Dungeon Crawling Will Not Start in February.

9 01 2012

Well adventurers, I’ve got a sad bit of news for you. Rumors have abounded on the February 1 release for Diablo III, but today I’m going to squash those rumors. Best Buy and Target received shipments of D3 signage stating a sweet, sweet end to the wait. But, Alas the signs were incorrect. Official word from Blizzard is that “Diablo 3 does not have a release date and anyone who states otherwise is wrong.”

Now correct me if I’m wrong, but this is an accurate sign, that was made by humans on some sort of printing device. Generally you need some sort of direction from the parent company to go ahead and manufacture this kind of product. Add to this a giant game day clock, and I would say Blizzard should be the ones taking the blame, not stating their “rightness” if you will.

Here is an open address to the game industry: We like games. We don’t like the bullshit you guys pull with the secret release dates. We will buy your game based on the merit of its quality, not on the hype you shovel down our collective throats. Just set a date and hold to it. Deadlines are not that hard. And Blizzard, shame on you. I’ve seen your launch calender, just throw some pinpoint dates on it and we will be straight.