Gotham City Impostors Wins Heroically.

11 02 2012

Gotham City Impostors Review

I thought this day would never come.  I’ve wanted Gotham City Impostors since the first time I laid hands on it at PAX ’11, and it arrives stronger and better than ever.

Gotham City Impostors is a downloadable first person shooter arcade title brought to you from WB and Monolith.  GCI puts you in the position of wannabe Batmen and Jokers who aren’t afraid to use any means necessary to inflict pain and trauma to their enemies.  As serious as all that sounds, every character is a goof and the game has a very joke oriented feeling.  But underneath it’s cartoonish exterior is a serious FPS title.

Gotham City Impostors has 3 multiplayer modes, 1 challenge and 1 tutorial mode.  The 3 multiplayer modes include Fumigation, Psyche Warfare, and the standard Team Deathmatch.  Fumigation is a conquest/domination type mode where each team tries to capture and hold 3 points in attempt to poison the other team with toxic gas.  Classy right?  In Psyche Warfare you attempt to connect a centrally located battery  to your bases “demotivational loudspeakers”.  The demotivational infomercial music bores into the opposing teams psyche forcing them into a slap happy frenzy.  Be on your toes though, slapping can still kill.  If you’re tired of the same old grind, “Challenge” maps are available for you to improve or test your skills with gold/silver/and bronze rewards.

A huge successful portion to Gotham City Impostors, besides the obvious creative concept, is your characters “Secret Identity.”  This is where GCI far surpasses Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and has it heading into the same arena as Team Fortress 2.  Loadouts, costumes, calling cards, and gangs are all customizable.  Each loadout includes weapons, support items, gadgets, fun facts, psyche profiles, and a body type that leads to almost endless possibilities and a deeply engrossing experience.  I’m a chick when it comes to customizing my characters, so I’m in hog heaven with each piece I can change on my impostors costume.  If customization isn’t your thing and you’re only content knowing you’ve slayed everything in sight,  GCI lets you check your progression to stardom with record tracking, feats of prowess, stamps of excellence, achievements and the all important leaderboards.

Gotham City Impostors isn’t all unicorns and rainbows, it does have some chinks in it’s bedazzled armor.  Matchmaking and joining a match with your party are still having issues even after the beta.  And unless your actually in a party you MUST listen to everyone speak because there is no mute player.  Seriously, no player mute.  It’s like having all the losers of American Idol in your ear and having to endure their train wreck performance.  Funny as that may sound, it’s not an enjoyable experience after about 10 minutes.  But all is not lost true believers, WB and Monolith have already detailed a piece of DLC that’s dropping sometime next month that includes a new map, weapons, a support item, costume choices, and a fun fact.  There will also be patch fixes for joining in-progress matches and the all important ability to mute players.

Gotham City Impostors is a fresh take on the first person shooter genre while still managing to stay true to it’s roots.  It’s a solid, fun, comedic title that deserves a lot of attention.  With a $15 price tag, 1,ooo character levels, and 106 downloadable cosmetic items with more scheduled to drop next month, GCI promises to make sure you never have to leave your house again.  Unless it’s to fight make believe crime in game.  Don’t try vigilante justice in a cape in real life, this isn’t Kick Ass, so behave yourself.

Gotham City Impostors scores an A.




Gotham City Impostors Beta Now Open To Consoles.

27 01 2012

Yesterday marked day one of the Gotham City Impostors open beta for consoles.  Go ahead and download the beta  from the PSN store right now, but Xbox 360 owners hold up, you have to do a little more work.  Head over to the Gotham City Impostors website and Join the Cause , after signing up a beta key will soon arrive via email.  It’s not as simple as PSN but it sure isn’t that much of a hassle.  The beta runs until Feb 6 leading me to believe if everything during this beta session goes according to plan we could see Gotham City Impostors as early as February 14th.  Cross our fingers and hope to blow up some bats…

Do “Simple Math”, you want to be in this beta…trust me.


*Snooze Button* Gotham City Impostors Delayed

5 01 2012

Sadly the Jokers and Bats will not be arriving for their battle royal on time.  Screw the excitement and hit the proverbial snooze button.  I did become a little concerned when I didn’t receive a beta invite for the console version in December, so the announcement that Gotham City Impostors has been delayed to February comes as no surprise.  I’m super excited for this tongue in cheek FPS and will try to wait patiently for its tentative arrival in February…of this year.


Top 5 on the Fly! Capes and Cowls!

28 12 2011

If you were late on this one, or just haven’t experienced all the brutal, visceral goodness of Arkham City, you NEED to get this one. Throughout the game, I severely wanted to go back and pick up Arkham Asylum as well. This game gives you everything you want in a Batman game but leaves you begging for more. From insane gadgets to insane clowns, there is NOTHING in this game that isn’t needed. No filler, no plot holes, from top to bottom, this is the quintessential game: perfection! Not to mention you get all the original cast of Batman: The Animated Series doing voices which portrayed through their new images leaves a cold chill in your spine with the new and improved Joker as voiced by the one and only Mark Hamill. When it’s all said and done, you still have challenge modes, multitudes of costumes to play with Batman, DLC that includes Robin, Nightwing and Catwoman.  Even a secondary mode called New Game+. Word to the wise: DO NOT MISS OUT ON THIS GAME. Spoiler Alert: There may be a Threequel 😀

This just might sweeten the deal:


Gotham City Impostors Beta Opens!!!

1 10 2011

It’s official, the Gotham City Impostors beta will be going live the first week of October,  and I’m grinning from ear to ear knowing I’ll be a part of it.  Gotham City Impostors is easily one of my most anticipated games of the season.  Who cares about Battlefield 3, Modern Warfar 3, and Rage?  Hell, who cares about Batman: Arkham City, I want the fake bats.  GCI blew my mind at PAX, I had never seen anything like it, and 10 minutes was not enough to really sink my teeth into.  Starting October 5th, don’t expect to hear much from me because I’m going to be seeing every little itsy bitsy detail GCI has to offer.  See ya Bats my boy!

Gotham City Imposters and it’s After Party

1 09 2011

There were a helluvalot of games at PAX Prime this year, Borderlands 2 blew me away, but Gotham City Imposters was the game that had me laughing my ass off while begging for more.  I stepped in the line out of complete curiosity before my failed Joust tournament on Friday, I had read a little about GCI and even signed up for the beta prior to PAX,  but none of that could have prepared me for what I was about to play. 

GCI is a class based FPS with a twist, you’re wannabe batman heroes and villains using weapons and abilities unique to your character and class.  We were playing a 5 vs 5 domination type game where you had to control 3 points until the time expired or your team reached 100% domination. I naturally chose the Medic class since I knew no one else would, and started on my merry way shooting fake jokers and healing my allies with my…Megaphone?  Yes a megaphone.  Effing genius, I couldn’t hear it, but I was told by one of the developers next to me that my Medic was pumping his fist while spouting out “Positive reinforcement”.  I was immediately in love…with the game, not the dev…but I couldn’t figure out why while moving around I wouldn’t just stop, I would kind of continue in whatever direction I moved the joystick, that was until I overheard something about roller skates.  I quickly turn to the dev behind me and ask, “I’m on roller skates?” and am answered with a grin and nod, yes.  I let out a girly little squeal of joy, win the game, grab my free swag, and get a VIP invitation from the dev for  the WB after party.

We arrived 30 minutes to this before the doors opened to the WB After Party at Gameworks in Seattle.  Luckily the VIP pass given to me by the dev earlier put me where I’m taking this pic, the front of the line.  The WB after party was comprised of Gotham City Impostors, Lord of the Rings Online, and D&D.  This was going to be a good mix.  I wasn’t expecting much, I just wanted to play some more GCI, and maybe pick a few more developers brains about GCI.  But WB treat their fans right, once we got inside we were given a LOTRO messenger bag, raffle tickets for prizes and two drink tickets for the bar.  So I’m all ready pretty stoked that we’re actually at this party, when it had to go and step it up a notch with free food.  If you know me, you say there’s free food and I’m there. 

I demolish the free food and head over to the 8 screens they have GCI playing on, pick up the 360 controller and start playing my beloved Medic class again.

As I’m enjoying myself way too much, a gentleman stands next to me and begins to watch.  I’m playing fairly well and decide to make small talk, “I’m on roller skates.” is all I said to him.  He laughs and replies “I could have come up to any person, but I get you and the first thing you say is ‘I’m on roller skates’.  I commend you sir.”  we shake hands, have a few more laughs and he hands me his business card introducing himself as a 2K producer, saying I should email him sometime next week.  We part ways and I make small talk with one of the devs asking if they are going to add taunts, he’s unsure, but says the idea has been tossed around.  We drink a lot more, eat a little more, and win nothing from the raffle drawing.  We may not have won any prizes, but we returned to our hotel room with some great stories and unforgettable memories.