The Walking Dead “Nebraska” Viewing Party a Success.

15 02 2012

As you can see things didn’t bode well for me at last weeks The Walking Dead mid-season premier viewing at Daddy Macs with Fat Beard Studios and Cosmic Comics.  Many of the LEET Ladies saw me as a tasty treat, and that’s not a compliment.  I was neither a survivor nor a zombie, I was just a victim.  A piece of flesh to be feasted upon.  But at least I got to see the episode with my friends and a brewski in my hand before I met my infinite demise.  Check out more awesome pics at Cosmic Comics Facebook page and don’t stare too long at the LEET Ladies, it’s said if you find dead bodies sexy you have something psychologically wrong with you.  Pervert.



The Walking Dead: We Find Ourselves

14 02 2012

The Walking Dead Volume 15 Review

The Walking Dead has never really been about zombies.  Yes, zombies do roam the earth and yes, they do “feed”, but zombies cannot sustain a comic of this magnitude.  Zombies are easy.  Zombies are safe.  Their basic life consist of infecting and feeding.  It’s grotesque and macabre.  The real strength of The Walking Dead lies within Rick’s group, his cast of characters.  The last time you saw them they were fighting for survival to continue their lives in the “community”.  After the dust settles we’re left with “We Find Ourselves”, a slower book of the series that manages to finish with a bang.

The community has survived two back to back assaults from both the living and the dead.  Their numbers are thinned and their morale is in the gutter.  With Carl in a coma, Rick’s outlook on survival changes from his narrow minded family focus, to a much larger scale, benefiting both his family and the community.  Rick being left in charge doesn’t sit well with some of the community members, but some take notice that without Rick and his gang of misfits, they would never have survived the invasions.  Talks of revolution are circulating around the community making it a proverbial powderkeg ready to explode.

I’m going to spoil something for you because it’s one of the very few times I was actually disappointed in The Walking Dead series.  Carl does wake up, and for a split second he has amnesia.  I was heartbroken, really amnesia?  That’s just so cliche!  Are you going to jump the shark and tell me this was all a dream now too?  Thankfully it’s only a little brain damage…did I really just say that?

Towards the end of Volume 15 tension is so thick you could cut it with a knife. The ending I promise you will not disappoint.  Something happens that made my jaw drop and actually pump my fist in approval like some teenage 80’s flick.  I was so overjoyed I wanted to scream it from the top of a mountain.  It’s something I think everyone wanted but were afraid it would never happen.  I was excited to see it but I’m nervous of where it might lead.  What is it?  You’ll just have to read this one and find out.


Head on down to Cosmic Comics in Las Vegas to pick this doozie up.  You won’t want to miss it!  Trust me.

Juliet and Ash Sittin’ in a Tree, K-I-S…

2 02 2012

Juliet from Lollipop Chainsaw is getting a few extra costumes as pre-order bonuses.

  • Bestbuy is giving you a chance to see Juliet in a “Goth Gir”l and” Foxy Funk” costumes.
  • Gamestop is giving you access to my personal favorite, the Ash outfit from Evil Dead.
  • Gamestop PowerUp Rewards members will be awarded a Jimmy Urine, from Mindless Self Indulgence outfit.
  •  And Amazon will get you a hot little Pin-up and Rockabilly outfit.

Just like previous pre-order bonus outfits, most of these will probably be available weeks after release.  But for now, the choice could be really difficult for some.  It’s easy for me, you never bet against the Ash man himself.


Demo Reel 2012…the year it all ended!!! Not really

25 01 2012

Up this month are the first demos of the year I’ve been playing, (or my girlfriend because of game content). So let’s dive right in!

Kicking it old school!

I liked Outland. It was a pretty smooth little ride. I don’t pay attention to the story line too much ’til I own a game so don’t look to me to fill you in on this part, but the game play was great. It’s a side scrolling, action platformer.  You basically have your sword, a few baddies and a giant level to traverse which makes the game fun and totally reminds me of all those old school games circa NES aka Ninja Gaiden. If you like low key, good clean action, Outland is for you.

I dropped Amy like a bad habit

Amy is everything you don’t want in an arcade game. Firstly it’s an XBLA game….so tell me, WHY?! WHY does this game cause chop on the 360?  Toss in horrible controls and the fact you can’t traverse anywhere in the game without babysitting Amy, a frightened psychic child during a zombie apocalypse. No one wants to play a buddy zombie game with a dumbass human suitcase. DO NOT BUY.

Before nazi vampires!

Looks like there’s more  side scrolling goodness lined up for you guys.  Tight controls, what appears to be hand drawn characters, and smooth animation makes this a funny little distraction from your main stream shootem ups. I especially liked the gore, and the pseudo fatalities.

Hero coming through!

Ok, the game is alright. It’s well made and controls are great, but I don’t know anyone who said “Hey I wanna play a helicopter flight sim that flies in one direction, and pick up passengers also I would like the ability to squash them” What you see is what you get with this one. If you are an air medic or really really REALLY into helicopters…I guess this is the one for you.

Too little Too late

I’m sorry, but hyper-violence was great 10 years ago to make up for a lack of content, but D2 falls short even as a FPS. Within the first 30 seconds of the demo you get to watch a model catch a bullet with the back of her head and shoot a bunch of  mooks that look nearly identical. The catch they try to throw at you is your Darkness ability is basically what amounts to some demon tentacles that rip people in half in fantastic ways, but really does nothing more than serve up the macabre in HD. If you like the lackluster then Darkness II is perfect for you.

Indie IP check!

I take back everything I said about wanting more original IPs. If you think being Indie gives you the license to just throw stuff together hodge podge …just stop. You play a weird little girl who was raised by an octopus, has an eye patch and tentacle (apparently a theme here). You start in a tree house hub which offers the demo level and a training dojo. Within 3 minutes I was then forced back into the dojo which I had already endured. While some of the ideas are fresh, it really offers nothing worth 1200 Microsoft Points.

Surprisingly Fun!

Let’s move into some Kinect games now. Haunt for starters, is an XBLA Kinect game which I found to be rather entertaining. It’s animated and modeled after ,what to me, appears to be sort of an old school haunted mansion vibe circa Disney. The controls function rather well in that you feel like you are empty handedly doing everything you transfer to the screen. Such as holding a flashlight, or opening chests and cupboards. The game also requires you to walk in place or run and sometimes punch a ghost. While I am not a huge Kinect fan, I would say this game is probably one of the few I would purchase for it.


Kung-Fu is probably the most amusing Kinect title I’ve seen. You start off with a series of poses you need to strike before being super imposed into a comic strip. I had my girlfriend start this one and it was quit surprising to see her wielding a chainsaw over head after a couple snaps. Then you are thrown into a basement brawl and I could not help but think “I’m finally a Mortal Kombat character”. The fighting seems responsive and it was actually fun to be able to do whatever pseudo karate moves I have in my bag and still be able to do damage. Plus you get super moves that draw heavily on Johnny Cage’s Shadow Kick style. If you are looking for a decent Kinect fighter look no further!

They're backkkk!!

Those wacky Raving Rabbids are back. This time they bring the party with hilarious guitar hero spoofs, which gives you an air guitar that works and my personal fav. which placed me behind a shower curtain folding into impossible shapes to make shadows in an attempt to scare the Rabbids out of my bathroom. There are 3 games in the demo, the 3rd which amounts to a physical version of Whack A Mole. Kind of hilarious stomping the life out of these little guys, although they do leave marks on the floor from digging into my living room (not really).

Put 'er there pardner!

This has got to be the most entertaining Kinect title. It places you in the roll of a marionette puppeteer, your goal: to guide the Gunstringer on his quest for revenge. Having been left for dead, you set out to destroy those who left you face down in a shallow grave. Also it makes you watch a lumberjack puppet and an alligator puppet get it on to Marvin Gaye to explain another characters background story. So go ahead and get your finger gun out, cuz you’re gonna need it!

Sadly this concludes my January demo reel. But before I go, I’ll toss one more bone your way.

It's no Travolta

Like some of the other games I highlighted this time around, I forced the girlfriend to play, and she obliged. Although I couldn’t talk her into filming it, or singing the karaoke part of it, she did enjoy the dancing. Now while I don’t know a whole lot about the movie or songs, I’m 90% sure they use the original music, uncensored which was a bit surprising to me hearing the cartoonish avatars sing about having a pussy wagon but hey…it was a simpler time.  The Kinect sensor seems to be tuned fine for this one, so if you like Grease, singing and dancing….this might be your shining star! Also the dance moves are totally inspired by Travolta.


Let’s Talk Briefly About Resident Evil 6

22 01 2012

I didn’t want to jump right onto the “New Resident Evil 6 Trailer and Release Date” bandwagon right out of the gates.  So I waited patiently for two days in deep contemplation about my possible excitement for this title.  Because I’ve been a huge fan of the Resident Evil series since the teams first venture into the Umbrella Corporation’s mansion and secret lab (SPOILER!), that is, until Resident Evil 4.  Thought of as one of the strongest titles in the series, I disliked it the most until RE5 hit the scene.  The story of Resident Evil 4 was incredible, keeping the Resident Evil mystery and lore as the strength of the series.  I unfortunately didn’t like the direction the mechanics and zombies had taken.  Games evolved, Gears of War, Silent Hill, Metal Gear Solid 4  and others adopted the evolution of  shooting while moving.  Resident Evil 5 lacked this evolutionary formula, combine that with a clunky co-op AI, RE5 was also thrown to the wayside.  I agree, professional marksmen can’t sprint and shoot accurately, but I know they can walk and shoot accurately.  Standing still to shoot while people are sprinting at me like they have the “Rage” virus from 28 Days Later is just not an option.  I understand it does add to the “Survival Horror” aspect, but limiting me during combat to add difficulty is a lazy way to make a game and leads to frustration and poor reception.  These observations and opinions will be debated for years to come among the Resident Evil faithful, I don’t expect them to stop at me.  

All is not lost though, I am pleased to see during Capcom’s Resident Evil 6 trailer not only shooting while moving but the return of  both Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy. 

I do forget that some of us haven’t heard about the Resident Evil 6 news, so let me enlighten you on what we know so far.  Resident Evil 6 will make it’s way to Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC on November 20th, 2012.  Can I be a hater a little more?  Don’t expect RE6 to come out at this date, Capcom is notorious for delaying this series, I don’t believe that RE6 was kept a secret until now and will be ready in 11 months.  I just don’t see it happening.  Back on topic, RE6 will be taking place all over the world.  Expect to see Chris Redfield as part of the BSAA (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Allience) dealing with a possible outbreak in China, Leon Kennedy ,unable to protect the President, heads to a T-Virus infected Raccoon City or Tall Oaks, I’m unsure which one and the new addition of a  fast paced unamed mercenary. 

Note, every playable character will have a partner with them, you will never be alone, and sources from hints to up to 6 person online co-op. 

Mutated humans, tech heavy monsters, fast paced action sequences, multiple locales, a deep plot and the return of the T-Virus, Resident Evil 6 is taking back to it’s roots and looks to be heading in the right direction.  The series has gone in many different directions and I expect even more details and changes to occur before this installment hits store shelves.  It’s been 7 years since I’ve been excited for a Resident Evil title, let’s hope RE6 doesn’t let me down.


Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Multiplayer Trailer

15 01 2012

Curious about what Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is all about?  See what it’s like doing Umbrella’s job in this pretty impressive trailer detailing each multiplayer mode.

  • Team Attack: Seems to be the general Deathmatch rules, whoever kills the most wins.
  • Biohazard: Escort samples of the G-Virus to the base.  I don’t know exactly what that entails but I would say it’s safe to assume that it’s a capture the flag type mode.
  • Survivors: Stay alive until a chopper arrives to rescue you.
  • Heroes: Escort your iconic character to win.  From the trailer it looks like you’ll have the ability to be Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield, Leon Kennedy and even Ada Wong. 

With random zombies everywhere, breakable grapples, brutal executions and plenty of game modes to choose from, RE: ORC is shaping up to be an action packed experience.  Expect to see it hit store shelves for PS3 and Xbox 360 March 20th of this year.



The (Final) Frontier

4 01 2012

A free to play MMO I discovered mere seconds ago. It’s not really anything new, but it has zombies and it’s free, which mean the most to a lot of hardcore fans of the undead in all their iterations. The premise is a chemical spill after a government raid, which causes an outbreak of zombies to be set wild in large urban areas. You are a survivor, and as such it is your civic duty, nay, your quest to save humanity in killing these monstrosities. You are given the options to create your own little avatar in this horrid, twisted world.

Where's my wizard robe and hat?!

From gender, to job description, you can make a unique character who is about to set the world on fire, culling the hordes of undead. Granted this isn’t anything mind blowing or ground breaking, but it is a neat distraction or something to do while one of your real games loads. Feel free to drop on over to and give it a shot. Besides anything free is a bargain at twice the price.