Gotham City Impostors Wins Heroically.

11 02 2012

Gotham City Impostors Review

I thought this day would never come.  I’ve wanted Gotham City Impostors since the first time I laid hands on it at PAX ’11, and it arrives stronger and better than ever.

Gotham City Impostors is a downloadable first person shooter arcade title brought to you from WB and Monolith.  GCI puts you in the position of wannabe Batmen and Jokers who aren’t afraid to use any means necessary to inflict pain and trauma to their enemies.  As serious as all that sounds, every character is a goof and the game has a very joke oriented feeling.  But underneath it’s cartoonish exterior is a serious FPS title.

Gotham City Impostors has 3 multiplayer modes, 1 challenge and 1 tutorial mode.  The 3 multiplayer modes include Fumigation, Psyche Warfare, and the standard Team Deathmatch.  Fumigation is a conquest/domination type mode where each team tries to capture and hold 3 points in attempt to poison the other team with toxic gas.  Classy right?  In Psyche Warfare you attempt to connect a centrally located battery  to your bases “demotivational loudspeakers”.  The demotivational infomercial music bores into the opposing teams psyche forcing them into a slap happy frenzy.  Be on your toes though, slapping can still kill.  If you’re tired of the same old grind, “Challenge” maps are available for you to improve or test your skills with gold/silver/and bronze rewards.

A huge successful portion to Gotham City Impostors, besides the obvious creative concept, is your characters “Secret Identity.”  This is where GCI far surpasses Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and has it heading into the same arena as Team Fortress 2.  Loadouts, costumes, calling cards, and gangs are all customizable.  Each loadout includes weapons, support items, gadgets, fun facts, psyche profiles, and a body type that leads to almost endless possibilities and a deeply engrossing experience.  I’m a chick when it comes to customizing my characters, so I’m in hog heaven with each piece I can change on my impostors costume.  If customization isn’t your thing and you’re only content knowing you’ve slayed everything in sight,  GCI lets you check your progression to stardom with record tracking, feats of prowess, stamps of excellence, achievements and the all important leaderboards.

Gotham City Impostors isn’t all unicorns and rainbows, it does have some chinks in it’s bedazzled armor.  Matchmaking and joining a match with your party are still having issues even after the beta.  And unless your actually in a party you MUST listen to everyone speak because there is no mute player.  Seriously, no player mute.  It’s like having all the losers of American Idol in your ear and having to endure their train wreck performance.  Funny as that may sound, it’s not an enjoyable experience after about 10 minutes.  But all is not lost true believers, WB and Monolith have already detailed a piece of DLC that’s dropping sometime next month that includes a new map, weapons, a support item, costume choices, and a fun fact.  There will also be patch fixes for joining in-progress matches and the all important ability to mute players.

Gotham City Impostors is a fresh take on the first person shooter genre while still managing to stay true to it’s roots.  It’s a solid, fun, comedic title that deserves a lot of attention.  With a $15 price tag, 1,ooo character levels, and 106 downloadable cosmetic items with more scheduled to drop next month, GCI promises to make sure you never have to leave your house again.  Unless it’s to fight make believe crime in game.  Don’t try vigilante justice in a cape in real life, this isn’t Kick Ass, so behave yourself.

Gotham City Impostors scores an A.




The Simpsons Arcade Drops Today!!!

3 02 2012

Dropped today without much warning, the much anticipated Simpsons Arcade Game has finally hit XBLA and PSN.  The Simpsons Arcade Game from Konami brings you 4 person co-op, a “never released” Japanese version, the classic “quarters mode”, survival mode, and a free play option with unlimited continues.

I can remember dropping many a quarters into the giant 4 person arcade machine, it felt just like yesterday…well it was more like a couple weeks ago at Insert Coin(s) Las Vegas.  I did in fact play it at a youngster at Chuck-e-Cheese too.  But man, I want to humble brag about my first place standing.

Pick The Simpsons Arcade Game for 800 Microsoft Points on XBLA and $9.99 on PSN.  Oh, and for all of us Playstation Plus members, we get it for free.  Too bad I have no friends on the Playstation Network.  /sadface


Gotham City Impostors Release Date Out of the Box.

2 02 2012

Contrary to my previous beliefs, Gotham City Impostors will in fact be released this first week of February.  Per the Gotham City Impostors website you can download it for PSN on Feb. 7 and XBLA on Feb. 8th.  I’m unsure as to why the different dates, but those of you who are part of the beta should be pretty excited about this announcement.  With 1,000 levels and plenty of customization you may never have to leave your house again.


Finally a Party Game for Kinect! Double Fine Happy Action Theater Reviewed

1 02 2012

Double Fine Happy Action Theater Review

I’ll be the first to say that I’m a fanboy of both Double Fine and the legend himself Tim Schafer.  In my eyes they can do no wrong.  I know as a reviewer this can sometimes make being unbiased towards a title difficult, but lucky for us Double Fine did a great job with Happy Action Theater.

Released today for only 800 Microsoft Points ($10 in real moneys) this 322 MB party jewel can be yours.  Double Fine Happy Action Theater is filled with 18 mini-games, all of which are playable right out of the gate.  My wife and I sampled all of them, even after spending as little as 2 or 3 minutes on some we still managed to become winded and spent nearly an hour playing the whole library.  I felt that not all were winners, so I employed my 5 year old daughter to try out all of them as well.  She of course loved them all.  Who would have known popping balloons, dancing in a kaleidoscope, and planting flowers could be so fun.  We personally enjoyed the music, monster crushing buildings and freeze frame camera.

My one legged family.

There are very few faults with the game, most of the problems come from the Kinect itself.  My daughter would have difficulty exiting games.  Such a small flaw in the combination of the game and Kinect is barely even worth noting.  The recognition of 3 people was superb and I would really like to try up to the 6 maximum it allows.

Pick up Double Fine Happy Action Theater  today and have some family oriented fun or drunk adult parties.  Either way you win with Kinect’s first ultimate party title.

Double Fine Happy Action Theater scores an A.


Genki Bowl VII DLC Review Is Here!

30 01 2012

Saints Row: The Third‘s first mission based DLC has arrived and conveniently so has this review.

Genki Bowl VII is here to deliver more pain for Saints Row: The Third.  For 560 Microsoft points ($7.99 in real moneys) you can have 4 added “mini-games” and 3 new homies.  Every  “mini-game” has two missions and is as explosive and exploitive as you’d expect it to be.

  • Apocalypse Genki is essentially Super Ethical Reality Climax, it’s just enough to get you excited for the what’s in store next.
  • Super Ethical PR Opportunity is an escort mission where you take Professor Genki himself from the airport to a “meet and greet” of sorts at the local Let’s Pretend.  Professor Genki is hilarious, he was always punching random citizens when I would pick him up.  His car, which you receive for completing the missions, charges up 4 flame throwers on the vehicle that charges up by hitting people on the sidewalk.  The more damage you do, the more pleased Genki is with you.
  • Sexy Kitten Yarngasm is the Mayhem mission where you destroy as much sh*t in your way as possible.  The more things you destroy in a row, the bigger combo you get, and the more subsequent points you earn.  Maybe one of the more frustrating games because apparently yarn is a difficult material to roll around.  It’s no American Gladiators cage ball…thing.
  • Sad Panda Skyblazing is a completely new game.  Sky dive through burning rings, blow up ethical tiger hot air balloons, land on rooftops to chainsaw unsuspecting mascots, then blast yourself off the roof via a cannon.  You know, normal day to day stuff.

If you just can’t get enough Saints Row, these added missions are well worth your time and money.

Saints Row: The Third’s Genki Bowl VII scores a B+.


Demo Reel 2012…the year it all ended!!! Not really

25 01 2012

Up this month are the first demos of the year I’ve been playing, (or my girlfriend because of game content). So let’s dive right in!

Kicking it old school!

I liked Outland. It was a pretty smooth little ride. I don’t pay attention to the story line too much ’til I own a game so don’t look to me to fill you in on this part, but the game play was great. It’s a side scrolling, action platformer.  You basically have your sword, a few baddies and a giant level to traverse which makes the game fun and totally reminds me of all those old school games circa NES aka Ninja Gaiden. If you like low key, good clean action, Outland is for you.

I dropped Amy like a bad habit

Amy is everything you don’t want in an arcade game. Firstly it’s an XBLA game….so tell me, WHY?! WHY does this game cause chop on the 360?  Toss in horrible controls and the fact you can’t traverse anywhere in the game without babysitting Amy, a frightened psychic child during a zombie apocalypse. No one wants to play a buddy zombie game with a dumbass human suitcase. DO NOT BUY.

Before nazi vampires!

Looks like there’s more  side scrolling goodness lined up for you guys.  Tight controls, what appears to be hand drawn characters, and smooth animation makes this a funny little distraction from your main stream shootem ups. I especially liked the gore, and the pseudo fatalities.

Hero coming through!

Ok, the game is alright. It’s well made and controls are great, but I don’t know anyone who said “Hey I wanna play a helicopter flight sim that flies in one direction, and pick up passengers also I would like the ability to squash them” What you see is what you get with this one. If you are an air medic or really really REALLY into helicopters…I guess this is the one for you.

Too little Too late

I’m sorry, but hyper-violence was great 10 years ago to make up for a lack of content, but D2 falls short even as a FPS. Within the first 30 seconds of the demo you get to watch a model catch a bullet with the back of her head and shoot a bunch of  mooks that look nearly identical. The catch they try to throw at you is your Darkness ability is basically what amounts to some demon tentacles that rip people in half in fantastic ways, but really does nothing more than serve up the macabre in HD. If you like the lackluster then Darkness II is perfect for you.

Indie IP check!

I take back everything I said about wanting more original IPs. If you think being Indie gives you the license to just throw stuff together hodge podge …just stop. You play a weird little girl who was raised by an octopus, has an eye patch and tentacle (apparently a theme here). You start in a tree house hub which offers the demo level and a training dojo. Within 3 minutes I was then forced back into the dojo which I had already endured. While some of the ideas are fresh, it really offers nothing worth 1200 Microsoft Points.

Surprisingly Fun!

Let’s move into some Kinect games now. Haunt for starters, is an XBLA Kinect game which I found to be rather entertaining. It’s animated and modeled after ,what to me, appears to be sort of an old school haunted mansion vibe circa Disney. The controls function rather well in that you feel like you are empty handedly doing everything you transfer to the screen. Such as holding a flashlight, or opening chests and cupboards. The game also requires you to walk in place or run and sometimes punch a ghost. While I am not a huge Kinect fan, I would say this game is probably one of the few I would purchase for it.


Kung-Fu is probably the most amusing Kinect title I’ve seen. You start off with a series of poses you need to strike before being super imposed into a comic strip. I had my girlfriend start this one and it was quit surprising to see her wielding a chainsaw over head after a couple snaps. Then you are thrown into a basement brawl and I could not help but think “I’m finally a Mortal Kombat character”. The fighting seems responsive and it was actually fun to be able to do whatever pseudo karate moves I have in my bag and still be able to do damage. Plus you get super moves that draw heavily on Johnny Cage’s Shadow Kick style. If you are looking for a decent Kinect fighter look no further!

They're backkkk!!

Those wacky Raving Rabbids are back. This time they bring the party with hilarious guitar hero spoofs, which gives you an air guitar that works and my personal fav. which placed me behind a shower curtain folding into impossible shapes to make shadows in an attempt to scare the Rabbids out of my bathroom. There are 3 games in the demo, the 3rd which amounts to a physical version of Whack A Mole. Kind of hilarious stomping the life out of these little guys, although they do leave marks on the floor from digging into my living room (not really).

Put 'er there pardner!

This has got to be the most entertaining Kinect title. It places you in the roll of a marionette puppeteer, your goal: to guide the Gunstringer on his quest for revenge. Having been left for dead, you set out to destroy those who left you face down in a shallow grave. Also it makes you watch a lumberjack puppet and an alligator puppet get it on to Marvin Gaye to explain another characters background story. So go ahead and get your finger gun out, cuz you’re gonna need it!

Sadly this concludes my January demo reel. But before I go, I’ll toss one more bone your way.

It's no Travolta

Like some of the other games I highlighted this time around, I forced the girlfriend to play, and she obliged. Although I couldn’t talk her into filming it, or singing the karaoke part of it, she did enjoy the dancing. Now while I don’t know a whole lot about the movie or songs, I’m 90% sure they use the original music, uncensored which was a bit surprising to me hearing the cartoonish avatars sing about having a pussy wagon but hey…it was a simpler time.  The Kinect sensor seems to be tuned fine for this one, so if you like Grease, singing and dancing….this might be your shining star! Also the dance moves are totally inspired by Travolta.


XBLA House Party Games Get Release Dates

23 01 2012

Microsoft so kindly released the final details on their Xbox Live Arcade House Party starting February 15th.  One game will be released each week from the 15th to March 7th.  If you do happen to purchase all 4 of the content, Xbox will reward you with 800 Microsoft Points.  Think of it as, buy 3 get 1 free.

  • February 15th- Warp for 800 MP
  • February 22nd- Alan Wake’s American Nightmare for 1200 MP
  • February 29th- Nexuiz for 800 MP
  • March 7th- I Am Alive for 1200 MP

I had a chance to play both I Am Alive and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare at CES and they were both really impressive, even for arcade titles.  I will definitely be picking both of them up.  Unfortunately I’m not too familiar with Warp or Nexuiz, but with a buy 3 get 1 free, Microsoft may have me locked in to buy all 4.  We’ll have to see.