The Walking Dead “Nebraska” Viewing Party a Success.

15 02 2012

As you can see things didn’t bode well for me at last weeks The Walking Dead mid-season premier viewing at Daddy Macs with Fat Beard Studios and Cosmic Comics.  Many of the LEET Ladies saw me as a tasty treat, and that’s not a compliment.  I was neither a survivor nor a zombie, I was just a victim.  A piece of flesh to be feasted upon.  But at least I got to see the episode with my friends and a brewski in my hand before I met my infinite demise.  Check out more awesome pics at Cosmic Comics Facebook page and don’t stare too long at the LEET Ladies, it’s said if you find dead bodies sexy you have something psychologically wrong with you.  Pervert.



The Walking Dead: We Find Ourselves

14 02 2012

The Walking Dead Volume 15 Review

The Walking Dead has never really been about zombies.  Yes, zombies do roam the earth and yes, they do “feed”, but zombies cannot sustain a comic of this magnitude.  Zombies are easy.  Zombies are safe.  Their basic life consist of infecting and feeding.  It’s grotesque and macabre.  The real strength of The Walking Dead lies within Rick’s group, his cast of characters.  The last time you saw them they were fighting for survival to continue their lives in the “community”.  After the dust settles we’re left with “We Find Ourselves”, a slower book of the series that manages to finish with a bang.

The community has survived two back to back assaults from both the living and the dead.  Their numbers are thinned and their morale is in the gutter.  With Carl in a coma, Rick’s outlook on survival changes from his narrow minded family focus, to a much larger scale, benefiting both his family and the community.  Rick being left in charge doesn’t sit well with some of the community members, but some take notice that without Rick and his gang of misfits, they would never have survived the invasions.  Talks of revolution are circulating around the community making it a proverbial powderkeg ready to explode.

I’m going to spoil something for you because it’s one of the very few times I was actually disappointed in The Walking Dead series.  Carl does wake up, and for a split second he has amnesia.  I was heartbroken, really amnesia?  That’s just so cliche!  Are you going to jump the shark and tell me this was all a dream now too?  Thankfully it’s only a little brain damage…did I really just say that?

Towards the end of Volume 15 tension is so thick you could cut it with a knife. The ending I promise you will not disappoint.  Something happens that made my jaw drop and actually pump my fist in approval like some teenage 80’s flick.  I was so overjoyed I wanted to scream it from the top of a mountain.  It’s something I think everyone wanted but were afraid it would never happen.  I was excited to see it but I’m nervous of where it might lead.  What is it?  You’ll just have to read this one and find out.


Head on down to Cosmic Comics in Las Vegas to pick this doozie up.  You won’t want to miss it!  Trust me.

The Walking Dead Viewing Party with Cosmic Comics

11 02 2012

Don’t forget, The Walking Dead‘s mid season premier is tomorrow.  Enjoy it with some brewskis and fellow Cosmic Comics nerds at Daddy Macs in Henderson.  We’ll be making an appearance and expect to see our friends from Fat Beard Studios, LEET Ladies and of course Cosmic Comics there.  More information can be found at Cosmic Comics Facebook page.  You can’t beat the combination of zombie slaying and beer drinking, so this is a Nerd Event you wont want to miss out on.



6 07 2011

The Walking Dead Vol. 14 “No Way Out”

I’m going to use this issue as the one to say “You need to read up to this volume NOW!”  No Way Out is one of the best issues since Vol. 8 (the assault on the prison), with some gritty “pick your jaw up from the floor” moments.  All I need are two bullet points that will make you want to read this heart racing volume.

  • The community is visited again by some unwanted company.
  • Someones face gets effed up.  Really effed up.

Was that enough to perk up your curiosity?  When I say someones face gets effed up, it’s not some stranger they just met, it’s someone you have known since the very first issues of The Walking Dead, and have probably grown a strange bond with.  This is a must read volume, so drop some coin and pick it up NOW!

Drama, drama, zombies, drama…

27 06 2011

The Walking Dead Vol. 13 “Too Far Gone”

I managed to finally pick up volume 13 of The Walking Dead, and after I finished reading it, I was really excited to talk about it.  But I’ve been scanning my brain on how I can bring up events in this volume without spoiling it for people who haven’t read this far into the series.  And if you haven’t read this series at all…where have you been?  So after minutes of contemplation I decided putting certain events into bullets would be the best choice of action.  If you really want no idea of even the basics I suggest you stop reading.

  • The group is still in good standing with the community.
  • Rick has an altercation with one of the fathers in the community.
  • The community with the group finds itself in a similar predicament as the prison.
  • And Rick soon finds himself back in a position he thought he never wanted again.

I hope that wasn’t too painful.  During the incident later in the issue where the group is back in the prison predicament, I actually felt genuine anxiety about what was going to happen.  Trust me, the outcome is very fulfilling and feels genuinely rewarding.  This issue hits on the regular stress of living among the dead as many of The Walking Dead issues have in the past, but nothing really new arises.

Get out to your local comic book store and pick up volume 13 since 14 is already on shelves.  I’ll be finishing up 14 soon, see you then.