Metro: Last Light Delayed

4 02 2012

Sad days are upon us, the sequel to Metro 2033, one of my surprise hits of 2011, has been pushed back to 2013.  According to THQ’s release schedule, Metro: Last Light has been pushed back to Q1 of 2013.  It’s sad not just because of the delay, but because the world ends in December 2012 so I’ll now never get to see what happens to Artyom, those sneaky f**king Russians, or those neo-fascist Nazis.



Pfft, Super Bowl? Bring on Genki Bowl VII!

10 01 2012

By pure coincidence, yesterday I decided to peruse my Saints Row: The Third achievements and came across a few odd ones I’d never seen before.  Apocalypse Genki?  Sad Panda Skyblazing?  Sexy Kitten Yarngasm?  Did I miss something?  The answer was given to me over the great world of the internet with happy sexy fun time news about Saints Row: The Third’s first mission based DLC.  On January 17 expect to see Genki Bowl VII arrive on XBLA, PSN and Steam for $7.  Don’t fret, the DLC is also included in the Saints Row: The Third season pass.  This is going to be a great week.


Top 5 on the Fly. Pimps, Gimps and Furrys, OH MY!

29 12 2011

For today’s “Top 5 on the Fly” let’s talk about the funnest game of the year, Saints Row: The Third.

From the trailer alone you can see that Saints Row: The Third is just mayhem…INSANE MAYHEM!  The open world of Steelport is filled with gangs, hookers, cops and even furrys.  There’s so many fun things to do in fact, that I’ve completed 50% of the game and have only finished 27 main storyline missions, 27!  13 hours invested and I’ve barely even scraped the surface.  There’s deep customization of your character and vehicle, and a Rep leveling system that feels similar to any quality RPG out there.  Volition has really outdone themselves with this one delivering us a hand painted masterpiece followed up with a swift kick to the crotch.  Saints Row: The Third is my top pick for most bang for your buck.  And in the spirit of Saint’s Row please make that last statement as dirty and raunchy in your mind as possible.


Saints Row: The Third is Exaggerated.

20 12 2011

Saints Row the Third Review

Saints Row: The Third is exaggerated…and is awesome because of it.  This may very well be one of the shortest reviews I will ever do for a game because simply put, Saints Row: The Third is a must buy title.  Some games are narrative masterpieces, others are genre defining, Saints Row is just flat out fun.  Be warned though, if you like boring linear games that are on rails with drab gray scale environments, than please by all means do not buy Saints Row.  But if you like open world exploration, bright neon colors of the city, creative side missions, easily accessible multiplayer, with hilarious characters and story lines all under one roof, then Saints Row: The Third is for you.  I apologize it took me so long to review this title, I was so in the dark at how awesome this game is that I just now picked it up a few days ago and it’s all I can talk about.  I mean, I’m missing early access to Star Wars the Old Republic because of it.  IT’S MADNESS!!! I can’t put Saints Row down.

Let me digress and divulge a little more information as to why Saints Row: The Third does GTA better than GTA.  Character customization is insanely detailed, you can literally create any weird or normal person you want.  Big/small, fat/skinny,Russian/British, gold or green the options are almost endless.  And they don’t stop there, after you create your obtuse caricature you can choose a funny action that you will use to compliment someone, then turn around and choose a raunchy motion to taunt that very same person.  It’s hilarious, I spent almost all of my time crying laughing as I customized my character.

The controls in Saints Row are very straightforward and easy to grasp early on.  Driving tanks, helicopters, cars and boats are all really simple.  Weapon accuracy is tight and responsive.  With all of these complimenting each other, launching a rocket from a helicopter, jumping from said helicopter, parachuting, shooting people from said parachute, landing, shooting more people then hopping through your getaway vehicles window “Dukes of Hazard” style is a piece of cake.  Did you catch all that?  Because in Saints Row, that happens.

In Saints Row: The Third your part of the most notorious gang in Stilwater, so notorious that you have become somewhat of a star.  Your whole purpose besides doing the main storyline progression is to gain 100% control of Stilwater.  You do this by purchasing property (such as Meth Labs, crack houses, chop shops, etc), completing crazy side missions (Heli assault, trafficking,tank mayhem, insurance fraud, guardian angel, and the time attack Prof. Genki Super Ethical Reality Climax) and finally beating down gangs to take control of their “corners” in Stilwater.  With Stilwater being a huge city with so much to do, there’s rarely a dull moment.

So I guess it’s safe to assume I love this game and I tell everyone I talk games with to buy it.  Saints Row: The Third is a refreshing title that allows you to kick back and just blow shit up without worrying about the consequences.  It’s a very carefree title that doesn’t stress me out, in fact, it really brightens my day…that just shows what a strange character I am.

Saints Row: The Third scores an overly enthusiastic A.

And also here’s the new DLC trailer.


Metro: Last Light shows it’s action packed!

14 08 2011

Metro: Last Light’s third E3 gameplay trailer.  This game just keeps looking more and more incredible.  I’m really digging the way the weapons fire, it looks like a giant improvement from the first Metro.  See all the video’s on my blog or check out .  2012 cannot come soon enough…

Stunning Metro: Last Light Gameplay

28 07 2011

Metro: Last Light gameplay demo part 2 = stunning.  Are you kidding me?  Goosebumps, and then some.  I really need to stop watching these videos because the wait for Metro: Last Light will drive me mad.