Super Monday Night Combat Exposed

18 12 2011

I haven’t received my beta invite for Super Monday Night Combat yet, so I have to live vicariously through the guys over at Giant Bomb who were recently paid a visit by Uber Entertainment a few days ago.  I’ve listed a link here where you can watch a whopping 56 minute look at actual SMNC gameplay footage.  Enjoy!



Uber Devs Hard at Work.

22 11 2011

The developers at Uber Entertainment in the beautiful city of Kirkland, WA spoke with about their ongoing beta process for Super Monday Night Combat.  You can read their full article here .  In summary the article speaks of their free-to-play model, continuous updates, beta process and balancing gameplay mechanics.  Most of the article made me question how SMNC is going to come to XBLA or PSN with their free-to-play model.  Especially when the main objective is to provide a game with frequent and ongoing updates.  This is all fine and dandy for Steam, but I know this a little more difficult with Microsoft.  I just hope this game comes out on XBLA or PSN, since as of right now it’s not looking too promising. 

You can sign up for the beta at Uber’s official site


Further previews of SMNC can be found here at Nerdfarmblog.

Monday Night Combatants, Welcome Karl

18 09 2011

It’s no surprise that I’m pretty stoked about the upcoming title from Uber Entertainment, Super Monday Night Combat.  My relationship with the original Monday Night Combat on XBLA (Xbox Live Arcade) is bitter sweet at best and just straight hatred from my Fiance.  MNC is an extremely enjoyable game,when it works,  but the glitches and hacks that run rampant on XBLA leave me rage quiting more times then I leave satisfied.  So the announcement of Super MNC was a breath of fresh air and a ray of hope for the future.  Following Uber on twitter gave me a first look at one of the new combatants to Super MNC, Karl. 

Uber told Shack News that Karl is a  reconnaissance cyborg who thinks he’s a human.  Karl will take the class role of a Striker, a class similar to MNC assault.  Apparently Karl has an interesting history being the last reconnaissance cyborg on the planet, bought by MNC officials at a tent sale, and divorcing a former model Jazelle Pivovarova. The MNC announcer Micky Cantor should have a hayday with that information.  Karl is the first known cyborg combatant in MNC history, has a room filling orange afro, likes “being human” and dislikes other robots/cyborgs.  The whole story from Uber to Shack News is pretty hilarious and I can’t wait for more gossip on this upcoming title.  Expect even more zany shenanigans to surface in the upcoming months as this title’s ambitious winter 2011 release comes ever so closer.

It’s Super Monday Night Combat! HAYO!

30 08 2011

During my walkabout around PAX I bumped into the Uber Entertainment booth and had a very pleasant conversation with one developer of the upcoming arcade title, Super Monday Night Combat.  This conversation probably would not have been spurred had the dev not recognized my Fiance from last years PAX.  My Fiance is short, sweet, and attractive, none of which were the reason the dev remembered and recognized her.  No, at last years PAX Fiance blatantly told, who she didn’t know were the devs at the time, “I hate that game.“  Her hatred for the game is completely my fault, for the simple fact I can’t play it without complaining.  But I digress, the dev was understanding and very willing to speak about Uber’s next big hit.  

Super Monday Night Combat is planned to be Free to Play, but he states that really isn’t possible on XBLA (Xbox Live Arcade), for logistic and legal reasons.  The news is still very promising for PC owners who will be almost guaranteed a decent title.  He introduced 3 new classes, and wanted to emphasize that the game is changing directions to a more role based platform, rather than the old MNC class based.  An example is given that a Tank will actual take damage as they are supposed to, and the Support will be almost an entirely designated healer. The three new classes revealed were:

Gunslinger, a sniper type class that uses a pistol sidearm and has special AOE shots that slow down multiple targets.

Combat Girl, has taken the reigns of the Support role by using a heal gun and having the ability to throw down multiple turrets that can also stick to walls.  

The Veteran was described as a close quarter brawler who can charge, slam, and has a grab move that pulls distant enemies within range of his attacks.

Super Monday Night Combat will be bigger, will not have one shot kills, hopefully be bug free, and has an ambitious release date of early 2012.  And of course we bought some swag and got a few MNC posters signed by the artist of them before we left.  Hi Ho SPORTS FANS!

Super MNC PAX Teaser Trailer!

30 08 2011

Teaser for the upcoming sequel to Monday Night Combat, Super Monday Night Combat. I had a chance to talk to some of the developers at PAX about this upcoming Free to Play title and everything they told me sounds extremely promising.  An upcoming post will dive deeper into the new classes revealed in this teaser.  Keep your eyes pealed.