The 2011 VGA Character of the Year Speeches that Could Have Been

18 12 2011

In this world of fictional characters, when award shows arise every character that is nominated has to have their acceptance speech prepared in advance.  GameTrailers thankfully released the losers “Speeches that could have been.” I agree with the Joker winning, but honestly the losers acceptance speeches were not only better but way funnier.  Enjoy the losers:

Nathan Drake and the question everyone was asking while he *SPOILER* trouncing through the desert.


Marcus Fenix and blunt objects.



Sony Japan scores big with Harrison Ford commercials

19 10 2011

Yesterday I posted a small blip about Tim Schafer being the man who could get me to buy a Kinect.  Well now, Harrison Ford has made me want Uncharted 3 that much more.  You can see in the Sony Japan commercial above, Indiana Jones himself controlling Nathan Drake who could very well play a clone of his younger self.  There are two other commercials, one 15 seconds, and another running ~7 minutes in length.  All are equally enjoyable and all show off how fantastic Harrison Ford is.  He is truly a man who knows his audience.  I will endorse anything that man sells…ANYTHING!

Uncharted 3 beta

7 07 2011

The Uncharted 3 beta has gone public.  Head on over to your PSN shop and download it for free.  Feel free to leave feedback at

I actually haven’t been playing much of the beta, after playing for a couple of days I just couldn’t find a reason to keep playing it.  I just don’t have the motivation to play if I can’t see myself playing the multiplayer when it releases.

For those on the fence, the beta is free to the public, with a level 50 cap, and new play types releasing each week.  So give it a try, can’t hurt.

Uncharted 3 multiplayer Beta

1 07 2011

Managed to get myself into the Uncharted 3 multiplayer Beta.  I was forced to accept a contract of privacy agreements, so I’m really not too sure what I can talk about.  All I know is, they make it very clear not to slander a “game under construction”, and not to talk directly to third party publishers.  I plan to do neither of those things, but I thought I would give you at least some details into Uncharted 3’s multiplayer.

I’ll start by saying the beta is very basic.  At this time the four game types are: Team Deathmatch, Co Op, Hardcore, and Three Team deathmatch.  These types will change systematically over time.  You choose a hero and a villain, customize 4 load outs with a main weapon, pistol, grenade type, and 2 special perks.  You earn perks from medals, and use $, earned through matches, on weapons and add-ons.  I’ve played 2 maps so far, and each map had similar feels to Uncharted 2’s, except one, Airstrip. Airstrip does something very creative.  It starts you on the tarmac with a plane taking off, then lands you in the actually map.  Mechanics are solid so far, just learn to roll a lot to dodge bullets, hang from ledges to sneak up on people, the normal things that make the Uncharted 3 multiplayer feel like the single player experience.

I’ll keep you updated with anything new that comes up, that I can divulge anyway.  Keep posted, should have something new after the 4th.

Welcome Uncharted 3

15 06 2011

Uncharted 3’s INSANE E3 TRAILER!!!  Thanks IGN for providing the video.