Ghost Adventures Drinking Game

7 10 2011

In honor of another Ghost Adventures get together, I’ve applied a nice little drinking game to this weeks shenanigans.  Tonight the GA crew will be investigating Old Town San Diego, the ol’ whales vagina, and we’ll be investigating the bottom of our glasses on the couch.  So watch and drink along with us, and enjoy the drinking game.

Ghost Adventures Drinking Game

  • Anytime Zak Bagans gets overly enthusiastic about anything.  *drink*
  • Anytime EVP or “Electronic Voice Phenomenon” is mentioned.  *drink*
  • Anytime Aaron gets scared or freaked out.  *drink*
  • Orbs, shadow figures, disembodied voices, footsteps, or thrown objects seen/heard.  *drink*
  • Anytime a weird contraption is used to communicate or empower spirits (EMF detectors, Ed Box, EM Pump, Visual Ovilus, EF Pods, and my personal favorite the Spirit Box) *drink*
  • And if any spirit takes over Zak or Nick’s body, start chugging your whole drink sucka.

Drinking with your friends is always more fun when there’s ghosts involved.  Ghost Adventures, see you on the other side.


Ghost Adventures Night!!!

2 10 2011

You can’t see Amber and myself arguing on a Friday night at around 9 P.M. but it’s happening.  Amber’s hatred for the one Zak Bagans and disbelief in the super natural is to be admired and objected upon since she stands steadfast in her belief of the extra terrestrial.  Texts fly back and forth feverishly over the air waves like invisible kamikaze bombers determined to damage to the others morale.  I defend Zak Bagans’ hair, jeans, fake designer corrective lenses and his enthusiasm for the undead like he was my own brother.  Amber is bright and witty so defending against her attacks need to be precise and tactically sound.  With this weeks episode at the Mizpah Hotel I thought I had a for sure win, so I invited her and a few of my friends over for the first ever Ghost Adventures Night, my plan was to be there in person to snuff out the nay sayers, what I got was a blitzkrieg of attacks on my face.  I was alone, cornered, and fighting for the pride of myself and the Ghost Adventures crew.  If it weren’t for good beverages and children running around uncontrollably, I probably wouldn’t have been able to escape with my dignity.

Greg is all smiles and Amber is all smug reading a catelog as they both attack my Ghost Adventures.

Greg who promised to be the official referee was no help, and in fact ended up taking Amber’s side and was nothing but an instigator.  Even though we spent most of the night chasing children around and eating pizza, the first ever Ghost Adventures Night ended up in my mind, a success.  Maybe we’ll get more people next time to hear Zak scream “Come at me bro!!!”, in EVP form of course.

The Nerdist show on BBC America incoming

22 09 2011

This is a sneak peak of the upcoming Nerdist TV special on BBC America.  I’m a huge fan of Chris Hardwick and the Nerdist Podcast and can’t wait to catch his show this Saturday, September 24th at 10/9c.  Even from this two minute clip I can tell this show is going to be a breath of fresh air for Saturday night televesion. Psych, Storage Wars and American Chopper better watch out, there’s a new sheriff in town.

My Stay in Twin Peaks

15 09 2011

Does anyone recognize this opening scene?  Twin Peaks was a TV drama that ran for two seasons from 1990-1991 on ABC.  Created by David Lynch and Mark Frost, it was known for it’s macabre story with often out of the ordinary quirky and comedic scenes, mixing them together into a delicious metaphorical piece of marble cake.  Although it was picking up steam with it’s cult fan base, the general public were apparently not so interested, leaving the fate of Twin Peaks in ABC’s hands.  The plug was pulled at the end of season two.

Set as a small quaint town in Washington state, Twin Peaks is a bolstering mecca of negative energy.  And it all begins with the death of one homecoming queen, Laura Palmer.  The death has similar patterns to past homicides and a FBI agent by the name of Dale Cooper comes into town to investigate.  Throughout his investigation Cooper finds the town to be bitter sweet, showing two faces of every citizen and suspect he meets.  Even sweet Laura Palmer, Cooper discovers, was living two lives, both dramatically different from one another.  No one is who they appear, not even the killer.  With declining ratings half way through the second season, ABC rushed the writers for closure in Laura’s death.  The case was abruptly closed in two episodes and Laura’s murderer ended up being strangely eccentric and spiritual.  ABC hot on the writers heals wanted to focus more on Agent Cooper after Laura’s case, bringing back someone from his dark past, and adding a love interest.  Windom Earle was once Agent Coopers partner in the FBI, but the death of Earle’s wife (who coincidentally was in love with Cooper) throws him over the edge into insanity.  Earle escapes from a mental institute, flees to the woods of Twin Peaks and swears revenge on Cooper.  This plot of the story is extremely odd and dives deeper into the negative spiritual energy of Twin Peaks.  Earle is in search of a “Black Lodge”, essentially hell,  that he plans to trap and kill Agent Cooper in.  Earle does succeed in getting Cooper into the Black Lodge, but as intelligent and cunning as Earle is, the Black Lodge proves to be more unpredictable than he could ever imagine.  *SPOILER* Cooper does escape the Black Lodge…or does he?

I found talking about Twin Peaks one of my hardest posts to date, not because of the strange story but because my love for the show centered around each character.  Every character in Twin Peaks is exaggerated, the death of two local girls and an ongoing FBI investigation couldn’t stop most from their own agendas.  Twin Peaks is full of quirky and memorable characters such as the log lady, Sheriff Andy, and Pete the logger.  But the strong cast with even stronger characters is what makes Twin Peaks the powerhouse it is.  I’m going to detail a few of my favorites that solidifi Twin Peaks as one of my favorite series.  First is obviously Special Agent Dale Cooper, intelligent and full of wisdom, his past is shrouded in mystery and you never quite know where he’s getting all his spiritual experiences from.  My personal favorite is Audrey Horne, I usually don’t go for the strong willed bad ass girl, but Sherilyn Fenn nails this character, making Audrey a seductive mastermind who’s strong willed yet fragile, with good intentions that often put her in dangerous situations.  I love that character so much.  Shelly and Bobby I combine into one cohesive character, whithout one, there would be no other.  The couple that couldn’t catch a break, but are still in love by the end of all their drama.  And lastly, the best living dead girl, Laura Palmer played by Sheryl Lee.  Lee first appears dead wrapped in plastic, comes in again as a dark haired cousin, and ends with an insanely creapy scream queen appearance in the Black Lodge.  I’ve only named a few of my favorites, but all of Twin Peaks characters are amazing and fit together as one cohesive mutated monster. 

By the time I finished Twin Peaks I had figuratively been to hell and back.  Like a Native American’s vision quest I had seen the unthinkable and journeyed into what I can only imagine a live action dream would be like.  The whole experience was so surreal, I like most others, were disappointed  with the uneasy cliffhanger season two left us with.  Twin Peaks tugged at every emotional string I had, and I’m still left to wonder “How’s Annie?”