Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure Video Review!

16 01 2012

Here’s my first video review. If you guys like it, I’ll do more. Especially after I buy a camcorder! Hope you enjoy!


Dungeon Crawling Will Not Start in February.

9 01 2012

Well adventurers, I’ve got a sad bit of news for you. Rumors have abounded on the February 1 release for Diablo III, but today I’m going to squash those rumors. Best Buy and Target received shipments of D3 signage stating a sweet, sweet end to the wait. But, Alas the signs were incorrect. Official word from Blizzard is that “Diablo 3 does not have a release date and anyone who states otherwise is wrong.”

Now correct me if I’m wrong, but this is an accurate sign, that was made by humans on some sort of printing device. Generally you need some sort of direction from the parent company to go ahead and manufacture this kind of product. Add to this a giant game day clock, and I would say Blizzard should be the ones taking the blame, not stating their “rightness” if you will.

Here is an open address to the game industry: We like games. We don’t like the bullshit you guys pull with the secret release dates. We will buy your game based on the merit of its quality, not on the hype you shovel down our collective throats. Just set a date and hold to it. Deadlines are not that hard. And Blizzard, shame on you. I’ve seen your launch calender, just throw some pinpoint dates on it and we will be straight.


Top 5 on the Fly: The OG Republic!

30 12 2011

For those of you who have been living under a rock for the last week and a half, Star Wars: The Old Republic is out. With 4 archtypes to choose from, which then advance into 2 separate classes of their own, each one of these classes have two ways to advance. SWTOR is one of the more versatile MMOs on the market as far as character and class customization. Toss in the fact that each character is given 6 companions to aid them on their journeys or (SPOILER) possibly lead into romantic interludes, however ugly the dark side may make your character, you will never be alone in the galaxy even if your friends and guild are offline. This companion system works great to make sure you have the added DPS in a sticky situation, the healer for that tight spot between life and death, or the tank you need to keep up to prevent a squishy sage or inquisitor from being torn to bits by the ravenous denizens of each world you may encounter. Tack on drop in space battles that are so easy to get the hang of, even your grand mother could enjoy them 🙂

If you don't hurry, this is who will be waiting for you!

Do not miss out on all the action the galaxy from a long time ago which is also far away has to offer!


Get out of my mist, and get in to my car?

28 10 2011

Ok, Let me start with the fact that I used to be a hardcore wow-geek. Having said that, you know this post will be slightly opinionated. Anywho.

After doing a lot of research into the next WoW Xpac: Mists of Pandaria, I have a few things to say; On the subject of Pandarens: Why did Blizzard wait so long on adding a neutral race? I mean you see different members of most the races taking up allegiance somewhere supposedly they would be hated, the Argent Dawn and Crusade is comprised of both sides who have learned to play nice….and in my opinion this update would have been best used before Kung Fu Panda had been released….because if you know anything about WoW and its forums, you already know this is the main comparison being made.

On the subject of the Monk,(which is what our bear people bring to the table), Yay! Another druid type class…Heals, DPS and Tank rolled into one wearing leather…wait wait wait…they don’t have auto attack you say? Sounds kinda like SWTOR to me. Sneaky Blizz, you tricksters! I am interested to see how the class unfolds but I think it is just another bandaid to stem the hemorrhagic subscription loss.

But wait there’s more! They are adding pokemon to the game in the form of companion pet battles. ‘Nuff said.

And last but not least: The dumbing down (further that is) of the Talent Trees. Level cap will be raised to 90 and every 15 levels you pick one of 3 available talents. So now instead of 51 choices in Vanilla WoW, you get 6. YAY!

That’s a game changer right there!


A whole new world!

17 10 2011

Ok folks, while I know both you and I are standing upon the precipice of Arkham City, I wanted to give you a bit of information about a game I have been playing the past couple months:

This game has been out for just right around half a year, for those already subscribing enjoyed the “Half Birthday” Celebration with increased xp, pvp currency, and prestige points ( much like C0D). Rift is an MMO which is to say it contains all the prerequisite monsters of any RPG such as goblins, forest animals turned violent and a mix of other colorful would be assailants. There are 6 races to choose from in 2 factions:

Defiant and Guardian respectively. For the WoW players among us, think Horde (red) Alliance (blue). This is probably the only area of Rift I really take issue with is that in 2 factions i have 6 humanoid type races; Bahmi, Eth, Mathosian, Kelari, High Elf and Dwarf. Thats it. No beasts, no hybrids, nothing. But where it lacks diversity in character design it makes up for with the freedom it allows players to have with how they play their characters.

Rift works off of a class system akin to WoW in some ways but think like this: Each class is its own separate talent board. You pick your archetypal character design (ie. Rogue, Warrior, Mage or Cleric) then you receive over the course of your tutorial zone 3 souls with 6 more you can purchase later in game.

This soul system allows for a lot of diversity among each archetype, giving players a certain level of ownership lacking from most games of this genre.

I like to think that where Rift really shines is in two main areas: The Devs are constantly updating the game to fix problems and balance issues as well as to add more in game events which require no fee to use and the name sake of the game Rifts. Rifts (like the death and water ones listed above) serve as the main focal point of the game, allowing plane-bound creatures access to the world of Telara attempting to breach the ward protecting it and enable the Dragons (the games main bad guys) to roam free, unchecked in their power. The Players job is to close these rifts in a series of objective based spawn areas and players are rewarded with a second currency known as Planarite which allows for the purchase of plane based items and character enhancements.

Now I know this is a lot to take in during just one sitting but I highly recommend doing the 1 week trial and see how you like the game, or if you’re is available through Steam and generally speaking comes on sale quite regularly for under $10. Truly there is so much to do in this game: Dungeons, crafting, Raids, Quests and Rifts. I have found it to be much more enriched game play with a lot less of the WoW type community playing.

So if you are looking for something different, something new or would like an introduction to the MMO genre, I totally recommend RIFT as your first jaunt into fantasy.