Warrior, or Main Tank arch-type. This character focuses on HP and STR and is equipped with heavier armor than the other characters. My attacks are almost all melee with a few exceptions and my action currency is “rage”. Rage basically means: the more damage I do, the better attacks I can use in combat. Rage depletes very slowly when out of combat so you can “preload” your sith warrior for an incoming battle by fighting something weaker, thereby allowing you to waylay your new foe with a heavier attack from the start of the fight.

I really enjoyed the map overlay in this game. Your cursor moves in real time and the map turns transparent (ala RIFT) and green arrows indicate what area you need to enter for your quests, be it upstairs, downstairs or a whole other building. I found the map to be highly detailed and well constructed. It was easy to learn even for the general chat dwellers that abound in these types of games. Barrens chatters, you know who you are!


Give me muh loots!

I really like how loot is done in this game. As you can see there are two corpses with beams projecting from them. The color of the beam indicates what kind of loot is on them. Light blue being complete junk, green is superior quality, darker blue is rare quality, and then I assume you will later discover purple and orange beams, as this is consistent with most current mmos.


Bring you what and how many?

Every quest icon is this nice little triangle shaped hologram. Reminds me of the Predator’s laser sight but yellow. Upon completion, the icon will display a green symbol inside the yellow to tell you who you need to see to receive credit for your quests. Loot for the starting area seemed appropriate in that it was all green quality gear to get you started on your adventure.

Dis box mayk me smurt!

You will randomly find throughout the game Datacrons which offer a permanent upgrade (at least to my knowledge) to your personal stats, in the form of Strength, Stamina, Willpower etc. Each one can be used once, so happy hunting!

She bakes, the dark side really does have cookies!

Ok. So now that I have given you an overlay of the game, I wanna talk about character design. Overall the voice acting is great, even if EVERYONE speaks with an English accent in the ENTIRE GALAXY. Nothing sounds forced. But I did notice something weird….WHO LETS THEIR GRANDMOTHER GO OVER TO THE DARK SIDE?! I mean really….but maybe that’s her deal. She looks weak and unassuming, causing you to lower your defenses, then BAM! She’s force choking you with her knitting or something. I don’t know. Which brings me to the next target of “WTF”.

Should install a treadmill on Korriban.

I thought the Empire had some sort of strict recruiting process. Apparently being strong with the Force allows one to keep his belt buckled under the strain of his gut. This character is the so called Overseer of the little training area’s “dark side school” of the dark side. Granted he has a cool one eyed mask, fat people are not intimidating to me whatsoever. And he’s not the only one!


Vader circa Comicon 2011

I mean come on! Does the Empire just recruit out of the locally owned Krispycream?! “Hey fatty, here’s a Vader suit, get to work!” Even when you start the game the first character model that greets you in selection is a skinny attractive female and a morbidly obese male. Either that, or SWTOR is catering directly to their demographic!

Anywho, stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to launch and check out a couple demo videos I threw up on the Youtubes! One is the Sith Warrior combat and the other is the flight path taxi service they use.